Vocaloid Story 5
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“Ohh! So your Lens new friend nice to meet you” Rin smiles with flowers around her and puts her hand out to shake is “Likewise Miss Rin” L shakes her hand. “If I may I will be excusing myself” L gets up and starts walking out of the room “Ah! Wait up” Len goes and follows L while Rin follows him as well still with flowers around her (I…ok that’s just weird….. O o). They arrive at a Tennis court and L walks over to a man with straight brown hair “Well shall we get started Light?” L picks of a racket “Yes” Light smiles with his racket in his hand. Rins heart jumps out of her chest and she blushes “Such hot guys here” Rin drools. Len backs away looking freaked out “Weird” Len thought.
Rin stares at L and Light being amazed (WOW! That’s new XD) and looking back and forth at the ball “GO GO! YOU CAN DO IT!” she yells “NICE SHOT L” and also “GOOD ONE LIGHT” makes a thumbs up sign. “What is wrong with her!” (WOW! SWEATDROP MOMENT FOR LEN! XD). Suddenly Len was grabbed by Zero and disappeared. Rin looked behind her pointing at L and Light “LOOKIE LOOKIE! ARNT THEY SO COOL?!” Rin finally noticed he disappeared “Hey! Where’d he go?” Rin looks around then wanders off looking for Len. Finally L and Light finished but by the time they came back Rin and Len were already gone. L blinked “Where’d they go?” L asked “I don’t know” Light answered.
“Want to go eat some cake?” L looked over to Light “Sure why not” L and Light start walking to the Cafeteria.
“Hmm wonder how Len is doing” Meiko said while sitting down with her legs cress crossed. “Probably being a Damsel in distress” Len Tomone laughed at his lil joke and Meiko joined. “How bout’ we go and see how he’s doing?” Meiko asked getting up “Sure why not!” Len got up from playing with his figures. Len Tomone and Meiko started walking out of there class room and started heading for Lens new school.
“Where’d he go!” Rin opened a closet door and saw a man with black hair trying to rape her brother. Rin stared blankly for a minute analyzing the situation finally she got it. A light bolb lit up on top of her head “AHAH! Now I get it!” (Haha..she’s so dumb sometimes XD WHAT THE HECK!). “You’re trying to rape my brother right?” Rin asks smiling. Zero nods “Well then” flames suddenly appear all around her “GO TO HELL!” Rin heads in to punch him in the jaw and he flies! He LANDS! OUCH! He went through the WALL! (haha! XD I wanna do that to *tries it* *misses and hits wall* “OUCH!” shakes hand “Owies” TT^TT)
“LEN!” Rin looks over to Len worried and goes in for a hug “OH ARE YOU OK MY DARLING!” Len shivers and freezes. Len pushes her away “WHY ARE YOU SO LOVING?” Len asked freaked out. A question mark appears around Rin “I DON’T KNOW!” Rins eyes get watery “There, there” Len hugs Rin and pats her on the back while she sulks (WOW! SWEATDROP MOMENT FOR LEN AGAIN!). Once Rin finishes sulking they head out the door and to the cafeteria. On there way they run into Len Tomone and Meiko! “Ah!” Len and Rin pointed at Len Tomone and Meiko and looked surprised “WHY ARE YOU HERE!” they yelled. “We wanted to see you” Meiko goes in for the kill! (O o poor Len! he’s going to suffocate to death). Meiko hugs Len with his head in her chest “I-I’m..going…..to…suffocate!” Len thought. He couldn’t say anything. “Hey! Let’s beat it before she gets us to” Len Tomone whispered to his sister “Agreed” Rin nodded. They scurried out of there as fast as they could and ended up into the cafeteria. There before them lay a million fans for LEN! (WTF! HES ONLY BEEN THERE FOR 2 DAYS! No wait… ACTUALLY 1 DAY! HOW IS THAT *points at the million fans boys and girls* POSSIBLE!!!!!!! *gets mad* NO NO! HE’S MINE! *hugz Len to myself and guards him like a dog “BACK!” XD even though you’re not the Real Len but even though you’re a Tomone it’s ok XD)
Len Tomone twitches “Y-you got to be kidding me” Len still twitches “Nope~” Rin smiles. Rin spots L and Light “Good Luck bro~” Len Tomone goes into shock and is trampled by the fans “AHHHH!” he yells “DON’T TOUCH ME! IM NORMEL!!!!!!!!”.
