What did you think about GTA4
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What did you guys think about GTA4? I honestly thought it sucked. After a few hours of playing it you figure its going to be driving to missions,calling people and playing online. It was really hard to play due to fact they only teach you auto aim in the game and no free aiming and when it was night I couldn't even see a freaking door. Espically on the Sniper missions. I hate how everything you do makes the cops come. Even if you get lit on fire by accident you get 1 star.
The only fun thing is killing people after you finished the game. I also hate how you only heal by eating crap and getting health kits and crap. And theres not enough of those. Also what I hate the most about the game is when you start it up you have to look at those ****ing pictures.
Also that you fly like a ragdoll. Cars are useless in the game unless you collect them but eventually your going to forget to save and you drive a special car and it gets flipped or stuck or falls in the water. The online was fun but whats with the starting crap? Can't it automaticly start? Does there really need to be a ****ing host? If there isn't it takes forever to start. I never figured if the online starts auto or host begins it. Also that driving online is the hardest thing you can do and aim at the same time. I have alot more to complain about but I don't want to say that much about it
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GTA IV got rid of the wonderful hilarious overtones that were in the previous games. Those are also the reason I played GTA games. I hear Saints Row to has the fun GTA used to have. Also, why make this thread after now? It's been like forever since it came out.

Oh, and... http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/zero-punctuation/312-Saints-Row-2 - That's wherer I heard it from.
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Grand Theft Auto 4

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