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Only in High School
" Finally!," Natasha yelled. Natasha, Joe, Spencer, and Adriana have just moved to Beverly Hills from New Jersey. Spencer Kent was a little afraid of going to Beverly High since she really didn't fit in in her last school. At least she had her brother Joe who was always there for her to help her get through everything. Spencer was 17, Joe is 17, Natasha is 17 as well, and Adriana is 16. Their parents had died in a car crash two years ago. Everyone except Spencer and Joe were excited to go to Beverly High.
" Do we really have to go I mean we can be early dropouts," Spencer said.
" It's gonna be perfectly fine okay I'll be right by your side," Joe said.
" What ever let's go join the spoiled rich kids with a dark and painful lifes hiding under the makeup and model bodies," Spencer said acting excited.
" Let's go Spence we have chemistry together," Joe said. They all went their seprate ways except for Joe and Spencer. When they got there Spencer sat behind a hot guy. That hot guy was Aiden Montez. He has two other brothers Jesse and Anthony. They are all on the football team and Aiden is the captain. They are all 17 and Aiden is the player in the school. When the teacher turned around Aiden immediately faced Spencer.
" Hi I'm Aiden you must be the new girl," He said smiling holding out his hand.
" Yeah I'm Spencer nice to me you," she said smiling.
" So how do you like Beverly High so far?," he asked.
" It's okay I guess it is surely nothing like home in New Jersey," she said. All of a sudden a paper airplane landed on Spencer desks. She opened it and it read

Who tht? do u know him y he talkin to u.
From joe

Spencer immediately looked at Joe from across and looked at him. She lipped to him to relax.
" That your boyfriend cause if it is then wow you move quick," Aiden said.
" No he is just my brother okay," Spencer said.
" So are you gonna join the cheerleading team?," Aiden asked smiling.
" Maybe why you gonna join too," she said giggling.
" Yeah actually I should show you my split. No I'm on the football team I'm actually the captain," he said. The bell rang and everyone left.
" Yeah Aiden not for long," Spencer said.
" Why is that?," he asked leaning against a locker.
" Cause my brother is joining the team so you better look out," Spencer said walking away. Spencer and Joe sperated and she tired looking for her class until she bumped into a girl named Ashely.
" I'm sorry I should look where I'm going," Spencer said picking up her books.
"It's okay here let me help you," Ashely said.
" I'm Ashely you must be the new girl," she said.
" Okay does my forehead say new girl cause everyone is saying that," Spencer said.
" No, but everyone in Beverly Hills knows everything which sucks. For example to the school I'm the outsider just because I'm not rich like everyone else here," Ashely said.
" Wow it sounds rough here," Spencer said.
" Yeah it is, come on free period is coming up," Ashely said.
" Actually I'm try out for cheerleading," Spencer said.
" Oh my god good luck. Brittney Ortiz just became captain and of course is trying to date the new football captain," she said in disgust.
" Oh you mean Aiden," Spencer said walking towards the gym.
" Wait you talked to Aiden Montez?," Ashely asked.
" Yeah he seems really nice," Spencer said.
" Yeah a really nice player," Ashely said.
" Ashely what are you talking about?," Spencer asked.
" You can call me Ash and Aiden is the player in the school. He has slept with Brittney at a party while she was dating Jason and he was dating me. That is why the 4 musketers which was me, Aiden, Brittney, and Jason broke up. Jason and Brittney are dating still, but are so evil to everyone. Aiden he wants to change, but I don't think he can. Good luck with the cheerleading thing I'll be on the bleachers," Ash said.
" Wow what a complicated place," Spencer said. She made the team, but the whole time she was staring and Aiden. Brittney noticed Spencer and knew she had some competition.
" Okay good job girls Spencer can I talk to you for a second," Brittney said.
" Oh crap," Ash said going down the bleachers. Spencer walked up to Brittney and when everyone left Brittney slapped Spencer. Spencer then pushed her. They started fighting until Ashely pulled Spencer out.
" What the hell Brittney," Ashely said.
" She is after my man," Brittney said.
" No your fucked up man is Jason okay and Aiden was mine before you slept with him anyway," Ashely said.
" Hey baby," Jason said pulling up from behind Brittney.
" We are over I already told you," Brittney said.
" Fine," Jason said.
" You better watch your back Kent," Brittney said walking away.
" Hey hottie you wanna meet me in the janitors closet," Jason said looking at Spencer.
" In your dreams jerk," Ashely and Spencer said at the same time.
" Yo Jason leave them alone especially my sister," Joe said putting his arm around Spencer.
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" Oh shut up Kent," Jason said.
" Whatever let's go Spence I'm makin mac and cheese tonight," Joe said smiling.
" Actually I was wondering if Ashley can come over," Spencer said.
" Yeah let's go get Natasha and Adriana," Joe said. They left, but Jason just stood there looking at Spencer ass.
" Hey Jason stop checking my brother out," Spencer yelled laughing with Ashley.
" Is my ass that big," Joe said looking baackwards. After dinner the girls were at Spencer's room.
" So how has your first day at Beverly High gone so far?," Ashley asked eating strawberries.
" It was great actually I meet this guy on the football team Jacob he is so cute," Adriana said.
" Yeah and I met Anthony Montez today who is also hot," Natasha said.
" You know Jacob Cruz is Aiden Montez's best friend. And Aiden likes your sister," Ashley said staring at Spencer.
" What no he does not," Spencer said.
" Oh yes he does, Ashley said.
" So everyone has a guy except for Ashely," Natasha said.
" I have one choice," Spencer said.
" Oh really," Ashely said.
" Yeah my brother Joe he told me he thinks your hot and he likes that you would stand up for me," Spencer said stealing her starwberry.
" Give that back it is the last one," Ashley said.
" No way I want it," Adriana said.
" Not if I get it first," Natasha said standing up.
" Ha not if I eat it first," Spencer said. For 5 seconds every girl in the room looked at each other then Spencer ran and everyone followed her. She ran downstairs to Joe.
" Joe help me they want my strawberry!," Spencer yelled. Ashley got the strawberry and ran to the backyard. Then Spencer gently tackle her and they fell into the pool. Natasha and Adrianna jumped in as well. Joe join them while they were still trying to get the strawberry. All of a sudden after all the splashing Ashley noticed it was gone.
" Where is it?," Ashely asked
" Lookin for this," Joe said coming up from behind Ashley holding the strawberry. He put it in his mouth and gave the leaf to Ashley.
" Oh hell no," the girls said. They all jumped Joe in the pool and played around until it got really late. Natasha and Adriana went to bed and Spencer went to drop off Ashley.
" Hey can you keep a secret?," Ashley asked
" Yeah what's up," Spencer said.
" I'm bi," Ashley said looking down.
" So you like boys and girls," Spencer said.
" Yeah I think it's just hard cause I told my mom I'm gay because I like girls, but when I dated Aiden I liked him too," Ashley said.
" Don't worry I won't tell you're secret's safe with me," Spencer said.
" Thanks," Ashley said. She was about to leave when Spencer grabbed her arm.
" Do I have to worry about you hitting on me?," Spencer asked
" It depends if you are gay," Ashley said.
" Oh well I was sorta gay in New Jersey so I don't know," Spencer said.
" Don't worry I'll go after your brother," Ashley said smiling.
" Good to know," Spencer said laughing.
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The next day Spencer and Ashley were watching the football team practice for the big game later.
" So how are you and Aiden doing?," Ashley asked.
" What do you mean," Spencer said.
" Well have you two hit it off yet," Ashley said shoving her gently.
" No we are just friends okay," Spencer said giggling.
" Did Brittney kick you off the team?," Ashley asked
" No actually she hasn't," Spencer said.
" That's not good you know that right," Ashley said.
" Why not?," Spencer asked.
" She gonna try to ruin you like she has done to almost all the girls here," Ashley said.
" We'll see about that," Spencer said. After practice Aiden walked up to Spencer and Ashley.
