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Post Reply You and ur Weapon
Posted 11/4/08 , edited 11/4/08
welcome u make ur own partner a sword, Bow and Arow, a Dagger what ever you like place i picture of u and ur weapon and no one is aloud to us someone's pic with out there promision
Posted 11/4/08 , edited 11/5/08
Name: Airu
Weapon: Sword
Weapons name: Kyro
Ability: even if Kyro slightly grazes an enemy the will split in two with ease
About: Kyro was a weapon that belonged to the Gods and many people try to still it for its power and ability



Kyro's human form

(he is so hot -blushes-)
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24 / M / Le Home Duhhh .-.
Posted 11/4/08 , edited 11/6/08
Name: Zaon
Weapon: Sword
Weapons Name: Shiniri and Runa
Ability: unknown to ever1 except me
About: a weapon i carved from my own hands


Shiniri Human form:

Runa Human Form:
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30 / M / London,England
Posted 11/4/08 , edited 11/4/08
Name: Vivic
Weapon: Sword and twin draic pistols
Weapons name: Hinyo and the Twins
Ability: Hinyo can cut through any thing if it wants and tams to shadows but the twins are unknown for the never been a victum to live to say what it does
About: The twins were stolen from the underworld build by the Demon gods to help the Draic general to over come his king and the Heavans..Hinyo was handed sown from genration to generation by Vivic's grandfather who fought for the Kingdom
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F / School
Posted 11/4/08 , edited 11/4/08
Name : Karin
Nickname :Moon
Weapon : Sword
Weapons name : Heavenly Love
Weapons Nickname : Love
Ability: Love Is A Deadly Sword Once You See It You Die Or Will Fall In Love Whith It ...Etc...
About: Love Was A Weapon That Belonged To A God Of Love
Which Was A Gift To A Angel Reborn Seant To Earth ! ( Me )


Love :

Love's Humand Form:

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24 / M / if i tell u i hav...
Posted 11/4/08 , edited 11/4/08
Name: Leo
Weapon: Sword/2 hand
Weapons name:Diemo
Ability: Has it own mind and will activate the ability needed in battle
About: Unknown Big and black it it wielded with 2 hand but it current user has enough power to hold it wit one hand

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27 / M / In The Bowels Of...
Posted 11/4/08 , edited 11/4/08
Name: Grim
Weapon: 7.5 ft Syth
Weapons name: HyaMoto
Ability: my syth can slash through nything nd shares the powers of darkness and shadows with me and HyaMoto can transform into nyone then he becomes the Devil's Blade
About: The souls nd powers of God Nd the Devil (Me) was made from the fire of Hell The Chains of Heaven nd A Blade made of The Cursed Souls the it feast on
Posted 11/4/08 , edited 11/7/08
Weapons Name:Hiro
Ability:Controls emotions and can control lightning and light
About:Hiro was made by my father and belonged to my brother before he died, now hiro belongs to Haru who has no idea how to use him in the beginning, but she will unlock Hiros power soon. Now they live in a lonely mansion with no friends at all and will proly make some in the future.

Me <3

Hiro :D
Posted 11/4/08 , edited 11/5/08
Name: Twilight
Weapons: duel daggers

Weapons name:ainoko(half-breed)
About me:im fast, aigile, and have great reflexes. My power is like a normal blade but if it cuts your shadow that object gets cut too.
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25 / F / In Hell and Happy...
Posted 11/4/08 , edited 11/5/08
Name: Mist
Weapon: Dagger (Dagger! x3 )
Weapons name: Kyo
Ability: Kyo increases all her physical traits when he's in Dagger form he also has fire around him, helping her fight. Because with the slightest touch can burn someone to a crisp
About: Agile and Fast but I lack in strength but no one can tell because I use there strength against them. I usually am able to slit the enemys throats before they even know I'm there, But if I do have to fight I am a deadly opponent. I often argue with kyo because he's a Pervert.


Kyo: (Dagger Form)

(Normal Form)

Posted 11/4/08 , edited 11/5/08
Name: Aurios
Weapon: Dual Shields (each shield's sides are like a sword) connected with a long chain
Weapon's Name: Aegis
Ability: In human form, he is able to make dimensional rifts (a few feet away from himself) that can 'reflect' projectiles or people
(imagine the effects of the portal gun from the game, Portal)
but in weapon form, both of Aegis's shields have the same ability, but the rifts are only created on the shields
About: After discovering Aegis as an ancient relic, he accidentally formed a contract by touching both shields with his hands at the same time.

