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Posted 11/7/08 , edited 11/8/08
this story has 5 chapters now. but I'll just post the prologue here. for all the other chapters here's the link
u can review here or there ^^

Title: ‘Bodyguard’
Author: Miyo-chan02
Anime/Manga: Gakuen Alice/Alice Academy
Pairing: Natsume x Mikan
Disclaimer: Gakuen Alice is not mine. Some characters are, (Mau and Yurina)
Before anything else: This story's genre(s) is Humor/Romance but the first two chapters (prologue in Mikan's POV and in Natsume's POV) would probably sound like drama.

(Mikan’s POV)

I saw a crimson-eyed boy. He was about my age and some kids we’re throwing rocks at him. But he isn't fighting back. He should learn to defend himself! Not knowing anything, not thinking what could happen, I stepped in and started to defend him.
‘Hey! What are you doing!?’ I shouted.
The kids sounded surprised.
But they just laughed at me then started to throw rocks again.
I was so furious that I threw rocks at them as well.
Good thing that they we’re just babies who will cry to their mommies.
After ‘rock throwing’ I decided to face the boy.
‘You know, you should defend yourself.’ I said.
‘I can’t.’ He simply said.
I really didn’t know what to say next, what if there's a reason behind his "I can't".
I am just 6 years old back then. I’m too innocent to know what I should or should not do.
I said ‘Then I’ll protect you’
I gave him the biggest smile I ever had.

‘A dream?’ the words that escaped my mouth as I woke up.
As I looked at my wrist watch, shock and panic was pasted all over my face.
’11:57! Almost midnight?!’ I gasped.
I quickly left the party after saying a quick farewell to my friends, completely forgetting about the dream.
‘This is a party for Mikan. She’s gonna be transferring to a new school. Well, we won’t see her until she graduates.’ Mau announced.
‘So Mikan, you’re the princess tonight. We’ll do all the things you wanna do.’ Yurina added.
We played some games, ate all the food and did other fun stuff. After that, all I wanna do was to sleep. As I sat on a couch and slowly closed my eyes.
-end of flashback-

Down the dark streets, I walked alone.
No public vehicles passing by.
‘Mom’s probably worried now’ I thought.
I started to run. I wanna go home as soon as possible.
Then, I felt that I am not alone.
Someone’s watching me, a meter or two away from me.
Then those meters turned to centimeters.
That ‘someone’ grabbed me from behind and placed a handkerchief near my nose.
Forcing the scent of a sleeping drug to enter my nostrils.
My eyelids started to feel heavy then… I fainted.
As I opened my eyes, all I saw was a white ceiling above me.
‘Mikan?’ someone called.
Then I found out, it’s mom, her face with despair.
Mom hugged me tightly.
After I left the hospital.
‘Mikan, we need to talk.’ Mom suddenly called sitting on the couch.
I sat on the other couch.
‘I hired you a bodyguard’ she simply said.
‘Wh-what?!’ of course that would be my initial reaction.
‘This is for your safety Mikan.’ Mom said with her worried face.
I sighed.
‘I don’t want to and I don’t need one.’ I insisted in my mind.
Then a question mark popped out of my mind.
‘How did I end up in the hospital?’ I thought.
'No arguments.' Mom said sending me back to my senses.
‘Mom.’ I called.
She stood before me, raising an eyebrow.
‘I’ll accept about the bodyguard, but can I meet him on my second week of classes.’ I said with crossed fingers at my back.
Mom seemed to give it a deep thought..
‘Okay then.’ she simply said.
‘But why?’ she followed.
‘I just want to enjoy my first week with no one following me around.’ I lied.
Mom just smiled at me.
I myself, didn't know why I asked her that.

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Posted 11/7/08 , edited 11/8/08

(Natsume’s POV)

Those kids we’re throwing rocks to me this time. I was used to it. If only I hadn’t made that promise. I promised to Aoi that I won’t fight anymore. She was very worried seeing me when I get home filled with bruises. It’s not that I want to fight. It’s just that some kids are starting fights with me. Now, because of that promise, I’m like a coward who doesn’t fight back. Then a girl suddenly appeared before me.
‘Hey! What are you doing!? ’she shouted
I knew that those kids would just laugh at her, so they did and they threw rocks at her as well.
‘She shouldn’t have stepped in.’ I thought annoyed.
Then suddenly, she threw rocks at them too.
Just as I thought, those kids would run away when you attack them.
Then she faced me. For some reason, I can’t look at her in her eyes. Maybe the fact that, she was able to fight back.
‘You know, you should defend yourself.’ She said.
‘I can’t’ I simply said.
She seemed silent for a while.
Then she looked at me once again.
‘Then I’ll protect you’ she said wearing a smile

After that day, I decided to protect a girl named Mikan Sakura. But after that day, I didn’t see her anymore. It’s been almost 5 years.
Then just now, I saw her. At first I thought that maybe it was just an imagination but.
‘Bye Mikan! We’ll call you later!’ a girl shouted.
Now this really caught my attention.
I followed her.
As I turned to the right, I saw her unconscious in the arms of a man.
I didn't know if he really is a kidnapper, but seeing her in that state, I don't know what else should I do.
So I stepped in and beat him up.
But after doing that, I didn't know what to do to her. I didn't even know where she lived.
I did the best thing I can do. I checked her bag and hoped to see contact numbers.
Luckily, I found one.
It said mom, so most probably, it's her mom's number.
Using my cellphone, I contacted her mom.
'Thank you. I don't know what else I can do to repay you.' her mom said.
'No problem.' I simply said leaving the hospital.
I really didn't want to talk to her. Maybe because I don't know what to say.
I slept under a tree at my school.
I always quit class, cause all day, fangirls would stare at me and faint later on. Some would even have nosebleed and I really found it annoying.
And I knew everything the teacher's taught.
I could easily pass the exam even I didn't attend their classes.
I was not alone.
My friend Ruka was with me, and his rabbit.
He's an animal lover so he always carries it, but it doesn't bother me so it's okay.
'Natsume..' Ruka suddenly called.
I looked at him with a raised eyebrow.
'You seem different today.'
'What do you mean?' I asked facing the other way.
'By this time, you should be sleeping. But now, you seem to be thinking of something. Did something happen yesterday?'
'No it's nothing.'
'Oh anyway, have you heard of a new student. I think she's gonna be transferring the day after tomorrow.'
For some reason, that got my attention.
'I see.'
Then suddenly, my phone rang.
Seeing the number calling, I find it familiar.
I answered it.
'Excuse me. You're the boy from yesterday right?' the woman on the other line asked.
I didn't answer.
'I'm Yuka. We talked in the hospital yesterday. Don't you remember.' she asked.
'I remember.' I simply said with a flat voice which I always used
'May I ask you a favor?' she said in a hesitant way.
'Will you please...'
My eyes widened hearing those words from her.
Then we ended our talk.
'Why do you look surprised?' Ruka asked with a worried expression.
'Nothing to worry about. I was just hired to a new job.' I simply said leaving.
'Will you please be the bodyguard of my daughter?'
'You see I can't find someone else.'
'Really?! But don't you attend school?'
'Yes I attend.'
'Oh sorry. I guess I'll just look for someone else. Sorry about that.'
'What's your daughter's school?'
'She's gonna be transferring to Alice Academy the day after tomorrow.'
'No problem. I'll do it.'
'It's okay.'
'Okay. I'll just double the payment.'
'No need to do that.'
'And, you can start the job on her second week. She asked me this favor.'
-end of flashback-

The second week huh?

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