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now after alot of eps...its time 2 choose your favorite moment! here r the categories u can give ur favorite moment 2

favorite couple moment: [make sure u tell wat couple it is lol]
most memorable:
funniest moment:
saddest moment:
most obvious moment:
biggest surprise:
coolest part:
most boring moment:

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my favorite moments!

favorite couple: AMUTO! wen ikuto licks the ice cream or wen hes sleeping on her bed
most memorable: when utau finally transforms to the angel
funniest moment: tadase in a skirt
saddest moment: when the old queen (now new jack..i cant spell his name) leaves
most obvious moment: every time amu heals an egg
biggest surprise: lulu's power (its pretty strong lol)
coolest part: wen amu n ikuto were about 2 unlock the humpty lock (2 bad they dont)
most boring moment: fillers xD lik the ep wit yaya's bro
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hurry n choose ^^
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most memorable: When Ikuto kisses Amu (FINALLY.) Hee-hee x)
funniest moment: Icecream episode! Hahaha xD
saddest moment: When little Ikuto was crying :'(
most obvious moment: When Amu goes to bed and finds Ikuto in her bed!
biggest surprise: Utau and Ikuto being siblings xD
coolest part: When Ikuto transforms into Black Lynx! ;D
most boring moment: All Tadamu momments!
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favorite couple moment: Amuto (bed scene, hug, ep 3 moment) and Tadamu (the confession, when he protected Amu in ep 99) and Takuto [IkutoxTadase if you don't know] (episode 97 on a whole, especially when little Tadase was running after little Ikuto)
most memorable: Any IkutoxTadase scenes (battles, ep 97...)
funniest moment: Tadase in a skirt xD
saddest moment: When Tadase showed up at Amu's house and found out about Ikuto staying there (whoever didn't feel sorry for Tadase has no emotion :P)
most obvious moment: When an X-egg shows up, you know Amu will always purify it T__T
biggest surprise: Ikuto and Utau being siblings (I guess skipping most of the episodes up to 29 made it more surprising)
coolest part: Ikuto as Death Rebel attacking with that scythe, Tadase using Royal Sword/Holy Saber for the first time, Amulet Diamond using Starlight Navigation, Amu/Tadase using Platinum Heart... basically all those cool attacks!
most boring moment: Fillers/boring X-egg speeches
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