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Ghosts & Undead
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Posted 7/13/10 , edited 7/13/10
ghosts in the next left 4 dead? prolly not
Posted 7/13/10 , edited 7/13/10
Here is a bit of info on the different types of undead .

Fist , we have the two major families . Spectral and corporeal.

Spectral undead are without physical form and are made up of a single class , though with varying levels of intelligence . Shades , shadows , ghosts , specters and wraiths .

Corporeal are physical beings, but can be grouped into sub classes .

the lowest order of corporeal undead are commonly know as shamblers , and are generally mindless . This includes skeletons and zombies.

the second order are referred to as necrophages , and show varying levels of intelligence . these include wights , ghouls , and cemetaurs .

the last order , being the highest , are known as sapient undead . Vampires , Litches , and mummies.

look up individual creeps for your own amusement.
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