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shugo chara- Amu meaning?

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Posted 11/4/08 , edited 11/5/08
jajaja if people just wanna forget about the mistakes people always make, then quit mentioning it jajaja

i dont think anyone ever even talked about the question, excepte 1-3 people jajaja

i'd talk about it, but i never remember any of them, in fact, i dont really think i notice them jajaja
Posted 11/5/08 , edited 11/5/08
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Posted 11/6/08 , edited 11/6/08

Yoshiya-Kiryuu wrote:

meowmix1 wrote:

I looked over the rules and I did not find a shugo chara section link that shit please

Scroll up pl0x

OoOooO someone plays maple story!
Yes, I know it's there now but if you go to forum and look for it it's not pinned and if it is a category it should have been.
Although it's in the drop-down, I and obviously a few other people were unaware it was there.

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