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Amu POV:

“We have two exchange students coming today, as you probably heard.” said Nikaido as he entered the classroom, using that annoyingly fake voice of his. Everyone was a little surprised because we'd only heard about one.

Right then, two blonds walked into the classroom; a shorter one with brown eyes who was frowning, and a tall one with blue eyes and a bright smile.

“This is Mashiro Rima-san.” said Nikaido, gesturing to the shorter one.

“KAWAIIIII!!!!!” said everyone.

“This is Chiba Monique-san.” he said.

They both sat down and class continued.

“Amu-chan!” I heard Su whisper. “I feel shugo charas, desu wa!” I looked at Tadase-kun, who nodded at me to say that Kiseki felt them, too.

>FF> (a few days later, at the Guardian ceremony)


“King's chair: Hotori Tadase.” read the speaker as the boy stepped on stage. “Ace chair: Yuiki Yaya. Joker's chair: Hinamori Amu.” As she got on stage, everyone realized that it was Amu's first time ever wearing the royal cape. “New members are: Queen's chair: Mashiro Rima. Jack's chair: Sanjo Kairi. Ten's chair: Chiba Monique. That is all.” she said, stepping off the stage.

Monique POV:

“... Ten's chair: Chiba Monique. That is all.” I practically choked. My first year—no, week—at the school, and I was already in the biggest, most popular, most famous, most important club at the school. Then I realized something: I didn't know anything about this club. At all. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Goose eggs. I sighed.

>FF> (Guardian meeting)

“Alrighty.” I said. “Ten's chair: Chiba Monique. Uh, I'm in the sixth grade. And I'm from America. Anything else you need to know, don't bother asking. I don't like answering questions.” I said, finishing up the introductions.

“Where's your shugo chara?” asked Ran.

“Uh, you mean like you? In her egg, I guess. Hasn't hatched yet, you know?” I said.

“It hasn't hatched?!” asked Amu, sounding surprised.

“Nopey! And I kept it warm the whole time, for about a month and a half now. Do any of you realize how difficult it is to keep an egg warm on an air conditioned plane? After all this work, she better be worth it!” I complained jokingly. I chuckled a little bit. I glanced at my watch. “Oh my god! I gotta go! Look at the time!” I said.

“Huh? What?” said Rima, sounding concerned.

“My brother said that there was only one cookie left! If he gets home before me... I'll have to wait 'til my mom makes 'em again!!!” I whined. They all sweat dropped.

“That's all? I thought it was something important.” said Amu.

“I. MUST. HAVE. THAT. COOKIE!” I said. I darted out the door and dashed out of the school grounds. A little while later, my cell phone rang. “Yo?”

“I got the cookie~!” said my brother's voice on the other end. I heard him hang up.

“NOOOOO!” I said overdramatically. I decided there was no point in wasting my energy anymore, so I walked.

I saw a tree with a suspiciously low branch and made a decision.

“I just joined the Guardians, shortly after I moved to a whole new country, and entered a new school. I had to start all over again from scratch. Thus, I think I should climb this tree.” I declared proudly. My reasoning didn't make a whole lot of sense to me, but what the heck? I wanted to climb the tree, and I needed a good excuse to do it.

I was on a pretty high branch, I noticed, and I tried to walk to the end of it because I saw something SHINY.

Need I say it?

Bad idea.

I tripped and fell (thankfully) onto the branch, but my egg fell out of my pocket. I tried to reach out and grab it, but failed. Just as I thought it was gone, though, I saw a hand reach out from the branch underneath me and catch it.


I (carefully) lowered myself onto that branch to see a boy with bluish-black hair and... cat ears... and a cat tail... Okay, weird?

“Yo, thanks for saving my egg. Heh heh! You look like a kitty cat.” I said goofily. I started singing the meow mix song, and he sweat dropped. “Old habits die hard, they say. So, um, could I, like, get my egg back?” I asked.


“Say wha?” I said. “Give it back, dude!”

“No. It might be the embryo.” he said simply.

“What the hell's that? Give it!” I said. Without thinking (you'll notice I rarely ever do think), I ran at him and grabbed the wrist of the hand he was holding my egg in, then I twisted it so he dropped it, and I snatched the egg out of the air with my free hand. He looked a little shocked. Just then, it hatched.

“Hiya!” said the little person, who had orange hair in a pony tail and red flower shaped earings... well, if they even had room for earings, that is. They were where earings would normally be.

“Uh, hey, how's it goin'?” I said.

“Great! I'm Candace! I'm Monique's 'self she wants to be'! Yay!” she said excitedly.

“Hm. So it wasn't an embryo.” said the boy. I looked up.

