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Posted 11/9/08 , edited 11/10/08
Welcome to the op, onigiri point(s), store. Here you will be rewarded with gifts for your good behavior. Go here to view your op and see what you can do to receive op.

***Note: Please copy the words exactly how it is shown after the words "Form-" and before _ ***

Gifts and Its Form:
+Name-Your Avi
Cost-10 op
Description-If you want an avi from me then you may receive one! This is only for you though, if it's for a friend then we have a different gift you may buy. The avi will have an image provided by you (that will be edited by me) and it will have your username or name/nickname somewhere on it. Nothing more than that because if you ask for something special it may be too big for me to handle XD
Form-|l Your Avi l|
Image (in a spoiler please)-
Which One? (username or name/nickname, if name/nickname then please tell me what it is)-_

+Name-Gift Delivery
Cost-10 op
Description-If you have a friend who has been nice to you or you want to give a friend a gift then you may buy a gift delivery. I will make it and send it to your friend through pm to make it special. The gift will have an image that you will provide (not too small nor too big) and it will have a pastel rainbow background and it will say the words you would like to say.
Form-|l Gift Delivery l|
Image (in a spoiler please)-
Username of Person Receiving Gift (make it exact please)-_
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