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Posted 12/21/07 , edited 12/21/07
maybe yuki will turn into a vampire cos kaname did bite her rite???? sho it's possible tt she turn into a vampire queen............ but i realli hope tt yuki don't turn into a vampire
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Posted 12/30/07 , edited 12/30/07
i think that Yuki will tell Kaname off i hope so
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Posted 2/24/08 , edited 2/24/08
from another forum in this group...

lauyiling wrote:

maybe kaname does confess to yuuki and all..
but she rejects..
instead, chose to go with zero..
but zero falls to a level E..
maybe he doesnt..
but shows signs of it..
yuuki doesnt knw wht to do..
make a pact with kaname..
in the end,
zero dies, kaname gets sacrificed and yuuki lives in guilt, regret and solitude.

i can agree this might be true..... sound to me like a VERY possible ending. but, in accordance with the author's stories,of of which have happy endings,this might not turn out to be a sad ending after all. then again,she had said that this is going to be a "serious" manga,so i think we can be sure of a sad,at least unresolved ending for some characters...
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