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Posted 11/5/08 , edited 11/5/08
1. DBSK succeeded as an accappella group.

2. Their voices harmonize, almost perfectly.

3. Junsu's talented voice.

4. Changmin's adorable, great voice that is still going through its voice-break. LOL (I'm pretty sure it's true.)

5. Jaejoong's beautiful, smooth voice that now developed.

6. How Jaejoong used, to (I'm sorry-but Jaejoong kinda said it first), suck... Well was, really tone-deaf (true).

7. How Jaejoong's friends used to make fun of his voice (true).

8. How Jaejoong should be gloating in his friends' face, by now.

9. How Jaejoong has one of the best voices in the whole world.

10. How Changmin is so adorable.

11. How Changmin is so adorable, fans just want (and did) to touch his face and then run away screaming. (true)

12. How Changmin is so adorable, he makes fangirls break into DBSK'S apartment, and steal his used underwear (true.)

13. Changmin's the youngest in the group, and yet has a great voice.

14. How Changmin is basically the best actor in the group.

15. How they all play around with each other.

16. How Yunho sleeps diagonally.

17. Yunho's dancing ability.

18. Junsu's dancing ability.

19. Changmin's dancing ability that he hasn't really developed, but if and when it comes to doing choreography, DAMN, he rocks!

20. Changmin's tongue-twister-saying skills.

21. Yoochun's modesty.

22. Changmin's modesty.

23. Jaejoong's modesty.

24. Yunho's modesty.

25. Junsu's modesty... well, sometimes, it's lack of.

26. Their dorkiness

27. Their laughs

28. Their songs!!

29. Some of their dance moves, like SKY's.

30. Changmin's tallness, while being the youngest.

31. Changmin's never-ending appetite.

32. Changmin's beautiful eyes.

33. Jaejoong's beautiful-ness.

34. How Jaejoong has, like, seven sisters, and is the prettiest out of all of them.

35. How Changmin tries so hard.

36. How Changmin is always apologizing.

37. How Changmin is always saying he's not good enough.

38. How most of them need glasses, and Changmin looks the best in them.

39. How Changmin is fascinated by English.

40. How Yoochun's sorta hyper.

41. How Yoochun has so many hats.

42. How Yoochun has so many CDs.

43. How Yoochun wants more fanletters.

44. How Jaejoong stole Changmin's first kiss. (true)

45. How Jaejoong stole Changmin's first kiss, while Changmin was sleeping.

46. How Changmin cried when he found out.

47. How Yunho is kinda gay with Jaejoong.

48. How Jaejoong knows he's hot, but doesn't flaunt it... a lot.

49. How Yunho and Jaejoong were having a competition of flexing muscles.

50. Their mistakes on stage.

51. How Junsu lost his shoe in one of their, "The Way U Are" concerts.

52. How Yunho looked at Junsu's lost shoe in their The Way U Are concerts.

53. How they each have their own day.

54. How Junsu still puts hearts and smiley-faces in his SMS's to his mom.

55. Yoochun's English.

56. Junsu's english

57. Jaejoong's english

57. Changmin's english.

58. Yunho's english?

59. Junsu's facial expressions.

60. Yoochun's facial expressions.

61. Changmin's facial expressions.

62. Jaejoong's facial expressions

63. Yunho's facial expressions

64. Jaejoong's feminine side

65. Then Jaejoong's huge muscles.

66. When Yoochun was so happy when Korea scored a goal in soccer, that he jumped into Changmin's arms.

67. When they all had to carry Yoochun for a photo-shoot, Changmin nearly killed Yoochun by dropping him.

68. When Yoochun was overreacting when the other team against Korea scored a goal, and was banging his head against the glass.

69. Jaejoong's childish-ness.

70. Changmin's smiles

71. How Changmin strikes a wrong note in Magical Castle, and Yunho looks at him.

72. How Junsu was back-tracking in The Way U Are concert, and crashed into Jaejoong.

73. How Jaejoong, only two days after surgery on his leg, he managed to get to their concert.

74. How Jaejoong said, "it doesn't hurt" when Changmin was telling their fans about Jaejoong's leg condition.

75. Their dramas.

76. Yunho's rapping.

77. Jaejoong's boomboxing.

78. Yunho's boomboxing.

79. How they dance to Toxic.

80. How Changmin knows about Teletubbies.

81. How Changmin pronounces Teletubbies, TELETOOBIES.

82. How Jaejoong says "Number 2"

83. How Jaejoong pronounces, "Bisco in Couple" Bisco in COM-PLUH.

84. The fact that Jaejoong used to wear his pants up to his chest when he was two.

85. Yoochun's phrase is sorta, "Suicide"

86. How Changmin was sleeping on top of Yoochun in their housetour.

87. How Junsu cares so much for his family.

88. How DBSK care so much for their parents.

89. DBSK's hairstyles.

90. DBSK's clothes.

91. The fact that Jaejoong loves cleaning and cooking.

92. How Jaejoong cooks, and Changmin eats.

93. Yoochun's beautiful lips.

94. How Yunho and Jaejoong got married (pretended to).

95. How Junsu and Yoochun pretended to get married.

96. How, when instead of kissing Jaejoong and Yunho put their heads together, Yunho whacked his head. Jaejoong called him rock-head.