" Hey Ash hey Spencer," Aiden said smiling.
" Sup," Ashley said.
" Hi Aiden," Spencer said.
" So, I'm having a pool party after the game which we are going to win," Aiden said," You guys comin' or what?"
" I don't know I'm mean I had to help Spencer prepare for her date, but I think we can cancel it what you think Spence," Ashley said looking at her smiling.
" I'm sure the guy will understand," she said staring at Aiden.
" Who's the guy?," Aiden asked
" Oh some hot guy we met by the beach," Spencer said smiling.
" What! You mean you are dating a random guy. I mean this guy can be dangerous and shouldn't you be with a guy you know!.... hmm I mean I don't really care just be careful if you choose to go on the date," Aiden said trying to act cool. All of a sudden Ashley and Spencer burst out laughing.
" There is no boy Aiden we are just kidding we'll go to your party," Ashley said laughing at his expression. Spencer took out her phone and took a picture of him.
" Not funny," Aiden said," Now give me the picture."
" NO way this is going to everyones phone," Ashley said tolding Spencer phone.
" Give it Ash," Aiden said. Aiden leapped for it, but missed. Ashley threw it to Spencer and she ran. Aiden ran after her and Ashley until they ran into the girls bathroom.
" Aiden come and get us," Spencer said.
" You watch what's gonna happen at the pool party," he said leaving.
" Give me I'll send it," Ashley said. After she sent it she heard everyone in the hall laughing.
" The mission is complete," Spencer said. When they walked out they saw Aiden face on everyones phone. After school was the big game.
" They where going against West Beverly High and the score was tied 21 to 21. Beverly High had the ball and everyone was silent. Aiden says hike and givces the ball to Joe. Joe is unstoppable right now and he makes the touchdown. He ran 20 yards and Beverly High wins," the school annoucer said.
" Aiden what the hell you were supposed to give me the ball," Jason said.
" You've been slacking off you're lucking I don't kick you off the team," Aiden said.
" Whatever," Jason said. Joe ran to Spencer and hugged her.
" Congrats!," Spencer yelled.
" Did you see that? I ran 20 yards oh my god that was insane,"Joe said excited.
" Hey congrats," Ashley said.
" Thanks," he said," So you guys going to Aiden's pool party," Joe said.
" Yeah we are he said that we can stay over since he has a lot of rooms everyone at the party is staying," Spencer said.
" Okay I'll meet you guys there I need to get Natasha and Adriana first they both are on dates with Jacob and Anthony," Joe said.
" Alright, but don't go superman brother on them," Spencer said.
" Have I ever," he said smirking.
" Yes!," Spencer said. With Natasha and Adriana they were having some fun before the party. Anthony took them to Club V. Jacob got upset with Anthony while the girls were in the restroom.
" Man what are you thinking bringing them here to Club V," Jacob said.
" Relax I'm taking them to A's in a little while," Anthony said.
" You know what I'm out of here just down mess with there heads okay," Jacob said.
" Whatever party pooper," Anthony said. When Jacob walked out he bumped into Joe.
" Hey Jay have you seen Natasha and Adriana?," he asked.
" Yeah their in there with Anthony," Jacob said and walked away.
" What the hell are they doing in there?," Joe asked himself. When he went into the club he saw Natasha making out with Anthony and Adriana making out with Jason who just happened to stop by.
" Hey Natasha Adriana let's go now!," Joe yelled.
" Joe what are you doing here?," Natasha asked pulling away from Anthony.
" Taking you out of here now let's go," Joe said pissed off.
" No I'm leaving with them to Aiden's party let's go Anthony," Natasha said to Joe face. They all left Joe there at the club. Joe left to the party to meet up with Spencer and Ashley.
" I hate your brother," Natasha said walking by Spencer with Anthony's arm around her. Then Joe walked up to Spencer and rested his head on her shoulder.
" You went superman brother on her didn't you," Spencer said.
" Well she deserve it. I mean what else was I supposed to do when you see your sister with some guys throat down her mouth," Joe said.
" Ahhh mental picture thanks a lot Joe," Spencer said closing her eyes.
" I'm gonna get a drink," Joe said. When he left Aiden came from behind and put his arms around Ashley and Spencer.
" Hello ladies," Aiden said smirking.
" Damn it A you got me wet," Ashley said.
" Oh I'm sorry here let me help you dry off!," he said picking her up.
" Aiden no!," Ashley screamed as he threw her into the pool.
" Now your next," Aiden said moving closer to Spencer. Spencer tried to run, but Aiden quickly wrapped his arms around her waist and picked her up.
" You know you look hot in a bikini," Aiden whispered in her ear then threw her into the pool.
" Same goes to you," she said laughing.
" Yeah watch it," Aiden said pointing at her. She took out her tongue and sent a signal to Joe. All of a sudden Joe ran up to Aiden and pushed him in. Everyone laughed as Joe slipped and fell in as well.
" It's on," Aiden said," I got Spencer Joe you get Ashley and we here right now will have an awesome chicken fight." Aiden picked up Spencer and Joe picked up Ashley and Natasha joined while on Anthony as well as Adriana on Jacob. They started fighting and it was down to Spencer and Aiden against Ashley and Joe.
" You ready to be defeated," Ashley said.
" Bring it," Spencer said. After 5 minutes Ashley fell into the water. Then Aiden threw Aiden backwards and she feel into the water. The whole time Ashley, Spencer, Joe and Aiden were playing around Brittney was there making sure nothin' serious happened between Aiden and Spencer.
" Jealous I see," Jason said standing next to her.
" Shut it," Brittney said.
" Let's work together huh. I definitely want Spencer and you want Aiden obviously so, let's go get what we want," Jason said.
" Okay deal," she said. Jason walked up to Spencer and Ashley who were drying off.
" Hey Spencer," Jason said. Spencer got up right away and Ashley followed.
" Bye Jason," Spencer said walking away. Ashley looked up at him and motioned him to come closer with her finger. He leaned in, but she slid to the side to his ear.
" Burn!," she said laughing and walked away. After the party Aiden showed everyone the guest rooms they are gonna be staying in. Joe stayed with Spencer and Ashley. Natasha stayed with Anthony and Vallery who is dating Jesse. Jacob is with Jesse and Adriana. Aiden is in his room getting ready for bed, but gets interrupted by Brittney coming in.
" Hey cutie," Brittney said smiling flirtiously.
" Hey whore," Aiden said. This time Spencer walked by to say to Brittney BURN!
" Oh shut up," she said.
" What do you want?," Aiden asked still laughing from Spencer comment.
" You what I want," she said moving closer to him. She leaned in, but he put his hand in front of her face.
" Yeah I know what. Something you can't have," Aiden said gently pushing her away.
" Oh no you didn't," she said. Spencer and Ashley who were listening to the conversation ran into the room.
" Oh no he didn't," Spencer said mimicking Brittney.
" Oh yes he did," Ashley said snapping her fingers.
" There is only one thing we have to say," Spencer said.
" YOU JUST GOT BURNED!," they said jumping in the air. They walked away, but Ashley ran back in.
" TWICE!," she announced. Aiden burst out laughing.
" Wow they should be comedians and you should get going," he said pointing out the door.
" Humph whatever loser," Brittney said and left. The next morning almost everyone left. The only ones left were Joe, Anthony, Jesse, Jacob, Aiden, Spencer, Ashley, Natasha, and Adriana. They were getting ready to leave and were about to leave when Aiden invited them to breakfast. After breakfast they dropped Ashley off at her house and went home.
" Okay what is up with you two," Spencer said looking at her sisters and Joe.
" He is acting like a jerk to Anthony," Natasha said.
" Oh please I mean do you even know the the guy," Joe said.
" Yes I do know him," Natasha said. Spencer and Adriana knew what was gonna happen. Joe makes his point they don't talk until Spencer makes them so, Spencer and Adriana started talking about Aiden and Jacob and how hot they are.
