Crunchyland V2 Badges
Posted 11/8/08 , edited 11/8/08
Hello there are Crunchyland V2 Badges now! But you only can get the Crunchyland V2 Badges when you have completed the badges of Crunchyland V1 [11 badges required].

But this time we'll begin with new badges! And a new Spamroom V2!

30 spam messages = badge 1
130 spam messages = badge 2
230 spam messages = badge 3
380 spam messages = badge 4
580 spam messages = badge 5
850 spam messages = badge 6
1100 spam messages = badge 7

Badge 1: Master Eyes Badge [info: You posses three eye techniques]

Badge 2: Earth Mastery Badge [info: You have mastered your Earth Elements to 70%]

Badge 3: Ice Mastery Badge [info: You have mastered your Ice Elements to 70%]

Badge 4: Sun Mastery Badge [info: You have mastered your Fire Elements to 100% and you are able to absorb powers from the sun]

Badge 5: Game Master Badge [info: You are the Master of Games]

Badge 6: Pervert Badge [info: You are Ecchi :$:$]

Badge 7: Darkness Badge [info: You are no longer the person you was before]
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