97. DBSK's NGs.

98. How Jaejoong tripped in "The King's Man", and made the king fall down the stairs.

99. How Poor Changmin had to wham his head for the gong, like, ten times, and finally got mad.

100. How Junsu never messed up there.

HAHA!! 100 reasons. One hundred more... lol... WAH...

101. How Yunho, lots of times, rubs Jaejoong's thigh.

102. How Yunho lost in the Pirate... gamey thingy... and everyone had to hit him.

103. How Everyone hit him, but Changmin WHACKED him.

104. How they all try so hard.

105. How Changmin was all "arrogant" when he won against Jaejoong in a game of Janken/Rock Paper Scissors

106. How Changmin was so fascinated by this light-up pen.

107. How Yoochun was so fascinated by the same light-up pen.

108. How Changmin stole back the light-up pen from Yoochun.

109. How Jaejoong keeps opening his mouth in pictures.

110. How Jaejoong kissed Yunho's cheek when they lipsynced to Hug.

111. How everyone went in front of Changmin and took his turn.

112. How they were asked, what part of their body would fans like the most, and then they laughed and got all shy.

113. How Jaejoong answered for Changmin, Changmin's long legs.

114. How Yoochun is always saying people don't think he's cute, and then when everyone says yes people do, he changes his mind.

115. How when Jaejoong lost in Janken, instantly, to Changmin, Jaejoong begged for a rematch, and was saying, "Please! Please! A rematch!" And when Changmin tried to make Jaejoong let go of his shirt, Jaejoong shouted, "Sensei!" (Teacher!)

116. Junsu's soccer abilities.

117. Jaejoong's shiny hair that always fits in whatever way anyone puts it.

118. How Jaejoong is sometimes mistakened for a "hot" girl! LOL! (true)

119. Jaejoong is the mom of DBSK. Yunho is the dad of DBSK. Changmin, Yoochun, and Junsu are siblings? (I didn't really understand the part. Only Yoochun and Junsu hugged when their siblings part came; Changmin was a bit left out.)

120. How Changmin tries to act mature, and "gangsta".

121. How they're not afraid to wear PINK.

122. How Changmin has a bad fashion sense.

123. How Changmin got accepted into Kyunghee University, and got top scores on his High School Exams.

124. How Changmin is the genius of DBSK.

125. How Changmin puffed his cheeks at the camera.

126. For this Rising Sun photo-shoot, they had to wear leather outfits, Jaejoong commented, "If we have to go to the bathroom, we're gonna have to take this all off!"

127. How a Girl followed Junsu into the boys' bathroom, and asked for his autograph.

128. How when in the bathroom asked for his autograph, gave it to the BRAVE fangirl.

129. How Yunho acted so mad when his fan got accused of stealing a wallet (in a prank).

130. How Changmin likes to read and watch Harry Potter.

131. How when Changmin is the youngest, in real life, he's the most mature, really.

132. How Jaejoong has a DBSK tattoo on his back.

133. How Changmin is "jealous?" of Yoochun's CD collection.

134. How Changmin has great hair.

135. How they all cried when they got the Rookie Award.

136. How Changmin never really gets mad.

137. How Yunho COMPLETELY fooled Junsu in the semi-double-prank.

138. How Jaejoong could be so harsh in the prank for Junsu.

139. How Junsu was so kind, and couldn't stand to say anything bad to Yunho, but in the prank, Yunho blamed it on Junsu!!

140. How Junsu immitated Usher and hit his mouth with his necklace while doing so.

141. How Changmin dances to an Usher song.

142. How Changmin can moon-walk.

143. How Junsu likes to pop.

144. How Junsu was really adorable and small when he was younger.

145. Changmin's face when he was a little kid!

146. Changmin's honesty.

147. Changmins so nice to his fans, always!

148. When Yoochun said, "Well, we were wondering how we could repay all of you, we decided on a talent show." Right afterwards, Changmin held up his mike and said, "Because we had no money." And actually resisted from laughing out loud like Yoochun did.

