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Post Reply Do you consider Tai Chi a martial art?
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34 / M / In your dreams...
Posted 12/14/08 , edited 12/14/08

WolvenDragoon wrote:
I just have two things to say; One is more a personal observation.

Martial arts as near as I can tell are designed for making one's body and mind better in combat as well as everyday situations. From what I have seen of tai chi practiced it is indeed a martial art in every sense of the term. If one takes the moves used in it and uses them rapidly you come out with a very effeceint style that makes very little extra movements. Personally I believe any form of form of conditioning using a series of movements that aid in focusing the mind as well as enhancing the body is a martial art.

As to weapons well, a weapon is technically anything that can be used to harm, maim, and/or kill a creature or person. Therefore the human body Is a weapon, it is just most a far less effective one than say a knife or even a tree branch.

On martial arts, I can understand the consideration of arts that aim to aide in combat a martial art as that is along the same lines as something that was designed for combat.

As for weapons, a weapon is clearly defined as an object that was designed to injure or kill.
While we can use something that is not a weapon as a weapon, that does not make it itself a weapon. It does make it a weapon in use. Example; If I use a butter knife as a weapon, in the duration of the use or intended use of the object, it can be considered a weapon. However aside that it cannot be construed as a weapon by itself. Otherwise everything would be considered a weapon which would undermine the uses the object was designed for.

If anything that can be used to harm or kill was considered a weapon, then anyone holding mundane objects as a coffee cup or a rolled up newspaper would be immediately considered brandishing a weapon and thus in the act of conspiracy to commit assault. See what I mean?

So sure if you're using something as a weapon, for the duration of it's use or intended use it can be considered a weapon, but not aside that.

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Posted 12/15/08 , edited 12/25/08
tia chi is a martial art it started off as one and is still today even though it has been broken down in america as something useless(like everything else). it is still maintained and very effectively used in china as it was meant to be.

tia chi is used to stabilize and focus your body, mind, and soul.
tia chi is used to over power your opponent with his on fores will exhausting little of yours
tia chi is used to make all strikes effective and deadly
tia chi is a very powerful art if learned correctly
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31 / M / step into my world
Posted 1/25/10 , edited 1/25/10
to me .. taichi is a martial art..though it's unseen because others dont like tradition its fine.. ppl may see it as a classical mess.. but even the classics where classic.. for a great reason.. to have lasted so long she's its longevity..
taichi to me is a great martial art.. the mma of china back then?:) mb.. even before bagua..
but think about it.. the kungfu back then did use strikes, manipulations, takedowns... and accord it with weaponry..

slow movements that diminish imperfections, and increase your energy(harnessing), strengthening?
shifting energy, bouncing off, and relocating it.. even push hands, or solo meditation is great even hard..
I would do chisau with my friend.. and he would show me a thing or two.. like the cannon fist.. or a new way to use the energy to uppercut, or push.. use the push.. use chin na..

its a treasure.. but seriously for something ppl think is nothing check the application..
mb they're secretly subconsciously training for selfdefense..
training spirit..

p.s. i wud love to have met sigung sun lu-tang! wow man! a legend!
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Posted 7/4/14 , edited 7/5/14
It is a martial art cause of the movement learned in tai chi the movements are ment to teach you about turning your enemy's novements agents them the way I see it is that tai chi is a form of counter attacking martial art cause iv seen it used in a private practice where I live and its quiet beautiful to see it from what Iv seen in that practice I watched its all about leting ur enemy make the moves and you counter and control the fight
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