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Name :Sage Isabella Vandraven
Age : 21 (Human Years) 113 (Vampire Years)

Sage is headstrong, stubborn, but also has a heart of gold. But one person you don't mess around with. Currently being saved by Sebastian and having second thoughts with Damon and Lucian. Also Dante's favorite new daughter.

Favorite Books : Don't Have One. I Read Anything Good and that captures my interest.

TV Shows : Moonlight, Heroes, Gossip Girl, Eleventh Hour, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Criss Angel : Mindfreak, The Vampire Diaries, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Dexter etc.

Movies: Horror Films, Queen Of the Damned, The Nightmare before Christmas, The Crow films, Repo the Genetic Opera etc. (Too Many to name)

Music: All Types of Music. Except Spanish

Movie Star Crush : Ian Somerhalder

Quote : "Love is something eternal; the aspect may change, but not the essence."
-Vincent van Gogh

Name: Damon Connor
Age : 22 (Human Years) 115 (Hybrid Years)
Damon Connor, New York born hybrid (Revealed in the further chapters). Pack Leader, or fighter and lover. Damon is very cynical at times, he's also looking to change after all the tragedies. Damon is very sarcastic, sweet at times. Hopeless Romantic, Random, Procrastinator. Currently trying to date Sage Vandraven and fight her bodyguard Sebastian Nero or trying to one up Lucian .

Favorite Books : Relic by: Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child , The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, or Anything good or that captures my interests.

TV Shows : Wresting, Burn Notice or Anything on T.V. that captures my interest

Movies : All Star Wars Movies, Indiana Jones Films, Sweeney Todd : The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street, Repo The Genetic Opera, Across The Universe and Horror or Comedy.

Music: Anything expect Spanish music.

Movie Star Crush : Megan Fox

Quote :May The Force Be With You - Stars Wars

Name: Sebastian Nero

Age : 22 (Human Years) Unknown in Guardian Years

Sebastian Nero is Sage's personal butler and bodyguard, they are bounded by contract. Sebastian is a perfectionist at anything he does. Sebastian is very close to Sage and has known her for 21 years. After her parents died,he made a contract with her and started watching over her ever since.During the years Sebastian grew an infatuation towards her, leading to many obstacles that come in their way. Sebastian's contract mark is located his on right wrist, and Sage's mark is the located on the nape of her neck (which is always covered).

Favorite Books : Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, The Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, Les Misérables by Victor Hugo, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson etc. Anything Dark.

TV Shows : House, Law & Order : SVU, CSI : Miami and NY, My Own Worst Enemy, True Blood.

Movies : Sin City, Pulp Fiction, Casablanca, The James Bond Films anything new or old.

Music : Classical Music or I Am Ghost

Movie Star Crush : Rachel McAdams

Quote : While I thought that I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to die. - Leonardo Da Vinci

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28 / F / Death City
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Mansion Love (Alternate Characters)

Mick - Sage's older brother, the fighter and playboy from New York

Laci - The middle sister with a heart of gold and the Doctor to be

Hayley - Young and the punk rocker at heart with a magical sense

Kara - Party girl and the 3rd oldest

Gregory - Sebastian's Best Friend

Lazarus - Insane and Evil

More to come.. Keep reading and take notes..
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