149. How Changmin was singing "and pouring his heart into the song," yet was patting his stomach.

150. How Yoochun was saying something about how his heart felt when his fans cried for him, he was patting his stomach also. (Are they hungry or something?)

151. How Yoochun decided to get a little pranky, and interrupted Changmin's singing.

152. How Yoochun was trying to be dorky and failed.

153. How Yunho tried to make-shift golf and baseball.

154. How Jaejoong fell on his butt when he played soccer.

155. How high Changmin can jump.

156. How Changmin was polite while forced to dance "dirty".

157. How he respects everyone even people younger than him.

158. How they're the most kiddish 21 year olds I have ever seen... they act younger than a nine year old.

159. How Jaejoong puffed his cheeks in the camera.

160. How they tried to be ghetto.

161. How Changmin, through his actions, told the crowd, like, "What? Can't hear you! Louder!"

162. Jaejoong says, "aish" most out of all of them.

163. How cute Changmin says, "annyeong!"

164. How Yoochun messed up his line, and Yunho mimicked him.

165. How Junsu was aiming for the trash can and instead hit Yunho with his garbage.

166. How Junsu was caught peeing twice in the Vacation drama.

167. How Heebon and Junsu always end up together.

168. How blown-up Yunho's hair looked in the Vacation drama.

169. When they visited kids, Changmin decided THAT day to wear his Skulls cap!

170. How Jaejoong looked so funny in those big pants in his audition.

171. This isn't a reason to like DBSK, this is an opinion; I think Michael Jackson judged for Changmin's and possibly Junsu's audition. WEIRD.

172. Changmin was so adorable in his audition.

173. How obvious that Junsu was the best in his audition.

174. How they're fascinated with their own merchandise.

175. How much they love their fans.

176. Changmin never had a girlfriend.

177. How desperate they are to GET a girlfriend.

178. Junsu is so adorable.

179. Junsu sometimes says, "Big bro will you get me this?" to the other members.

180. When they all tried to go high in that competition, Junsu won, but Changmin was pretty close. He sounded like a dog and like pulled back his face and then gave up.

181. When they had that pitch competition, Yoochun was the first to go, but Yunho is supposed to have the deepest voice.

182. Jaejoong hides his smile with his hands and paper.

183. When asked whatever he was eating if it tasted good, he said yes, then Junsu commented he was eating his own spit.

184. In the strength competition, when they did the split, Jaejoong didn't go down that much, and pulled down the bottom of his pants!

185. When Changmin did the split, he then fell and was clutching his thighs and rolling around, apparently in "agony".

186. When they had to do a pushup with a girl on them, Changmin simply fell donw.

187. Jaejoong did seven pushups and going all the way down!

188. Yunho did ten but didn't go all the way down!

189. Yoochun told the girl to get off!

190. Yoochun's "ideal girl" ran away from him =).

191. The celebrity girl that Jaejoong liked ended up being Yunho's ideal girl.

192. Jaejoong was on his knees begging Yunho.

193. How Jaejoong got his heart broken (twice; the celebrity got married before he was even ten, then with Yunho) and mended in a matter of two minutes, when they found out his ideal girl. He was happy. :)

194. How Changmin fights a lot.

195. Junsu's shirt in The Fighting Spirit of Dong Bang Shin Ki, said "I'M A PEPPER"

196. When asked how many kids they wanted (Changmin said 2/3. Yoochun said 1 but didn't want to get married...) Yunho said 25!!

197. When Yunho said 25, Jaejoong said, "Do you want to kill someone?" Junsu also said, "Think of your wife, not only yourself!" LOL!

198. For the Rising Sun photo-shoot, it was so cold. They were dramatically walking slow, and then when the director said CUT, they all ran back as fast as they could.

199. Changmin's ears got so red when they were cold.

200. How poor Changmin was pretending to cry because it was so cold, and covered his ears with his really long parka/jacket/coat sleeves, and then waved them around like floppy things...

Credits: Rahma Gandi Dahir @ Imeem
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Posted 11/5/08 , edited 11/6/08
If I ever forget why I luv these guys so much (yeah right, like that will ever happen ) I'll just read this list over again. They're so adorkable. Thanks for posting this (& thanks to Rahma for putting it together) it was a HOOT!!!
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Posted 11/6/08 , edited 11/6/08
Awwwww *heart beats Yeah indeed you'll like them because of all the lists and more... They are even so sweet and thoughtful around them and ofcourse supports them! Hehehe Jaejoong! TVXQ! FIGHTING!
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Posted 12/20/08 , edited 12/20/08
Cute trivias.. hehe.. s0 nice t0 read them 0ver and 0ver again.. but just 0ne thing, Changmin never had a girlfriend??.. I th0ught he admitted that he dated a girl during their debut..
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