“HI! L! HI LIGHT!” Rin puts her hands in the air. L immediately knows what that means and puts his hand in the air. Rin and L end up high-5ing! Rin was surprised. The only person who knew what that meant was her brother and Rin/Len Kagamine. The bell rang and everyone hurried to there classrooms “Time to go! I’ll see you later Light” L got up and started walking. Rin followed L but while walking she suddenly stepped on something huge! Rin pushed on it hard for a while then decided to look down (SWEATDROP MOMENT FOR RIN!) “LEN!” Rin yelled removing her foot “What are you doing on the floor?” Rin asked. Len twitched “YOU FREAKIN LEFT ME TO GET TRAMPLED BY PERVS!” Len Tomone tried to get up “Sorry” Rin noticed L was getting farther away. “Y-“ before Len Tomone could finish his sentence Rin was already walking away “Sorry BRO! I got to do something” Rin hurried.
“U-um… L can… I talk to you in private?” Rin kept avoiding eye contact and blushing “Sure” L looked at Rin. They both started walking out of the school “U-um L” Rin stops infront of L “I…I like you..W-will you please go out with me” Rin closes her eyes and blushes. Her heart being fast! L was surprised he thought about it for a few minutes “Sure Rin~ I don’t mind BUT!” L got close to Rin with his face close to her and his index finger up “You must brings lots of sweets lunches for me~” L was SERIOUS! Rin blushed and smiled wide “OK! I PROMSIE!” Rin was determined to make this a success. L went all cute and did his cute SMILE! (aww I LOVE THAT SMILE! He doesn’t do that smile much anymore TT^TT). L AND! Rin were happy (WAIT! Wasn’t this supposed to be about Len? @ @ weird…well I guess since it was called Rin falls in love it’s about her..but never expected her to get her love so soon)……..(OMG! I REMEMBERED! Remember the time when L whispered to Len and said “Remind me never to get on her bad side” O o WHAT IF HE ONLY SAID YES CAUSE HE DIDN’T WANT TO GET HIS ASS KICKED! But then again L can fight pretty well *thinks hard* @ @ to confusing! I DON’T EVEN KNOW! AND ‘IM THE FREAKIN WRITER! WTF!)
Len sips some Green tea and Meiko does the same “Say Meiko?” Len puts his Tea down on his plate “Yes?” Meiko answered continuing to sip her tea. “I never thought your house would be this peaceful!” Len said surprised “Neither did I” Meiko continues to sip her Tea. Question marks appear around Len. (*Draws a big pointed Arrow to Meiko* *makes a Caption box saying “Isn’t actually her house!” X ) O o the house she’s in has SOO MANY ROOMS! *tries to find Len in house---maze---* *24 hours later lay a person on the ground* “I..cant..move…..on!” trys to lift hand up but it falls onto the ground “I’m…going…to…die!” *Passes out* *The workers of the house come and pick me up and throw me out of the house *wakes up* “IM FREE! WOO-HOO!” *jumps around happily then passes out from hunger from lack of sleep* “I’ll just stay here a few more hours..no, DAYS!” *falls asleep*)

Next time on Vocaloid Story!
Primas Little Sis visits there class! Prima asks her classmates to babysit her Little Angel and everyone agrees. But can they do it? is Primas Little Sister(Prika) really a Angel? find out next time on
Vocaloid Story 6--Babysitting Hell
BUT! vocaloid story 6 wont come till the next contest ends! and if the winner says she wants there to be a Vocaloid Story 6 then it will come out as soon as possible! so cross your fingers and hope the winner says yes!
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OoO; story 6 after....contest........long ....time......*passes out*
but lol this chapter was fun!^o^ awsome!!*dances* but poor tomone len XD he's suffered a lot~
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kurodo-j wrote:

OoO; story 6 after....contest........long ....time......*passes out*
but lol this chapter was fun!^o^ awsome!!*dances* but poor tomone len XD he's suffered a lot~

XD haha
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