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Posted 11/28/08 , edited 12/16/08
basic information:
name: Shinra Katsume
age: 15
grade: 1st year

personality: generaly happy, sometimes seeming reclusive, intelligent, kind&cruel
biography: Second daughter of the Katsume fifth branch, Shinra was brought up within the drider community which lives distant from other demons. She was raised as most others were, great education whith both book and blade, taught the common drider religioin of Niscism, and of course, the study of vampire slaying. Most driders hated vampires and Shinra was no exeption. She viewed vampires as Parasites that only live to harm others and should not be allowed to live. Shinra has enrolled in Nightmare High to continue her education and see the world beyond her own.

race: drider
ability: capable of making very real seeming illusions, superior strength.
weapon: A large lance that can retract into a more small managable object.
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Posted 11/29/08 , edited 4/26/09
basic information;
name: miysui
age: 15
grade: 2

personal information;
personality: daydreamer, mind easily blanks, slow at times, easily confused, not very social so gets nervous.
biography: Miysui was abandoned when she was a child at a park. After being abandoned, some random "scientists" you can say, took her in as an experiment. Thus, resulting in her vampire like ability. She is no longer in the facility because when they experimented on her; she went completely unconscious for hours. So they threw her out. She was at the age of 7, by then. Somewhat mysterious, she is usually seen sitting on trees or laying under one. Although she went through so much, she can easily smile and it is never fake :)

appearance/other information;
race: human~ (there arent many)
ability; rapidly heal/ generate.

weapon; hands, they could pierce into anything o.O
other; vampires love her blood~
Posted 11/30/08 , edited 11/30/08
okey am going to jump right in)

Name: Kikyo *

personal information;
personalities; strange, random, indifferent, she a knuckle head, very hyper-activated and timid.
biography:at a young age was abandon but still searching for her sister. She dont trust anybody.Has no friends. She like it that ways anyways; since no-one really knows her true forms. love high places. like to experience news thing. if want something she will do it; no regret!
appearance/other information
race: shapeshifter*
no-one know her true forms.
abilities; appilities to transform,very fast, psychic.

most common appearence.

weapon: none.....
Posted 12/1/08 , edited 3/27/09
basic information:
name: IANTHE (surname unknown)
age:18 in human years though she looks quite childlike !!
grade:3th year

Personality: Ianthe is a quiet/shy girl so she rarely speaks and is often seen with a book in her hands,she prefers to watch the plot unfold than to interfere!!Though she looks very child like she is considerably wise and witty ,more like a philosopher than a high school student.
But behind that soft exterior look she is quite grotesque,she likes bizarre and scary things!Basicly she's a Horror Otaku(so people often avoid her cuz of that,well that and she often talks in riddles and it's annoying)
Biography: Ianthe comes from a very rare species of demons,demons that control life energy itself,species very known to each culture but mostly called "Death gods".Primarily a species without a material body,
immune to death!Her father was the last ancient one ,who mated a non shinigami creature so she was very well concealed and spent most of her life in the depths of the underworld under her fathers reign hidden from all others of her kind!

appearance/other information;
race; "Death god"
-Control over life energy(can transfer energy into a non living material and control it)
-Energy blasts(can make shields or attacks out of energy)
-heighten senses
-gifted eyes-sight over life and death
-resistance to pain
-Can create illusions
-Can create wings(can you guess what she can do with that?)

A giant doll designed just for her and packed with lots of weapons!!
(activates by creating a arcane circle)

Human form:
In her human form she is pale and has Really strange eyes(sometimes glowing)
and always has a old pendant around her neck(connects her to this ream,due to the fact that she's a death god she has no soul and no material existence).

Demon form:
In her real form she has pointy ears,eyes in which her eye whites are black,long black nails/claws,and occult markings
all over her body,she also has a strange Armour/robe and a ornament on her head which is covered
with purple/black straps(do you see the symbolic of the strings/straps?)
unlike any of her kind her robe is the color white(also symbolic,she is not a typical shinigami)


The name;
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28 / F / hell
Posted 12/1/08 , edited 12/2/08
basic information;
name: Yume Hamanaka
age: 15
grade: 1st year

personal information;
personality: kind, except to those who hurt her and when she loses control
biography: The Hamanakas are the rulers of hell. Their parents are Hades and Persphone. Yume was the last to be born, but before her were Tatsuki(brother) and Miki(sister). Her brother took over the throne, but there is a war going on between them and their uncle, Satan(who makes hell a living...well...hell). Tatsuki sent Yume to this school for her to stay out of harms way since the gaurds have treated her badly all her life

appearance/other information;
race; elf/vampire/demon/human mixed with some witches blood from her elven days
ability; controls water, ice, and darkness as well as her friends/sevants Kori, Shadow, and Umi(all wolves) and shadows and umis kids
Human: pale skin, red eyes, black hair
Demon/lost control: same but with wings
weapon; any kind
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Posted 12/2/08 , edited 12/3/08
basic information;
name: natsumi
age: 15
grade: 1st

personal information;

personality: shy, cold, but very nice once you get to know her
biography: she was born as a really special vampire that had a family with tremendous power. she had a brother, mom and dad. her family were all pure blood but natsumi was special. she had bright blue eyes that could see right through creatures of all kinds. by doing so she could know what their feelings were and know what they are thinking even when they didn't think of it themselves yet. they other vampires were very jealous of there powers and tried to over rule them and take the powers themselves but natsumi saw right through them and told her family. her parents were outraged and killed the ones that thought that they could kill them. but then a vampire with dark red eyes appeared out of nowhere. it surprised everyone since nobody sensed him coming, not even the pure blood family. everyone was scared of his powerful aura as he drifted toward them. but then he stoped and lifted his hand. everyone was staring at him wondering what he would do. natsumi tried to use her powers to see what he was thinking but she couldnt. this frighten her his arua was blocking her from knowing. then the vampire with one swoop of his hand killed both her mom and dad before they could even flinch. her brother was mad, he charged at him with everything he got and told natsumi to run and to never come back and dont try to fight this beast. the vampire didnt even look at him and killed him without even moving. natsumi eyes widen at seeing the death of her family, she picked up her weapon but remembering what her brother said, her tears started running down her face and started running after seeing her family dead on the ground. she ran as fast as she could until she became tired and fell unconscious. she knew that she will someday get revenge for her family but just had to flee for now. but she lived alone for thousands of years, hiding and moving until she ended up in the front of the school, after being caught in a war between different vampire clans. she was unconscious and lost her memory of what happened in the fight and how she ended up in front of the school unharmed with a golden pendant. all she remembered was a tall slim vampire with golden eyes that appeared in front and protected her from the vampire with the red eyes, the one that killed her family, but of her everything else was a blur. she was then adopted by rich humans that saw her lying on the streets, and after they died natsumi inherited all their wealth.
appearance/other information;
race: demon (vampire)
ability: abnormal speed, creating a shield, controlling minds of others, reading minds
weapon: a scythe
Other: idk ill think of something to add
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