" Oh really when is his birthday?," Joe asked.
" Oh shut up okay god," Natasha said and went off to her room.
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The next day Aiden was at the beach with Spencer.
" So, do you want to go to the dance with me," Aiden asked.
" I would love to," Spencer said.
" Great I'll pick you up at seven," he said.
" Okay see you then," she said and walked away. It was six thirty' and Ashley was in Spencer room helping her finish up.
" Ash you have to come," Spencer said.
" No I already told anyway if I did want to go for a stupid reason I'm dateless," Ash said laying down on her bed.
" Are you gonna make me beg," Spencer said sitting by her.
" Well maybe I'll go if you beg," Ashley said smiling. Spencer got down on her kneels and put on a puppy dog face.
" Pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty please with a cherry on top. Will you go to the dance," Spencer said.
" Umm NO!," Ashley said. Spencer got on top of the bed and started jumping and whining like a five year old. Ashley threw a pillow and from there on it was on. They had the most intense pillow fight EVER! Aiden arrived and went up to her room to see them having a pillow fight. They stopped right away when they saw him.
" WOW. All you need to do now is makeout with each other and I'll be a happy guy," Aiden said crossing his fingers.
" Guys," they said and at the same time Ashley and Spencer threw a pillow each at him.
" Hey!," he said. They all had a pillow fight until finally Aiden tackled both of them to Spencer's bed.
" Okay I win now both of you are going to the dance with me let's go," Aiden said.
" Fine," they both said. When they got there the theme was Make A Wish. Everyone was having a blast until Brittney and Jason arrived there. Natasha, Adriana, Spencer, and Ashley dancing. They had some drinks until Brittney walked up to Spencer.
" Hello Kent," Spencer said.
" What do you want?," she asked looking around for someone to back her up.
" I'm looking for Aiden you know he's mine so stop causing trouble and hand him over," she said.
" Aiden is not yours okay so back off," she said.
" You wanna go bitch," Brittney said. Ashley step right in front of Brittney and glared at her.
" I suggest you go home and dream cause that will be the only you'll ever be with Aiden," Ashley said. Brittney left pissed off.
" Thanks you're always there it means a lot," Spencer said. They hugged and went to look for Aiden. When they found him he was at the bar with his tongue down Brittney's throat.
" Please tell me this is a dream," Spencer said.
" It's okay let's just go," Ashley said trying to make her move.
" No not until I comfort him," Spencer said.
" Your gonna make a scene," Ashley said.
" Spence you okay," Joe asked.
" Yeah I'm fine," she said running out of the dance crying.
" What the hell," Joe said. Ashley pointed to Aiden and ran after Spencer. Joe looked over at Aiden and clutched his fist.
" What the hell man," Joe said. Aiden pulled away from Brittney and smiled.
" Relax I'm just having fun. Your sister she is not much of the kisser I see," Aiden said. He went back to kissing Brittney like Spencer didn't matter which got Joe even madder. Joe pulled Brittney away and punched Aiden. Aiden swung, but miss so Joe punched him in the gut.
" You let her for that skank and now she's crying home nice going," Joe said. The football team was holding him back.
" I'm sorry man okay," Aiden got up.
" Just stay away from her okay," Joe said walking away.
" Damn it!," Aiden said and ran outside to see Ashley and Spencer on a bench. Ashley was hugging Spencer as she cried.
" Spencer!," Aiden yelled while running towards.
" Oh no Ashley take me home NOW!," Spencer said. They ran to Ashley's car and drove off.
" You by now I would think you were hitting on me,"Ashley said smiling. Spencer shoved her and laughed.
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Spencer shoved her and laughed. The next day Aiden was looking for Spencer.
" Hey Ashley do you know where Spencer is?," Aiden asked
" Maybe maybe not," she said.
" Ashley come on," he said.
" You hurt her badly," she said.
" I know and I want to make it up to her," he said.
" Well you can't," Natasha said coming out of nowhere.
" Whatever. Look Ash can you tell Spencer to meet me at the park at 8:00pm okay," Aiden said.
" Okay, I'll make sure she's there. But if you hurt her again instead of Joe it's gonna be me who comes after you," she said getting her books.
" Just tell her okay," he said and left for lunch. Spencer joined Ashley and Joe for lunch.
" Hey guys what's up?," Spencer asked.
" Oh nothing just the usual. I got detention made fun of a slutty cheerleader aka Brittney. Oh and Aiden wants you to meet him at the park at 8," Ashley said slippy her slurpy.
" What! Ash what did you say to him," Spencer said.
" Nothing really just that you would be there," she said putting her head down drinking her slurpy.
" What! ASHLEY!," she said surprised.
" Whaaat. I wasn't serious geesh," she said.
" He probably thought you were I mean couldn't you like make up an excuse like you were going to see my brother for a lunch date," she said.
" Okay now why do you have to go there again," Ashley said.
" I don't know cause you guys lokk cute together," Spencer said.
" But I already told you I'm uh.. deciding on two," Ashley said giving her a look.
" Okay I know that doesn't mean you can't go out with him," Spencer said.
" Umm do I have a say in this?," Joe asked
" NO!," they both said at the same time.
" Okay," Joe said sliding lower in his chair.
" Are you gonna go or not?," Ashley asked.
" Yeah I'm going, but don't change the subject on me just go on one date," Spencer said. They spent the whole day arguing until it was 7:30 and Spencer had to get ready.
" What you think?," Spencer asked twirling around.
" You look hot," Ashley said," Now hurry up Aiden is waiting for you at the park." Ashley drove to the park and dropped Spencer off and went home. Spencer saw Aiden with a picnic set up by the swings.
" Is this is your way of saying sorry," Spencer said sitting on a swing next to him.
" I don't know is it working?," Aiden asked smirking.
" I've seen better," she said smiling. They didn't know it, but Ashley and Joe were hiding in the bushes spying on them.
" They are so cute together," Ashley whispered.
" I still don't like him," Joe said. Spencer and Aiden had a wonderful time.
" Let's give them so rain," Ashley said. She turned on the sprinklers and laughed to her shelf.
" Oh My God!," Spencer yelled. They started laughing and packing all the things.
" Ashley," Spencer said. Spencer got a container of soda and walked up to the bushes. She dumped the soda and heard a scream.
" Ashley," Aiden said.
" Yep," Spencer said. Aiden took her home and they stared at each other in the eyes. To Spencer Aiden had the most beautiful blue eyes ever and to Aiden Spencer had the most beutiful brown eyes. They leaned in, but Ashley was about to ruin it. They kissed and Ashley was gonna jump on top of them until Spencer pushes her away as they deepen the kiss. When they pulled apart they turned around a saw Ashley with a container on her head and with leaves from the bushes in her head.
" I hate you guys you know that right," she said. Spencer took out her tongue.
" Goodnight," Aiden said.
" Goodnight," she said and dragged Ashley into her house to help her take out the leaves. Joe finally gets home and go straight to sleep.
" So is he a good kisser?," Ashley asked," Well now."
" Yeah he sure as hell is!," Spencer said. They both layed down on her bed and smiled.
" I like it here," Spencer said.
" For now. Until I come and steal one of you," Ashley says dramaticly like an actor.
" Shut up and if it was one of us I call dibbs," Spencer said raising her hand.
" Shut up geesh," Ashley said.
" Goodnight," Ashley said.
" Goodnight," Spencer said. The next day Aiden and Spencer were walking hand-in-hand to their practices with Ashley and Joe. When Brittney saw Spencer and Aiden kiss she kicked Spencer off the team.
" Are you kidding me?," Spencer asked surprised.
" No. You're done so byebye," she said turning around. All of a sudden and banana peel flew over Spencer and landed on Brittney's head.
" Touchdown!," Ashley yelled putting her hands up in the air. Spencer and the football team bursted into laughter.
" AHHHH! Ashley you are so dead," Brittney said.
