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F / *bunnyland*
Posted 12/18/08 , edited 12/18/08

phame wrote:

bunnybee wrote:

phame wrote:

good luck

wish me luck

*wait patiently to get a Christmas items, and smile*

if you make 1000 spam messages in the CR08 Spamroom. We will create your Christmas08 Level 70 items.
If you don't we will not make any designs for the fairy ........

WHAT??!!!! 1000 spam hue...... hard. well, let see what I can do in this short time, beside warping present, decorating tree, roll over x'mas decoration, preparing x'mas feast, booking ticket to back home, beging for Xmas holiday from boss, choosing m'mas songs,sending cards, calling friends, rehears x'mas dance,..... etc... etc......
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