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Posted 3/23/09 , edited 3/23/09

Sunny_Loo-Loo wrote:

dabysam wrote:

Sunny_Loo-Loo wrote:

Oh Ok, thats fine! We can make up something! You still up for it?

((OMG! sorry for the EXTREMELY late reply! Can you pls quote me?))
Ketsueki: Fine... whatever...

(sorry for MY late reply lol)
*senses that she is very cold* I-Is something wrong?
*sits down at keyboard*

((Haha its ok xD))
Ketsueki: No... *grabs her flute*... Yukii... you joining?
Yukii: Ah! Ok! *Grabs HER flute*
Ketsueki: You play the flute too?
Yukii: ... yeah ^^
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