" Ohhhh I'm so scared," she said acting scared. Brittney threw the peel off her head and ran after Ashley. Ashley started running around the field laughing like a crazy person. z
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At lunch Aiden was training so Spencer was with Adriana.
" So what's up," Spencer said.
" Can I ask you something?," she asked
" Yeah what is it," she said.
" Are you a virgin?," Adriana asked
" Yes I am why?," Spencer asked curious
" Well I think I'm ready, but I think Jacob wants to have a REAL relationship with me first and after what happened with Ben I don't know if I'm ready for that," Adriana said.
" Okay well ask yourself one question. Do you love him," she said.
" I don't know," Adriana said," I never thought of it like that."
" Come on let's go," Spencer said. They went back to class and Aiden met up with Spencer later on.
" So what you doing to night?," Aiden asked
" Nothing really," she said.
" Well how about a movie?," he asked.
" Yeah sure," she said. That night they had just finish watching the movie and were on they're way home.
" Can I ask you something?," Spencer asked
" Yeah of course," Aiden said.
" Were you and Ashley happy when you were together?," she asked curious.
" Yeah we were we had some really good times, but we also had our ups and downs," he said.
" Oh," she said. He dropped her off so since it was a Friday night she decided to have some fun with Joe.
" Hey Joe the nachos are done," Spencer said.
" Nachos? That can only mean one thing. Halo 3," Joe said. He jumped onto the couch and grabbed his controller. Spencer put in Halo 3 and the went against each other. They got really into the game.
" Do you want to do it again?," Spencer asked.
" Go ahead bring the paint and gear I'll set up the house," Joe said. Five minutes later the living room was empty, Spencer and Joe were in cameo clothes, a vest, and paintball guns.
" Are you ready?," Joe asked.
" Yep," Spencer said whiling black lipstick on her cheeks. Spencer went upstairs and Joe outside.
" 1,2, 3 go!," Joe yelled. They started a battle in the house. Later on while in battle Spencer got a call from Ashley.
" Hey Ash what's up." Spencer said putting the fun on speaker.
" Spence..I..told my mom about me being by..and...she kicked me out," Ashley said sobbing. Spencer took the phone off speaker.
" What!," she said surprised while locking herself in the attic.
" She kicked me out," she said still crying.
" Okay come over and you can stay here until everything is sorted out," she said.
" K thanks your a good friend," Ashley said. They hung up and Spencer went back into action. She was almost shot, but ran behind a table. The door opened and Spencer shot. Ashley stood there surprised as she sees a gulp of blue paint on the door next to her.
" What the hell!," Ashley yelled.
" Shhh. get down," Spencer said. Ashley got down and Spencer handed her a gun and a vest.
" Welcome to the Kent war," she said," On my count jump out and shot straight okay."
" Okay," Ashley said.
" 1,2,3 now!," Spencer yelled. They jumped out and ambushed Joe with paint.
" Come on that was cheap you cheated. You got Ashley. Wait what are you doing here anyway," he said.
" She staying for a while," Spencer said.
" Okay fine, but I want a rematch," Joe said.
" Okay fine bring it on," Spencer said.
" No teams unless I get to have Aiden on my team," Joe said taking out his phone.
" Fine call Natasha and Adriana. I call dibbs on Natasha since right now she hates you," Spencer said.
" Whatever brat," Joe said. Spencer took out her tongue and started talking to Ashley.
" Okay everyone is on their way so go get the rest of the stuff," Joe said eating nachos.
" Okay," she said and went upstairs.
" So, Ashley what happened?," he asked curious.
" My mom kicked me out," she said eating nachos next to Joe.
" Why?," he asked.
" Can't tell you that," she said. 2 minutes later Aiden, Natasha, and Adriana came running in.
" Let's do this shit!," Natasha yelled and pointing at Joe evily.
" Wow she must really hate you," Ashley said.
" Hey Ash," Aiden said.
" Sup," she said handing him and Adriana a gun and vest.
" Okay guys the teams are Ashley, Natasha, me and Aiden, Joe, and Adriana," she said.
" Okay let's get this war started," Natasha said. Joe team won the first war, but Spencer's team obliberated them for the second and third round. Aiden stayed over their house for the night since his parents were actually home. Aiden tried to convince Joe to let him stay with Spencer, but it didn't work.
" At least you tried," she said.
" Yeah, but at least we can gross the hell out of him," he said. Aiden gave Spencer a passionate goodnight kiss again.
" EWWWWWWWW!," Joe and Ashley said.
" Oh shut up," Spencer said. Everyone went off to bed and the next morning were eating. The whole time while Aiden and Joe were playing Halo 3 Aiden was stealing glances over at Spencer who was talking to Ashley, Adriana, and Natasha. Joe was doing the same, but it was to Ashley.
" Wow my brother is pretty much drewling over you," Adriana said.
" No he is not he is just really hungry like every other guy I know," Ashley said.
" No way Ash he is so into you," Spencer said.
" Whatever. So what's up with you and Aiden?," Ashley asked.
" What. Me and him are okay I guess," Spencer said blushing.
" He's a really good kisser right," Ashley said poking her.
" YES! Oh my god best kisser I have ever," Spencer said, but got interrupted.
" TASTED!," Ashley said.
" Shut up," Spencer said. Ashley looked at Natasha and Adriana and nodded at them.
" What are you guys up to?," Spencer asked scared. All of a sudden Ashley, Adriana, and Natasha jumped on the table.
" Hey Aiden!," Ashley yelled.
" What," he said.
" My sister thinks you're the...," Natasha yelled, but Spencer covers her and Adriana's mouth and dragged them off the table.
" I'm going to kill you three," Spencer said running after them. They hung out together all day. The next day Aiden was at the weight room with Jesse.
" So dude, you and the new girl look good together," Jesse said punching the bag.
" Yeah, she makes me feel the same way as well you know. But I guess I always had something with you know who that I have never had with anyone else," Aiden said.
" I know what you mean, but just don't let her slip away," Jesse said.
" I know," he said. The next day they were back at school sadly. Ashley and Spencer were in biology not really paying attention.
" So Aiden cheated on you with Brittney, but you guys are still friends," Spencer said confused.
" Yep, pretty much," Ashley said.
" And you're fine with your best friend dating the guy you lost your virginity to," Spencer said. Ashley just looked at her.
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" Well, when you put it that way no I'm not comfortable with you guys dating, but I trust you unlike most shanks here so I guess it's okay with me," Ashley said. Days has past and Aiden and Spencer were going strong until Joe and Spencer threw a party in there house and the trust between Aiden and Spencer broke.
" Hey great party," Ashley said over the music.
" Thanks you're a really good DJ," she said looking at Ashley work.
" Thanks. Hey keep your eye on Aiden," she said.
" Why?," Spencer asked.
" Because he gets wasted quick and most people take that as an advantage to get in bed with him," Ashley said staring at Brittney pissed.
" I trust him and he knows that this is not a friends with benefits type of crap," Spencer said.
" If you say so," Ashley said and went back to being the DJ. Spencer had a only two drinks that night. She went off looking for Aiden, but couldn't find him. She figured he left so decided to go upstairs.
" Hey Spence do you have any movies up in your room?," she asked.
" Yeah come on," Spencer said. They raced up the steps like little kids and walked to Spencer room. When they get there they see Brittney walking out of Natasha's and Adriana's room.
" What the hell were you doing in there?," Ashley asked.
" Oh the usual doing your boyfriend," she said smirking.
" You bitch," Ashley about to leap at her, but Aiden out of nowhere grabs her and pulls her back.
" Don't worry about her she ain't worth it," he said not letting go.
" Whatever," Ashley said. Brittney left, but Aiden still had a grip around her and was staring at her.
" Aiden," Spencer said.
" Aiden!," Ashley yelled.
" What!," he yelled back.
" First, don't you dare scream at me and LET GO!," she said.
