♥♥What is your favorite food?♥♥
Posted 11/3/08 , edited 11/8/08
Here is where you put down some of your Fav. food
This is some of mines:
My fav. food is ramen, cookie, chocolate, Vietnamese food, Chinese food, Japanese food and lots more !!! ♥
There all so yummy!!!~~~♥ <3
And remember this forum is Fav. food !! XD

Posted 11/5/08 , edited 11/5/08
my fave food is : mint choc chip icecream, chocolate, pizza - to be honest i love junk food!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 11/8/08 , edited 11/8/08
My fav. food anything tat are sweets, spicy
and i luv eatig junk food too
i kno alot of ppl would
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