Junjou Egoist Competition
Posted 11/8/08 , edited 11/8/08

The Junjou Egoist Competition!

You heard right! It's a Junjou Egoist Competition~

EH!?! What do I have to do?!
Simply, write a short story OR poem that has something to do with Junjou Egoist.
Minimum of 150 words and maxiumum of 500 words

Hmmm...What's the catch?
Nothing big BUT
the word ego and egoist must appear in your short story/poem.

...What do i get for this?
It's a secret. but it's has something to do with Junjou Romantica~~

So how do i enter??
PM me with your entry. The subject line should be:
Junjou Egoist Competition.
I'll give you an entry number once i've received your story/poem.

When does the competition close??
You got until December 6 to do this.
People who submitted entries during Dec 1 - 5 won't receive an entry number
because I won't be home for a week *school camp*. But don't fret!
You'lll get yours on the day after~

Thing's you should take note
Don't submit stories/poems that is not YOURS.
Please, please, PLEASE keep this G - NC17. Keep in mind there are younger members around here.
Oh yeah i forgot to mention, the winner's entry will be posted!
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