" Oh," he said and released her.
" Okay Ashley here are those movies you wanted," Spencer said handing her the movies while staring at Aiden.
" Thanks," she said and ran down stairs. While going down stairs Spencer and Aiden heard Ashley yelling at Brittney,
" Hey slut have you ever taken a swim with clothes on!" Then they heard a scream and a splash. They laughed at Ashley's personality.
" She's one of a kind," Spencer said.
" Yeah and I screwed it up," Aiden mumbled. He didn't know, but Spencer heard what he said.
" I gonna go to watch the movie you comin'," she said.
" Nah, I think I'm gonna head home," he said and left. That night they watched W.A.N.T.E.D and everyone had a great time. When Spencer got to school the next day everyone was staring at her and when she walked by Brittney and Miley her little sister they both were laughing. She received a message on her phone and when she opened it Ashley ran up to her and closed it.
" What the hell Ash," Spencer said.
" Listen to me this is for your own good okay just don't look at your phone and don't let anyone show you there phone do you understand," Ashley said catching her breath.
" No I don't understand now give me my phone Ash," she said taking it from her.
" Spencer Don't," she said. When Spencer opened it a video started to play on her phone and she covered her mouth in shock while a tear rolled down her cheek. The video was Aiden and Brittney having sex and Brittney dedicating it to Spencer. On the screen of the phone on the bottom it said
To little virgin girl. Why he will leave you for me.

" Spencer come on sweetie," Ashley said hugging her. Brittney and Miley walked up to her laughing.
" Look at that Brit she's not only a virgin she's also a lesbo," Miley said laughing.
" I'm not surprised she not like most of us anyway. Well I hope you liked our video and I hope you and Ashley are happy together," Brittney said. Ashley was about to strike, but Spencer stopped her.
" Ashley don't, let me," Spencer said. She turned around and punched her right in the jaw.
" Wow," Ashley said," I wanna try." Ashley looked at Miley and decked her in the face. Spencer and Ashley then received a round of applause from the whole school.
" Oh my god," Adriana said standing by Spencer," I was gonna do that oh well."
" Why," Ashley asked.
" She tried to take Jacob from me while we were on a date and she went after Anthony while Natasha was in the bathroom, why do you think she has a black and blue in her left eye," Adriana said.
" Cool," Spencer said," I mean the getting punched part not the stealing Jacob and Anthony thing."
" Right oh I'm sorry about Aiden and you," Adriana said hugging her.
" It's okay I'm actually gonna go talk to him right now talk to you guys later," she said and left. When she saw Aiden he was talking to a girl who had her hands all over him.
" Aiden can I talk to you?," Spencer asked.
" Uh.. yeah," he said pushing the girl away," Listen I want to talk to you about what happen okay I was really drunk and."
" We're done," she said.
" What why I mean just give me one more chance I promise you I won't shrew up this time," he said almost begging.
" I'm sorry maybe in the long run there will be a next time, but not now," she said and left wiping away her tears that she was holding back.
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When she got home Natasha, Adriana, Ashley, and Joe were standing there with things in their hands. Joe hand a jumbo Cookie Dough ice cream, Ashley had The Notebook and Tyler Perry movies, Adriana had tissues, and Natasha had pillows and blankets. She smiled and sat on the couch taking a tissue.
" Told you we needed tissues," Adriana said taking her tongue out at Natasha.
" Oh shut up," she said at sat by Joe who was sitting by Ashley. That night they all watch movies and ate ice cream.
" Hey um Spence," Natasha said.
" Yeah," she replied.
" Rick called asking for you," she said.
" Oh and Alice," Adriana said.
" Oh um what did they say," Spencer said.
" Well um... actually they are both coming here for your birthday," Natasha said.
" My birthday is like in 1 month," Spencer said worried.
" Yeah we know so um you're not like mad at us are you," Adriana said.
" No, but I am scared especially that Alice is coming back," Spencer said. Joe, Adriana, and Natasha go to bed while Spencer and Ashley are talking down stairs.
" Who's Alice?," Ashley asked.
" Uh actually she's an ex," Spencer said not looking at Ashley.
" Oh so you're gay," Ashley said with a little of hope.
" I don't really know because I really love guys you know and maybe Alice was just an experiment I honestly don't know," she said looking up at her.
" Oh," Ashley said disappointed. Spencer smiled and put an arm around her.
" Hey don't worry me and you are gonna still be bffs and be patient the right girl or guy will come for you don't wait for me," Spencer said," Come on time for bed we've got school tomorrow and I know you don't want to miss that."
" Of course," Ashley said laughing. The next day Spencer avoided Aiden the whole day including Brittney and Miley.
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" Spencer!," someone yelled from behind. Spencer turned around and her mouth dropped opened.
" You got me a car," she said running up to Joe. He gave her a hug and started laughing at her expression.
" Actually me and Ash bought it as an early birthday gift," he said.
" DO YOU LIKE IT," Ashley said running up to them squealing.
" Yes! Yes! Yes!," Spencer squealed. Ashley and Spencer started jumping excitedly so, Joe decided to join them. Spencer and Ashley automaticly stopped jumping and looked at him.
" Don't ever do that,' Spencer said.
" Dude seriously," Ashley said shaking her head. Someone taped Spencer shoulder and when her and Ash turned around she was ambush by two hugs. It was Alice and Rick.
" Oh my god Spencer you look hotter this year," Alice said.
" Uh thanks," Spencer said looking at Ashley who was getting a little jealous.
" Hey Spencer," Rick said smiling big at her.
" Hi I thought you guys were coming for my birthday," Spencer said.
" Yeah next month," Ashley said.
" Well we had a little surprise. We are your new next door neighbors!," Alice said screaming excitedly.
" Wow um that's wow. Oh this is my best friend Ashley, Ashley this is Alice and Rick," Spencer said not so excited.
" Hi nice to meet you guys," she said.
" Wow Spencer no offense, but I thought you could do better," Alice said looking at Ashley.
" I am this close to strangling her Spence," Ashley said whispering in her ear.
" Well we better go home see you guys later," Spencer said grabbing Ashley and the keys from Joe who was still shocked and immediately got into her new car. She drove off surprised and not happy.
" Are you okay I mean Alice is just well Alice. She likes to speak her mind and she has a temper so be careful, but once you get to know her you'll sorta like her," Spencer said.
" Yeah I doubt it okay. She's isn't even that hot anyway," Ashley said in a voice of a 5 year old.
" Aww I'm so sorry I don't have better taste do you want a cookie to feel better," Spencer said.
" Yes please," Ashley said pouting. With Adriana and Jacob they were having lunch at the school.
" Look baby I would never leave you for Miley okay," Jacob said holding her hand.
" I know that, but she is such a bitch," Adriana said.
" Now I won't be seeing you until your sisters birthday because I'm checking Georgetown University," he said.
" Oh my god I didn't know you wanted to go there," she said," So do I."
" You better apply early I want us to get in together," he said hugging her. So, that day Jacob left for Georgetown. With Natasha and Anthony things were getting bumpy.
" You kissed her," Natasha said pissed.
" No I didn't she kissed me okay I would never do that I..I love you," he said holding her hand.
" I love you too, but we gotta trust each other more okay that means you can't tell Spencer about what happened between me and Rick do you understand me. Me and her finally have a good relationship as sisters and I don't want it to end," Natasha said.
" Don't worry I won't tell her anything," he said.
" Okay see you later," she said and gave him a quick peck on the lips. When Spencer got home she noticed threw the window Alice was playing Halo with Joe.
" Yeah have you talked to your mom yet?," Spencer asked.
" Oh yeah she said I could come back, but she won't be talking to me," Ashley said.
" How do you know that,' Spencer said.
" Because she said she won't talk to me. She said I wasn't her daughter," Ashley said.
" Well you can stay here as long as you want, but if you are 40 and still living here you've gone way to far," Spencer said. They laughed and decided instead of going inside to go get burgers. When they got back Alice was still there so they had to face her sooner or later.
