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Posted 4/25/07 , edited 4/25/07
so far to me, the best anime show has to be fate/stay night. all of these shows r awesome to.

anime that i've watched:
Shuffle (AWESOME)
Crescent love (pretty good)
Soul Link (pretty good)
3x3 eyes (very good)
saiunkoku monogatari (pretty good)
mamoru-kun ni megami no shukufuku wo (awesome and funny)
naruto (was good)
mahou sensei negima (good and hilarious)
negima!? (good and hilarious)
Ouran High School Club (good)
Ruroni Kensin (sad and good)
Zero no Tsukaima (good and funny)
3x3 eyes seima densetsu (pretty good)
beating angel dokuro-chan (random and hilarious)
chobits (awesome)
Fruits Basket (awesome)
DBZ (ok)
DBZ GT (ok)
Final Approach (good)
Full Metal Alchemist (awesome)
Hand Maid May (good)
Inukami (HILARIOUS and ecchi)
Inuyasha (awesome and funny)
Kamisama Kazoku (awesome and funny)
Princess Mononoke (awesome)
Rizelmine (hilarious and good)
Spirited Away (good)
Bottle Fairy (Random and funny and kawaii)
Azumanga Daioh (Hilarious and Awesome)
Hellsing (Freakin Sweet!)
Grave of Fireflies (Saddest anime ever)
Ah!! my goddess (all of it) (Awesome!)
Fate stay night (awesome and sad)
maburaho (ecchi and hilarious)
Elemental Gelade (pretty good)
Busou Renkin (Awesome)
Karen (Pretty good)
Rozen maiden (pretty good)
Pretear (pretty good)
REC (good)
thats my list...whew. they were all awesome shows/movies. although shuffle is still my fav ^.^ and it's one i watched recently.

if i find anything else good, i'll let ya all know ^.^

anyways, lets hope to hear all the ones you've watched (and finished)
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Posted 4/25/07 , edited 4/25/07
Um that's why we have this forum, to talk about the Anime we have watched/are watching. Besides this:
there are several threads like this already. what are you watching now, last series you finished, etc, as well as every Anime series thread here.

This thread is not needed because we have an Anime forum section to talk about all those series.

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