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Posted 11/7/08 , edited 11/7/08
This is the place where you can share jokes!
They can me of your own kind
or something you heard from someone else that you thought was really funny.
Have Fun!
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Joke of the Day:
Posted 11/9/08 , edited 11/9/08
XP funny!!!! hahahaha

well here's mine( i hope pictures count as jokes 2 cause this one's awesome =p):

Posted 11/13/08 , edited 11/13/08

omgee nice one!
i literally jumped like 2 feet loll

Posted 11/27/08 , edited 11/27/08
yay here's the best joke!!!! it just belongs here!! XP

hottie's lovely avii XP don't get why she didn't like it this way heh heh heh
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