" How about later," Ashley said.
" No now let's move it," she said pulling Ashley out.
" NO," she said. Spencer picked her up and Ashley jumped on her back. Spencer gave Ashley a piggy back ride and ran into the house. When they reached the couch they both fell on it.
"Hey I didn't know you guys were so serious. Joe told me that she lives here," Alice said.
" Alice we aren't together," Spencer said.
" Not now," Ashley said in Spencer ear joking around with her.
" Shut up," Spencer said softly to her pushing her to the couch.
" So you guys aren't dating and you're still single," Alice said moving closer.
" Yes am single, but I just went through a break up," she said, but noticed Alice didn't care," With a guy named Aiden."
" Oh a guy, but I thought," Alice said grabbing her hand.
" I don't know okay," she said. Alice past her hand on her cheek and Ashley just left to her room and slammed the door. Spencer turned around and went up to Ashley's room.
" Ash open up," Spencer said.
" Just leave me alone okay please," she said and locked the door.
" Fine, but at least unlock the door," she said.
" Whatever," Ashley said. Spencer went back to Alice who was waiting for you.
" She likes you huh," Alice said grabbing her hand again. Spencer heard a car door close and knew it was Ashley.
" Damn it," Spencer said running outside," Ash come back in the house."
" I need to go back home okay I'll be back if it doesn't work out with me and my mom," Ashley said starting the car," And you're kinda busy." Spencer turned around and Alice kissed her right in front off Ashley, so Ashley drove off fast as hell.
" WHAT THE HELL ALICE," Spencer said wiping her mouth and pushing her off of her.
" What I know you," Alice said.
" No you don't okay I don't want to be with you I don't like girls I like boys can you get that through your head," Spencer said pissed. Spencer kicked her out and went to Joe.
" Hey what's happened in there?," Joe asked. Spencer just hugged him.
" I think I just lost my best friend because of an ex," Spencer said.
" Hey Ashley will come threw don't worry. Wait she's still single right," Joe said.
" Yes she is you know you should make your move before someone else takes her," Spencer said.
" Really," Joe said.
" Goodnight," she said and ran off to bed. The next day Ashley didn't come back so, Spencer decided to go over to her house. When she knocked on the door her mother opened up.
" Hello is Ashley here," Spencer asked nervous.
" Yeah she's upstairs so what you're one of her hores," the mother looking evil.
" Excuse me," Spencer said surprised.
" Whatever just go upstairs to the right and don't take anything from her got it," she said.
" Whatever," Spencer said in her voice.
" Watch it girl," she said and left. When Spencer went upstairs she heard crying coming from Ashley's room.
" Ash," Spencer said coming in," You okay." Ashley turned to look at her and Spencer saw black and blues on her back, arm, and face.
" Hey Spencer," Ashley said trying to act like nothing happened.
" Ash what happened to you did your mom do this," Spencer said sitting on her bed.
" No my mom maybe fucked up, but not this fucked up," she said sitting by her.
" Then who did this to you?," Spencer asked worried.
" Obvious somebody that doesn't want me here," Ashley said.
" Wait do you know who did it?," Spencer asked.
" Yeah, but it's not important," she said heading to the bathroom.
" Are you gonna stay here?," Spencer asked.
" I think so, if it's okay with you," she said grabbing some clothes.
" Yeah it's okay. So, after your bath we are going to school so hurry up we're already late," Spencer said.
" My bad," Ashley said. They went to school and sadly Spencer was partnered up with Aiden for a project.
" Hey Spencer," Aiden said. Spencer ignored him and continued to the project.
" Can you at least say something," he said.
" Leave me alone," she said.
" Look I'm sorry for what I did okay at least can we be friends?," he asked.
" I doubt it," she said. He grabbed her hand and turned her face to him.'
" Please," Aiden said with the Montez charm.
" You get one chance to be my friend and please don't screw it up cause I miss you a lot as a friend," Spencer said.
" I promise and I will start by getting you a birthday present," Aiden said smiling. At lunch Aiden, Ashley, and Spencer were sitting together and Alice came along surprise to see Ashley.
" Wow Ashley what happened to you?," Alice asked.
" Someone attacked me," she said walking to her. She pulled her to the side leaving Spencer and Aiden supicious.
" I'm surprised you are here," Alice said.
" Listen bitch why the hell did you and the tramps attacked me," Ashley said pissed.
" Well I went after you for Spencer and Brittney and Miley for punching them," she said smirking.
" If Spencer didn't care about you I would have told her and kicked your ass, but I'm trying to be a good friend and not do that. So, listen up I'm Spencer's best friend whether you like it or not and I'm gonna be here for a long time so deal with it," Ashley said.
" Are you guys all right?," Spencer asked going towards them.
" Perfect," Ashley said leaving. Days past and Spencer's b-day was 1 day away and secrets were gonna come out on the so called happy birthday.
" Hey Spencer so, what do you want for your birthday?," Alice asked.
" Not much a card is fine," she said getting in her car.
" Nice ride Joe give it to you," Alice said.
" No actually it's from Ashley and Joe," she said smiling and admiring her car.
" Really? Well I better go," Alice said and left a little pissed. Spencer went home and was with Natasha to pick out an outfit. Natasha was acting weird around Spencer and was always nervous when spencer would speak to her.
" Are you okay cause' I'm mean I feel like everyone is keeping secrets from me," Spencer said trying on a skirt.
" Yeah yeah I'm good," Natasha said throwing her a shirt.
" If you say so. So, what do you think," Spencer said twirling around. She was wearing a pair of South Pole jeans and a shirt she got from Strawberry's.
" Perfect," Natasha said. It was Spencer's birthday and of course Joe, Natasha, and Adriana ambushed her with a happy birthday. When she got to school Aiden, Ashley, Rick, and Alice did the exact same think.
" So, what time should we be there?," Aiden asked.
" You guys can come around 7 remember only you guys," Spencer said.
" Right," Ashley and Aiden said at the same time. It was 7 and spencer's house was packed with people. She went to Ashley who once again the DJ.
" Do you even know half of these people?," Spencer asked over the music.
" Nope, but it's a party I'll never forget that's for sure," she said.
" I hope I do," Spencer said.
" Hey are you happy to see aiden here?," Ashley asked.
" Yeah I am, but only as a friend," she said staring at him.
" Sure you can keep saying that, but I know that you are still in love with him," Ashley said.
" Whatever you keep thinking that Ash I'll see you later," Spencer said and went off to get a drink.
" Happy birthday Spencer," Rick said.
" Thanks Rick. How you've been?," Spencer asked.
" I was great until you left," he said.
" Listen Rick," she said, but got interrupted.
" I get it I wasn't the best boyfriend, but I was hoping to be a better friend instead," he said smiling.
" I would like that," she said," Maybe you can convince Alice the same thing."
" I'll try," he said leaving. Sadly for Spencer Brittney and Miley showed up at the party.
" Oh no tramp infections are gonna spread quick!," Ashley told everyone over the microphone.
" What you guys doing here you're not invited," Spencer said.
" Yeah no tramps or sluts allowed," Ashley said.
" Then why are you here," Miley said.
" Why are you here need other black and blue," Ashley said taking a step forward.
" Ash just leave then you can punch her at school," Aiden said coming in.
" Hey Ash listen to him," Brittney said moving to the dance floor.
" Okay everyone time for the birthday surprise for Aiden," Joe said.
" Thanks man okay the surprise I have is I made reservations for this party to be moved to Club V!," he said. Everyone cheered and people ran outside to see a limo.
" Holy shit," the crowd outside said together.
" Yeah that's for us," Ashley said moving everyone out of her way.
" Let's move it. To club V!," Joe yelled. Everyone got in their car someone even ran. When they got there everyone was already their dancing having a blast.
" Hey Spencer," Brittney said.
" What do you want," Spencer said.
