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I was walking alone in the woods the wind was blowing leaves in my face and his grip was getting tighter and tighter with every breath I took. I felt his breath on my neck then I heard footsteps in back of me. My eyes were still close but, I immediately opened them when his grip went away. I turned around saw him with a smirk on his face. He saw only fear in my eyes. When I stared into those red eyes I just felt like crying. I knew they existed I just didn't want to believe. These things! These monsters killed my parents I hated them. He just stared at me with those evil red eyes and and laughed. I could see he was about to leap at me but, when he did he just was sliced in half with fire in his eyes. That scream I'll never forget it. All the pain and anger I saw in his eyes were unbelieveable. He just turned into dust and behind him was the most beautiful yet terrifing vampire I have ever seen. He stared at me for a while then kneeled down beside me and carried me to a house in the woods. While he was well gliding me to the mysterious house I noticed that he had fangs and I tried to get loose from his grip but, he didn't let me go. I realized he was different he feel wanted my blood like the other monster he would of killed me in the woods I didn't understand him but, he was special to me.
I will never forget those eyes those red eyes that transformed into the most beautiful blue eyes. He carried me to a strange home I tried to escape, but couldn't get out of his grasp. He took her to a woman who takes in kids, but sadly I was the only one cause everyone else was already adopted. The woman looked like she knew him so I turned and asked him a question.
" Wha... what's your name?," I asked.
" I'm Artemis and you are," he replied.
" I'm Kaiori," I said looking into his eyes.
" Well Kaiori you are going to be staying here okay I'll stop by once in a while to check up on you k," Artemis said kneeling down beside me. A month later a boy named Angel came to stay with us, but he was attack by a vampire. We became close friends, but he not really the friendly kind of person, but he the only one I could trust besides Artemis. Anyway that was 4 years ago me and Angel have become more closer unlike me and Artemis who have drifted. We drifted a year ago when him and Angel were fighting. What was weird to me is the way Angel was fighting it was like he was not human. Did I menchen me and Artemis use to date and now I'm dating Angel. Ooops. Today I thought it was gonna be a normal day at school, but I was wrong. After school Artemis was there waiting for me by his car. Even though there are vampires they live normal worlds, but most of the vamps like me and Angel call them are rich flithy rich.
" What do you want Artemis," I said.
" I want to give you a ride," he said smirking.
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