Characters you LOVE to HATE...
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Posted 11/9/08 , edited 11/9/08
This forum does not spread hate, but acknowledge the power of playing the villian or annoying character in the drama as opposed to the victim or heart throb everyone usually sympathizes and love....

Think Snow White. She's the victim that won the heart of so many fairy tale lovers. But what about the villian of the story. Personally I think Snow White is a boring and dry character... but the stepmother who was out to kill her??? Her character was much more interesting. I LOVE to HATE the stepmother.

Now apply it the dramas you have watched.

Drama: Ikebukuro West Gate Park
LOVE to HATE: Takashi (King of G-Boys) played by Kubozuka Yosuke
Why: He is neither the good guy nor the worst guy... but his character is so fun to watch.

Drama: Nobuta Wo Produce
LOVE to HATE: Kusano Akira played by Yamapi
Why: He's that annoying guy that always follow Kuritani Shuji (Kame) around... but his character is probably the most challenging character in this drama. Yamapi was too cute as Akira to hate. I absolutely loved to hate the character... but I think I loved it a lot more.

Drama: Seigi No Mikata
LOVE to HATE: Nakata Makiko played by Yamada Yu
Why: Although I really like Shida and Kanata.... Yamada had the best and most interesting character in this drama. I loved to hate her wicked ways.
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