" I have something to give you," she said and handed her a video camera," Keep the camera." When Spencer turned it on there were 2 videos. The first was from when Spencer and Rick were still together and it showed Natasha making out with him. Spencer started to cry a little because Natasha said she would never do that. The last one was Alice, Miley, and Brittney recording themselves beating up Ashley. Spencer heard Alice saying to stay away from her
and Brittney and Miley were beating her up because of what they did to them. Spencer got upset and didn't speak to anyone at the party. When the party was over Spencer took her car and didn't come home that night. She drove around for at least 2 hours thinking and then went to Ashley's house.
" Hey Spencer," Ashley said. A tear rolled down Spencer's cheek and she hugged Ashley.
" I'm so sorry I know it's all my fault, but you should've told me," she said.
" What the hell you talking about," Ashley said.
" I saw what happened. Who attacked you those asses recorded it," Spencer said," Can I stay tonight I really don't want to go home."
" Yeah come on, but I only wake up after 12:30 because it's just to hard to wake up in the morning," she said smiling.
" Fine by me," Spencer said. They went to bed and Spencer didn't fall asleep until 1 in the morning. The next Spencer woke up and 12:45 and noticed Ashley wasn't in the room.
" Ash," Spencer called. Ashley came running upstairs with coffee.
" Oh hey Spencer," Ashley said. She put down the coffees' and started searching like crazy for something.
" Hey umm what are you looking for?," she asked.
" My cell phone I heard it ring a couple of minutes ago, but can"t find it," she said. Spencer turned around and saw her cell on her pillow.
" Ash," she said holding the cell. Ashley jumped on the bed, sat by Spencer and looked at her missed calls.
" Your brother called and Aiden," she said.
" I figured that," she said. Ashley layed back down next to her again.
" Listen it isn't your fault what happened to me," Ashley said.
" Yes it is look," Spencer said getting the camera from her bag. She showed Ashley the two videos.
" Wow," Ashley said.
" I know,' Spencer said.
" I mean Brittney really can't fight for her life," Ashley said looking at Spencer. They both laughed and got dress so they could go to Spencer's place. When they got there Spencer walked in slowly. When she got to the stairs she heard Joe yell," Stop right there!" She turned around with Ashley and waved.
" Hi Joe," Spencer said.
" Where the fuck were you," he said. Before Spencer answered she saw Natasha, Adriana, Alice, Rick, and Aiden coming from the kitchen.
" I was at Ashley's place," she said.
" Why'd you leave your party," Aiden said walking to her.
" Sorry I just needed to," she said. He hugged her really tight.
" I...we were really worried," he said.
" I..I can't breath," she said.
" Sorry," he said letting her go.
" We were really worried Spencer don't ever do that again," Natasha said.
" Whatever," Spencer said.
" Spence are you okay?," Adriana asked.
" No not really," she said.
" Spencer just drop it," Ashley whispered to her. Spencer nodded and went to her room. They all stared at Ashley looking for an answer.
" Hey don't look at me okay. Come on loverboy she your problem too," she said pulling Aiden up the stairs. When they got up to Spencers' room Spencer was pacing in her room.
" Spencer," Aiden said.
" dare she out of all people tell me what not to do," she said.
" Spence you need to calm yourself down," Ashley said.
" What happened?," Aiden asked. Spencer sighed and showed him the two videos. Just hearing it mad Spencer want to cry, but she knew she had to hold it in. A knock came on her door and Alice walked in. Ashley immediately stood up, but Spencer sat her back down.
" What do you want Alice?," Spencer asked pissed off.
" I wanted to see why you're so upset," Alice said stepping into the room.
" I was upset because of what you, Brittney, Miley, Rick, and Natasha did," Spencer said raising her voice. Ashley was gonna stop her, but Aiden stopped her.
" I don't know what you are talking about," she said.
" Bullshit!," Ashley said also raising her voice and standing in front of Alice.
" I saw the videos," Spencer said.
" I didn't record anything," Alice said.
" Oh really," Ashley said handing her the camera. Alice saw the videos as well and just looked at Spencer.
" Why?," Spencer said.
" I'm sorry okay I just got jealous and I don't know," Alice said.
" Jealous of what Spencer and Ashley are just friends and Spencer's not guy right," Aiden said looking at Spencer.
" Well I started over here back home I was gay, but I just didn't think I could fall in love," she said.
" It doesn't matter who you fall in love with it just matters that you love with that person," Aiden said staring into Spencers' eyes.
" Look Spencer I'm sorry for what I did, but I just can't hang out with you when she's around," Alice said," I just can't."
" Why not?," Spencer asked," I want my best friend and my other friend to be well friends."
" She knows why," Alice said and left. Spencer and Aiden turned around to face Ashley who was half way out the window.
" Oh no you don't," Spencer said and pulled her back in.
" Explain now Ash," Aiden said.
" Before we met I was gay okay. I met Alice and we sorta went out for a while, but then I met you and we became friends. She got jealous and we got into a fight and we hadn't seen each other since now," Ashley said," I guess when she sees me hanging out with you guys she gets mad."
" She does have a temper," Spencer said.
" Okay well she sounds scary to me so what you guys gonna do forgive her or what," Aiden said.
" I don't know what I'm gonna do," Spencer said sitting by him.
" Me neither," Ashley said. A week past and Spencer nor Ashley haven't talked to Alice. Right now Ashley, Aiden, and Ashley were at Club V. Ashley was dancing with Spencer while Aiden was trying to make Spencer jealous by flirting with girls.
" He is really desperate," Ashley said over the music.
" I can tell," she said looking over at him.
" You gotta give him a shot Spence," Ashley said.
" Not now some other time maybe, but I just can't handle him right now," she said.
" I get you, but just remember you ain't gonna be here for ever so if you got a chance take it don't let it slip away," she said.
" Thanks for the advice Dr. Phil," she said smiling.
" Why thank you that's what I'm here for. Just remember if you need anything just come to me," Ashley said in a Dr. Phil voice. They went to go get drinks and they saw Alice across the bar with a girl.
" I know that chick that's umm oh yeah Nicole," Ashley said.
" Oh do you know that?," Spencer asked.
" We went out," Ashley said," Holy shit dude my ex is going out with my other ex who used to be your ex after she was my ex and she got jealous because she thought me and you were an item which we're not so she thought her ex and her other ex which is me were going out which is me and you so, she could be telling my other ex stuff about me which she doesn't know about. It's return of the exes."
" Wow the sad part is I understood every part of that," Spencer said.
" I need a strong drink," Ashley said," Lisa can you spare me one tonight I have three exes in here please."
" Ok just tonight," Lisa the bartender said.
" Lisa one for her too,"Ashley said.
" Fine whatever just remember if I lose my job your father gave me permishen to kick your ass," she said.
" I never met him so I can't believe you without any proof," Ashley said grabbing the drinks. They went to go get their seats, but the hoes were on the couch they were sitting on. Ashley walked up to them and asked them to move, but they didn't, so she pushed them off. Aiden left early with some girl while Ashley and Spencer were getting drunk. They took a taxi home to Ashley's place. Ashley and Spencer saw that Ashleys' mom was not home so they went upstairs drifting to Ashleys' room. Spencer and Ashley were about to go to bed, but Ashley stopped Spencer and actually kissed her. Spencer was surprised at first, but than Spencer kissed her back. Spencer and Ashley started making out and later on went to bed. The next morning they remembered everything, but had a major hang over. They stayed quiet for a couple of minutes until Ashley finally spoke.
" So are you gonna say something," she said.
" I don't know what to say," Spencer said not looking at her. Ashley kneeled in front of her and looked sad.
" If you want to act liked this never happened it's okay just remember that when I get feelings like this it's hard for them to go away," Ashley said.
" Just give me some time to think," Spencer siad.
" Fine, but just in case you decided you can't do this," Ashley leaned in and kissed her and Spencer returned it and after 2 minutes she left to Aiden's place. When she got there a girl from the club was leaving his room.