“Oh yeah. I forgot about you.” I said. He sweat dropped.

“See you again.” he said, jumping off the tree with his cat-like chara.

“Yeah, whatevers.” I said off-handedly. “So, Candace, you know how to get down?” I asked.

“Jump?” she suggested. I shrugged.

“Worth a try, right?” I jumped off and landed clumsily. “Note to self: Work on landing skillz.” I mumbled.

>FF> (Guardian meeting, next day)

“She hatched?”

“Yep. Right after some cat-eared weirdo tried to steal her.” I said.

“Tsukiyomi Ikuto.” muttered Tadase angrily.

“Ikuto? Are you sure?” asked Amu.

“Hey, don't ask me. He didn't tell me his name.” I said. I shrugged. “So, now what?” I asked. Just at that precise moment, a boy with a green tie and a middle school uniform rushed into the room.

“Hey, so these are the new Jack and Queen and... who's she?” he said, rubbing Rima and Kairi's hair beyond repair.

“Ten, thank you very much.” I said, offended.

“Okay. Let's go, Amu!” he said, grabbing Amu by the wrist. He was about to dash off, so I innocently put my foot out, tripping them both.

“What was that for?” asked Amu, trying to get up.

“I wanna come!” I whined.

“Okay! Let's go, Amu and...?” the boy said.

“Hmph. Monique. You?” I know. One word sentences are so in style.

“Kukai. Let's go!” And with that, he grabbed my wrist and dashed out the door.

A little while later, we stopped in front of a blond girl who looked a few years older than Kukai.

“Hoshina Utau?” said Kukai.

“Utau?” said Amu.

“Hinamori Amu.” she hissed angrily.

“Who the hell?” I said. Everyone sweat dropped.

“You don't know who she is?” asked Kukai.

“Nope. Can you blame me? I'm from America, and I was too busy making sure I knew Japanese to find out who every citizen was.” I said.

“America?” asked Kukai.

“Yeah, you know. With the fat people, and the stupid presidents, and the the high crime rate.” I said. They all sweat dropped again.

“Why did you live there?” asked the blond.

“Why do you think I moved to Japan? But America isn't all that bad. Like we have... uh... foot ball?” I said. For the millionth time, they sweat dropped. “Okay, whatever! God! Can't we just get on with it?! I want to know who the hell this blond chick is!” I said, annoyed.

“Hoshina Utau. She's a famous idol, and she works for Easter.” explained Amu.

“Easter? You mean the one with the suspicious bunny who pulls B 'n E's every spring and leaves candy for little kids, who shouldn't be accepting food from strangers in the first place? She's the easter bunny?” I asked, insanely confused.

“No, a company that's after the embryo and they're turning everyone's eggs into X-eggs, and stealing them.” said Amu venomously.

“So what?” said Utau defensively.

“Got it. So we're enemies. Okay then, let's kick some arse!” I said.

After a little while, Utau Chara Transformed with X-Dia, and Amu with Eru.

“Confusing much?” I said. “Lemme get this straight: Utau just transformed with Amu's X-character, who looks nothing like an X-character except for the 'X' on her hair, and Amu just transformed with Eru, Utau's other guardian character, who ran away from home because she felt unappreciated? Jeez, I knew Japan was where all the cool stuff happened, but this is just plain weird.” I complained. “And why does Amu look so stupid?”

“IT'S NOT STUPID!!!” screamed Eru.

“Mhm, of COURSE it isn't stupid, and Utau ISN'T the easter bunny,” I said sarcastically.

“But I'm NOT the easter bunny!”
“Who the hell asked you?!” I said with mock anger.

“Hey!” said Candace from my shoulder. “Let's do that, too!”

“Do what?”

“That!” she said, pointing a short finger at Amu.

“Transform with someone else's Chara?” I asked in confusion. “Yo, Kukai, I need to borrow Daichi, apparantly.” I said.

“NO! Not someone elses Chara! I mean WE transform!” she said.

“See, that makes more sense. You should've just said that in the first place!” I said.

“I didn't realize you were an idiot!”

I rolled my eyes. “Fine, be that way! Alright, Candy, let's do this!”

“Since when am I 'Candy'?” she asked.

“'Bout two seconds ago, get with the program, geez. Okay! My heart, unlock!” I said, doing the twisty thing with my hand. I don't know if I actually had to do that, but JIC. That's “just in case”, for all you un-hip people out there.


Okay, end of chapter 1! I hope you all liked it because it took toooooo long to write! Yay! I'll try coming out with chapter 2 soon, but I'm gonna need to know who she should be in love with, because it's hardly a story at all if you don't have someone to wuuuuvv!!!

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