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Posted 11/4/08 , edited 11/5/08
Hmm.. looks like ur all wondering wats gonna happen. Too impatient, eh? Fine i'll post a summary of
the final. Please note that this summary was NOT made by me. This summary was made by someone else.
So please do not put this summary anywhere else other than Crunchyroll.

The movie opens on a black screen. Twangy country-ish music plays...and then we open, as always, on a closeup of Tsukushi's eyes, looking ahead as her hair blows in the wind. In an absolutely stunning shot, she slips a pair of mirrored sunglasses on, and you can see the Arizona scenery and the road ahead reflected in the lenses.

It cuts away to an amazing long helicopter shot of the Arizona scenery, as the credits play with the twangy music continuing. Finally, we see the red convertible, with Tsukasa at the wheel, speeding down a country road.

Cut to the highway. Tsukasa pulls over, and they get out to admire the scenery. Tsukushi looks agape at the view, amazed at how huge it all is. Tsukasa says, "This is the first time we've taken a trip, huh?" all dorkily excited, and Tsukushi admonishes him that this is not a vacation, they're on a mission. He agrees, wondering if they'll be able to "find that guy." He says if they "don't get it back," they definitely won't be able to get married, because his mother will absolutely kill him.

They get back into the car, and Tsukasa is talking to Tsukushi and looking at her as they turn a bend in the road...and a giant semi comes around, heading RIGHT FOR THEM. (I couldn't tell, but I suspect Tsukasa was on the wrong side here.) Tsukasa screams. Tsukushi shrieks, "ARIENAITTSU-NO!!!"

Cut to black.


Tsukasa is at a hotel, holding a Doumyouji Holdings press conference. Just in this scene alone, you can see how much more money they're pouring into this: the press conference setup has this wild spotlight show going on that is super-cool looking but looks like something out of a game show or something. Nishida introduces Tsukasa, saying that Tsukasa has an announcement.

Tsukasa announces, "I will be getting married in the spring. To the girl who stole my heart and never let it go...Makino Tsukushi. She's a commoner, but..." And here he makes some kind of epic language mistake I didn't quite catch, but Nishida goes to take a sip of water and totally does a spit-take. The press guy near the front row smirks way too loudly, "This guy's the president of Doumyouji Holdings, and he's this weak in Japanese?"

Tsukasa, heretofore acting rather professional, roars, "HEY! YOU! ARE YOU A MORON! ...there's no such thing as being weak or strong in language, 'cause they're just words! :D" (At this point it felt very, "Ahhh, no matter how expensive and showy the movie budget gets, nothing changes.) A countdown screen appears behind him, and he snaps his fingers as he introduces the love of his life to the world...

...with a photo of Tsukushi stuffing her face with ramen.

Tsukushi is, at that precise moment, at Bic Camera in the TV department, and stares around her in horror as every single screen reflects the photo. A little boy being carried by his father points at a screen and chirps, "That girl looks so funny!" The dad says, "Yup, she's got one weird face!"

Cut to Tsukushi stomping after Tsukasa in the Doumyouji Holdings building. This is NOT the building used for the drama, this location is absolutely jaw-dropping, huge, and expensive-looking. They walk through the main hall, Tsukasa's office, out the doors, the camera constantly moving them through lavish location after lavish location as they talk. Tsukushi cries out, "You didn't have to use that picture! There are so many other pictures you could have used! What are you thinking!" She tosses the magazine with the photo on the cover at him. "Look, this is how the world s
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