" So did you have fun?," Spencer asked walking into his room.
" Yes I did," he said putting on his shirt.
" Ashley kissed me last night and we ended up with a really bad hangover," Spencer said quickly.
" Did you guys sleep together," Aiden asked sitting on his bed.
" Well," Spencer said looking down.
" Holy shit you two my exes. I wish i was there. Well how was it," he said excited.
' Shut up you perv," Spencer said.
" I'm just saying," he said.
" She wants me to give her an answer today," Spencer said.
" You're gonna say no right," Aiden said worried.
" I have no idea," she said sitting next to him.
" You have to say no I mean that is unfair," he said standing up.
" You had your chance and you blew it beside you have that girl that just left," Spencer said.
" She's my cousin!," he said.
" Ew you did your cousin where the fuck are you from," Spencer said grossed out.
" No when i saw you're car I told her to come to my room then leave to make you jealous she staying here," he said.
" Oh," Spencer said. Aiden picked leaned down quickly and smashed his lips to hers. Spencer once again didn't pull back and they started making out on his bed. Then she received a call from Ashley and looked at Aiden.
" Don't answer it," he said.
" I have to give her an answer," she said.
" Then say no," he said lying on top of her.
" Look why don't you come to over to my house at seven and you'll get your answer," she said. She got up and left texting Ashley.

A: hey spence
S: hi
A: did u decide
S: yes can u come over to my house
A: okay see u then
S: k bye
It was 7 o'clock and Aiden and Ashley had just arrive. When they walked in they saw Spencer standing in the hall way hugging Joe and wearing a coat.
" Spencer what's going on?," Aiden asked.
" I have decided," Spencer said.
" Who do you choose?," Ashley asked.
" I choose me," she said.
" What! Are you kidding me you know what I'm done," Aiden said leaving.
" Aiden wait!," Spencer said.
" No I'm done with the games," he said and left slamming the door.
" Spence you can't just leave," Ashley said.
" I'm sorry okay Beverly Hills has definitely change me and I need some time away," she said.
" You know I'm gonna miss you right," Ashley said.
" Yeah I'll miss you too and take care of Joe for me and Adriana let Natasha rot for all I care," she said. Joe gave her another hug and went upstairs, Ashley gave Spencer a big hug and offered to give her a ride. When Spencer got to the airport she gave Ashley another hug and left for her flight. 1 year had past and Spencer decided to come back to Beverly Hills. Spencer arrived to the airport to her bro's house. She arrived and to saw Joe coming out of the garage.
" Wow you've gotten taller," she said running up to him.
" Spencer! You finally came back," he said, hugging her.
" So how is everyone?," asked Spencer.
" Well Natasha had a girl and she's cute, Ash is fine...and with Aiden," he said in a very low voice.
" Excuse me?"
" What? Uh, that! Umm yea...They're going out...," he said unsure.
" Well...oh...o..kay."
" should go inside..."
" Ok," Spencer said.
" Hey SPENCER!!," Natasha yelled.
" Umm..yea...hi...bye," she said going upstairs.
" I guess she is still mad at me." Spencer ran up to her room and looked everywhere for Ash's number. When she found it she immediately started texting her.

S: ur wit Aiden!!
A: Spencer?
S: Hi ash
A: omg when did u get back!! :^)
S: today, now dont change the subject
A: I hav a brother named jake
S: R U serious!!
A: yep he's kinda cute maybe u 2
S: ha yeah right now u, aiden, talk!!
A: well
S: ASH!!
A: what you've been gone and I haven't decided on guys or girls
S: But ASH!!
A: look when u left evryone changed Spence including me. Plus when u left u didn't make my decision easier.
S: im srry 4 tht
A: u know i still love u
S: i know tht ok i luv u 2 i just don't know in what way
A: i understand tht and if u dont choose me i hope we can still be friends
S: of course im always gonna need u
A: same here
S: so can u visit
A: DUH!! ill come over now
S: k bye
A: bye

Ten minutes later Ashley arrived at Spencer's house. When Spencer opened the door they looked at each other for 5 seconds then gave each other a enormous hug.
" I've missed you so much," Ashley said.
" I've missed you too," she said holding her hand.
" So, have you really decided who you want to be with cause Aiden is probably only with me for the sex which he ain't so happy about," Ashley said sitting on the couch.
" What you mean?," asked Spencer.
" Well when you left I haven't been the same I've been lonely even though all my friends were here, but my best friend wasn't you get it. I just wanted to be left alone for a long time and of course boytoy over there didn't like that."
" Sorry if I made you depress," Spencer said resting her head on her lap," I just needed a break."
" It's okay actually I became more depress when I went back with Aiden after your brother," Ashley said passing her hand on Spencer's head.
" You went out with Joe."
" Yep."
" What happened?"
" He wanted more then to be friends with benefits," she said," That's all me and Aiden have."
" Why?"
" Cause I don't my heart to be broken again," she said. Spencer stood up and gave her another hug and a small peck on the lips.
" Does this mean you've decided," Ashley said.
" Yeah I have," she said," I want us to only be friends, but maybe at certain moments we could have benefits."
" I'm okay with that. I just have one question. Can one of those moments be now?," she said standing in front of her.
" It's up to you." Ashley leaned in and kissed Spencer passionately.
" I missed that," Ashley said.
" Same here," Spencer said.
" I didn't," Aiden said from the doorway.
" Aiden relax okay," Ashley said.
" No Ash at least I know who she chose," he said.
" She didn't choose me you dufus," she said.
" Aiden," Spencer said.
" Hi Spencer," he said with an emotionless face.
" You still don't forgive me for my decision a year ago do you," she said.
" No I don't. Come on Ash," he said. Spencer looked at Ashley and waved goodbye.
" See you tomorrow at school," Ashley said giving her another hug.
" Okay see you then." When Spencer got to school she had to change all her classes again. She had more classes with Joe and Ashley than she did with Aiden. During lunch Spencer sat by herself since Aiden was with Ashley and Joe was with the team, Adriana who is getting married was with Jacob her fiance', and Natasha hasn't come back to school since the baby. Natasha decided to get her GED and not return to school. Spencer felt the same way as when she first got to Beverly Hills except Joe and her sister were there now she had no one. Ashley signaled Spencer to come over, but Aiden told her to stop. Ashley got pissed and left Aiden to sit with Spencer.
" You okay I mean everyone was staring at you and you were sitting here alone," Ashley said.
" Yeah I'm fine. You should go Aiden looks mad," Spencer replied.
" Oh forget him he just jealous as usual he just doesn't like me talking to you," she said.
" Why?"
" He probably just upset that he ain't the center of attention forget about him," she said.
" So Joe is throwing me a welcome back party which means half the people I don't even know are gonna come. Are you coming?," she asked.
" DUH!"
" Aiden?," Spencer asked looking down.
" Umm..well yeah he's coming with me, but I've decided to break it off with him because it's kinda obvious he ain't inlove with me. I mean I see how he looks at you he tries to hate you, but I know he can't so we've decided to be friends," Ashley said.
" Are you sad about that cause I mean I feel like it's my fault?," Spencer asked.
" No I'm cool I mean we were supposed to be friends, but you two you guys are supposed to be together," Ashley said.
" I don't know I mean I really hurt him, both of you and you forgave me, but I don't think he can," Spencer said.
" Don't worry he'll forgive you. Maybe at the party he'll do more than forgive," Ashley said poking her.
" Stop," she said giggling," That is not gonna happen."
" Are...are you a virgin," Ashley asked. Spencer nodded with her head down.
" Holy crap!," Ashley yelled loud. Everyone turned to Ashley with confused faces.
" ASH! Shut it," Spencer said to her.
" Sorry. Come on we need to talk," Ashley said dragging her towards her car. They went to Ashley's house and talked about sex since Ashley had more experience than Spencer.
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