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You were just a few blocks away from the school and you took your soccer ball out. You kicked it around as you walked to school and then some big kid comes up and trys to steal it. You raised your leg up high and spun it around. You hit him in the head and he did a face plant into the ground. You kept walking and kicking the ball while Hatake stared at the kid.
Hatake: Reminder dont take ball.
Kid:*jumps up* HEY! WHAT WAS THAT FOR!!?
You: Dont take my ball.
Thats all you said then you kicked the ball up onto your head and carried it to school like that.
Once you entered the school yard everyone stared at you. You rolled your ball off of your head and into your bag. You put the bag back over your shoulder and looked at everyone.
You: What are you staring at?!
They all looked away immediately and the bell rang. You went straight to your new class and had to stand in front of everyone while the teacher introduced you.
Teacher: Say hi to the class, Mizuki- chan!
You:*walks to seat**waves hand* Whatever!
Everyone: Ooooooooooooh!
Girl: Hey! Look! It's the new girl! She is so cool!
Girl2: She is cool and quiet they say! Almost like Hinamori- sama!
You heard them squee and closed your eyes. You walked over to a tree and sat against it.
You: Damn. How the hell did I become so popular! I've only been here an hour!
Hatake: Well maybe it's from this morning! They seemed to think that you were really cool.
You: Maybe...
You took out your soccer ball and Hatake jumped onto it. You made the ball roll back and forth with your foot so that Hatake could ride it.
Hatake: Down! And Up! Down! Up!
He kept saying that and you closed your eyes. You thought about the school and how you had suddenly became cool.
?!?:*touches shoulder* Um... excuse me but-
Your eyes jolted open and you grabbed the persons hand and threw them over your shoulder. Then you jumped onto them and held them down in a choker hold.
You: Who are you?! And what do you want?!
Kid: My name is Hotori, Tadase! I am a Gaurdian here!
You:*lets go* Gomen. Just dont sneak up on me!
You got off of him and he stood up. He dusted himself off and you heard all of the kids mumbleing about your coolness. You sighed then looked at the kid. You saw that he was wearing a cape along with three other kids. Hatake hid behind you while they came closer. Once they were right in front of you the one named Tadase held out his hand. You looked at his hand then grabbed your ball and back pack. You dropped the ball in front of you and put your back pack over your shoulder. You started to walk away with Hatake hiding from them and you kicking your ball.
Tadase: HEY!*runs to your side* Why didnt you shake my hand?!
You: I dont shake!
Tall girl in cape: Well at least take this!
She ran in front of you and held out an envelope. You took it from her and stared at it.
You: Fine.
You kicked the ball around and suddenly the tall kid wearing the blue cape tried to steal your ball. You stuck your leg out and he ran right into it. He fell over and landed on the ground.
You:*glares* Dont touch my ball!
Kid: G-Got it!
He gave you a weak thumbs up and you kicked your ball away from them. Two girls came up to you and stopped you.
You: The who?!
Girl2: OH right! Your new here so you dont know who they are!!
She told you all about them and you just nodded. Once she finished you looked back at them as they helped their friend up.
You: Maybe I shouldnt have kicked him!
Hatake: Those people scare me!
You:*walks away from girls* So I've noticed.
You were walking to what the kids called the royal garden. You were waiting for the Gaurdians and began to kick the ball around. You kicked the ball up and onto your head when you saw the Gaurdians comeing. Except they also had another student with them. You think her name is Hinamori, Amu. But you werent totally sure. Hatake hid behind the ball when the Gaurdians and Amu stood in front of you.
You: So what do you want?
Tadase: We want you to join.
You: I decline.
You began to walk away but Amu grabbed your arm.
Amu: Why not?!
You: Because I already know what you want! And you cant have it! C'mon Hatake! Lets go!
Hatake: Y-Yeah!
He floated beside you and the both of you left.
Hatake: Are we making the right choice?
You: Yeah. We wont let them get the embryo. No matter what!
You were sitting in your seat and Hatake was sleeping on your lap.
Tadase: And now! We are going to announce our new Gaurdian! That is to say our sixth Gaurdian! The tens chair! Abarai, Mizuki!!
You: WHAT?!
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