Moon, plz find pics for meh =D
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27 / M / Nya Town
Posted 11/5/08 , edited 11/5/08
Name: Ryuji
Weapon: Naginata
Weapon Name: Kana
Weapon Ablility: conjures up wind, water and ice abilities by transforming or casting magicks. most powerful form "Moon" type

About: Kana was a legendary fighter a long time ago, she has a good heart who lives anywhere she wants. She trained hard to master the art of Naginatajutsu and combined it with her own style of fighting that made her a very formidable foe, she is also able to do magick arts like combining elements with her weapon. A magician had heard of her and sought for her to see for himself if she was worthy of his time. She was defeated and was cursed to become the very weapon she wields. She needed to be free from this curse but she didn't know how, she was just a spear in the mountains. The years passed and she was beginning to lose hope until she met a traveller. She reached out for him in his mind and they became partners from time on. Kana can only transform back into human when the moon is full

The Wielder.....

The weapon...

The former fighter...
Posted 11/5/08 , edited 11/6/08
Name: Shana (named after the blade she weilds)
Weapon: Katana
Weapons name: Neitono No Shana
Ability: a very sharp blade that cant b broken, also has the ability to have flames summoned around it.
About: Neitono No Shana was once a blade that belonged to the Fire God. Shana's mastered using Neitono No Shana and have mastered bending flames. the fire god inhabits a pendant around Shana's neck, she uses this pendant to communicate with the fire god named Jin. Jin is the strongest of all fire gods and is also known as the flame of heaven, he treats Shana like a student and a friend. Shana sometimes calls him Toru-sama, as a nick name she made up for him. he calls her flame because shes the best hes ever seen with flames. she has four levels to her fire that only she can use. the first is normal fire (anyone can use if the learn), the next is solar fire something unique to only shana and only shana can use, its her level two fire, her level three fire that only she can use is solar blaze, her final level which even she is still learning to master is heaven's blaze something Jin used as a mortal and is the highest level of fire, only shana can use this. Jin speaks within Shana's mind and inhabits Shana's body. he calls her his "host" (technical name is flame haze but he doesn refer to her as a flamze haze, if anything he cals her shana or flame) meaning hes within her body till Shana dies. Shana has a seal on her arm that keeps the katana from being stolen from her, she uses the seal to b able to summon the blade back to her hands. she carries her katana under a long black cloak she wears. she keeps charms inside pockets of the cloak that helps her preform fire magical spells. she has the power to summon jin into full controll of her own body but at a great cost, if she lets jin completly controll her body she will have big side effects, possibly causing he to faint from all the pain. shes very stubborn and doesnt give up on something when she sets her mind to it. shes physicly strong, hot tempered, and can be passionate when she wants to be, shes extremely loyal, be it friends or family you'll stick up for them and shes never willing to put them in a position that could hurt them. she has quite a temper if it shows itself, one that can often lead her and/or her oppenant into trouble.

Thats Shana and the pendent around her neck is the pendant Jin uses.

Shana and her Weapon Neitono No Shana.
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In the Depths Of...
Posted 11/5/08 , edited 11/6/08
Name: Wave
Weapon: Scythe
Weapons name: Frost
Ability: Is as tough as the hardest of diamonds *unbreakable* and has the ability to manipulate and control ice

About: Wave is a 8 year old. Frost is the Guardian of Wave. Frost came across Wave when his family was killed by a band of assassins and he killed them and escaped with Wave, who he now looks after and soon became partners with, to train Wave and to keep a better eye on him. Naturally, both Wave and Frost are ice-based fighters so they work perfectly with each other, especially since they are now "family". Frost turns into a Scythe that can manipulate and control Ice like he can in human form and also help Wave out whenever needed, especially when Wave makes a error. Wave is kind, calm and helpful, always seeing good in people, while Frost can be a bit subborn and impatient with people, often insulting them if hes not near Wave at the end.


Frost *human form*

Frost as Scythe

Posted 11/5/08 , edited 11/6/08
Name: Azumi
Weapon: 2 swords (water/fire)
Weapon Names: Water-Reiya, Fire-Ryou
Full Weapon Names: Water-Annihilation, Fire-Extinction
Abilities: Near any body of water, even a puddle, Reiya can control the water with her own will for total destruction. Any fire from miles away, Ryou can call upon it and strike at the speed of light. Together, they can withstand any damage and cannot be destroyed for these two swords are hand-made by pure crystals from another world...
About: Reiya and Ryou were very close friends, but there was always something different about them. Reiya's ice cold expressions would make u freeze and Ryou's hot tempers were always blazing every now and then. One day, an old wise merchant cast a spell on those two, turning them into weapons to use for battle because of their behaviors...forever! The only way to set Reiya and Ryou free is if they change their ways of attitude. But, is it possible?


Reiya Aka Annihilation:

Ryou Aka Extinction:
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