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Ran, Suu and I were about to fight the Yamubaki Gang. Till some dude with messy indigo hair showed up he was our age and was standing in between us. Then I heard Yamubaki yell “Yoru-sama” Oh how cute of her to call this party crasher a cute name tisk tisk.

I scowled and crossed my arms and sneered. “What’s wrong with you” I said looking at him my hands in my pockets. I don’t like the dude at all. He turned to me trying to look as cute as possible bleh.

“Hey New Kids with Blue,Pink and Blonde hair” he said smirking. He then pointed his finger at me. “Watch your mouth new kid or your going to get hurt” He said smirking still. I scoffed and moved his finger out my face. “Guys It’s almost time for school” Ran said swinging her arms about. “Ok let’s go” I said running to school with Ran and Suu hurrying after me.

The Yamubaki Gang and Yoru stayed in the background watching us run. I jumped over the gate and ran to my class. 5th Grade Moon Class was my class along with Suu and Ran. I sat in the corner while Ran sat on the other side and Suu sat in the middle of the two of us.

I stretched out and looked ahead of me. This was our first day and our final year. I yawned and scratched my left arm trying to focus on the things ahead of me. Then I saw Yoru walk in with women screaming his name. He slowly shut the door and opened his eyes to stare at me.

I had my head tilted to the side leaning on Suu. I forgot to say we all sit at the same table. Our desks are pushed together because we are sisters. I yawned and stared at him my eyes in slits. “What’s wrong with you?” I asked my head on Suu’s shoulder.

“You’re a lesbian?” He asked me pointing to the 2 girls beside me. “No we are her sisters” Ran and Suu yelled at him. I turned my head away when Suu moved and she smiled at me. “Sorry Cookie?” she asked holding out a cookie for me. Ran’s eyes twinkled as did mine and we both cracked it in half and ate a piece.

I gave one to Suu and stood up walking to Mr. Nikaidou and sighing. “Sensei-sama can we go outside for the rest of class” I asked chewing on the cookie. He nodded sleeping on his hands. I took the Homework we had and some of the Lesson Plan and walked out with Suu and Ran following me. I led them to the cherry blossom tree outside of school by the Guardian place. “Hey” a Green Haired dude yelled at us. “Your uniform isn’t in re-“ “Oh put a sock in it Samurai” I replied sticking my tongue out and walking away. “Your not worth my time” I said put my hand back and walked with Ran following me. I looked back at Suu to see heart’s in her eyes. “Suu” I said pulling her with us. “He’s so cute Miki-chan” she said putting a hand on her heart.

“Well you go talk to him and I’ll eat this” I replied pulling a cherry and a apple off a tree. “Hai Miki-chan” she replied cheerfully and ran to go talk to the samurai. Ran went off to go play somewhere and I sat down eating my apple not caring actually. Then 3 Boys came up looking down at me. “We are Seiyo Guardians and you have-“ I cut them off putting my hand up and raising myself up. I stared at each of them.

One dude with Lavender hair and Blue eyes the other with Green Hair and Red eyes and the last with Green hair and Green eyes. Then Yoru walked up and stood by them. “You’ve envaded the-“ I sighed and put my hand in hat and rubbed it. It looks like I have blue hair which I don’t. I pulled my hand back and heard the bell for P. E. I ran off to go to it and they ran off after me.

I walked in wearing my hat and the coach blew his whistle. “No Hats in P.E Miss Suzuki” Then my classmates began to tease me. “No Hat No Hat No Hat” They chanted laughing at me. I scowled and Ran and Suu defended me with insults and come backs. “Enough” I yelled and removed my hat. My Black Hair flowed to my back then stopped. My Bangs covered my blue eyes and I looked up at them.

“Happy?” I asked them putting my hands in my pockets scowling and looking the other way. “Uh Um “ All the guys even Yoru stumbled. The Girls put their hands on their hair to see if it was longer than me.

I put my hands in my pocket and began to play Basketball and soccer with my sisters while everyone else even the coach watched us. “Done” I said walking out smiling. That was the best 1st day of my life.

When I walked home I walked into my room and opened my balcony door to walk outside. “Isn’t it a beautiful star lit night?” I heard a voice. I looked to see Yoru standing right next to me. He was smiling at me and in black shorts and a black shirt.

“What do you want?” I asked him turning to him and scowling. I wore Black Pants and a Black shirt saying Don’t Mess with Me. “You I want you” He said pointing at me. I looked crazy at him and said “Why do you want me?” I asked my eyes squinting. He backed me up to the wall in my room . I remembered that I turned off the lights in my room so it’s pitch dark oh god. “I’m interested in you” He said lowing his head down to me. He held my face in place and I scowled. He said again “ I’m interested in you” and put his lips on mine.

Then the door opened and Suu busted in. “Guess what Miki-chan I have a date with-“ she cut herself off looking at the position I was in. “Eh Suu” I looked at her. I parted with Yoru and shook the stony figure of my little sister. “Suu?” I asked again and she screamed. “Kyaaa!” then rolled on the floor. “Miki-chan kissing Yoru-kun or is it Yoru-kun kissing Miki-chan I don’t know” She screamed. Yoru trickled his arms around my waist and hugged me tight. “I won’t let you go till you kiss me” He said. “ I don’t admit defeat” I said scowling and moved away from him.

“Out” I said pushing him out and closing the door. He breathed on the glass and wrote something.
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nice there a continuation or sumthin??

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