Is Nadeshiko Have a Twin bRother?
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Posted 11/5/08 , edited 11/6/08
is reLy NadeshikO and Nageshiko is a Twin.....?
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hah of course not. its nadeshiko's trueself -nagehiko. but idk wy he met amu in 26. she(nadeshiko) just left amu when the 1st day of skul in manga. SC anime just put it in...
Posted 11/7/08 , edited 11/7/08
It is revealed in episode 25 of the anime that Nagihiko-kun is actually Nadeshiko, since males in his family play as women it traditional dances and plays he had to live and act his life as a girl even changing his name, Temari was born then through that wish.

He introduced himself to Amu in the form of Nagihiko as Nadeshiko's older brother, but is actually lying. Amu and Yaya are the only ones who doesn't know about his trueself. His chara Rizumu or Rhythmn is born after he truly acted as a boy and saved another young kabuki from getting a batsutama and transformed.

Temari only appears by his side ones he acts as Nadeshiko Fujisaki again, her transformation with him is Yamato-mai hime or Yamato Nadeshiko which Rima met, by form.
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no nagihiko dnt hav a twin! she is really a boy but for every japenese boy, they have to be train lik a girl
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Nagihiko-kun is actually Nadeshiko. he had to act like a girl to learn japanese dancing
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Hes Back tho...I didnt know that Kuukai didnt know
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