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A Magical Night

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21 / F / at my house lazin...
Posted 11/9/08 , edited 8/3/10
Blue = Character taken
Purple = Character open
Orange = A Knighted Servant OR a Royal Keion that is NOT open

NOTE: We have started this RP, but WE ARE STILL TAKING CHARACTERS , so, if you wish to become part of this RP, please fill out the form below.


There are seven magical creatures that govern seven hidden kingdoms on Earth. Each kingdom has a population made up of creatures and beings created by the Seven Guardians, the governors of the Seven Kingdoms.

The Seven Kingdoms used to be peaceful places where strangers could come and relax. However, they are now places of unease, for they have been invaded by the Dark Knights. The Dark Knights are seven warriors (female and male) that have come from a planet called Esperan, and they've come to Earth because they are jealous of its beauty and wish to destroy said 'beauty'.

The Seven Guardians are now forced to defend their Kingdoms against the onslaught the Dark Knights have brought, which includes attacks by the Knights’ creations, the Knighted, a legion of undead monsters made by using the corpses of the Knights’ victims. In order to defend their people from these beings, the Seven Guardians have been pushed so far that they’ve now joined forces. Only together will they be able to save the people of Earth. However, it will not be easy, for the Dark Knights have taken over many northern countries, and from their domains more and more Knighted come everyday.

Luckily, the Seven Guardians have found a way to destroy the Knighted, and save the souls of those used in their making. However, in order to do so, the Seven Guardians must choose who they wish to protect more: the people of Earth, or the people of the Seven Kingdoms, beings that they poured their hearts into creating and protecting.


Ayu, Angel of Light ~ Guardian of the 1st Kingdom, the Kingdom of Morning

Hana, the Fairy of Beauty ~ Guardian of the 2nd Kingdom, the Kingdom of Sparkle

Aria, the Mermaid of Elegance ~ Guardian of the 3rd Kingdom, the Kingdom of Water

Akira, the Timid Catgirl ~ Guardian of the 4th Kingdom, the Kingdom of Riches; has a cat's ears and tail

Yume, the Singer of Harmony ~ Guardian of the 5th Kingdom, the Kingdom of Song

Shana, the Princess of Love ~ Guardian of the 6th Kingdom, the Kingdom of Life

Kirera, the Ani-chang (Animal Changeling) ~ Guardian of the 7th (and last) Kingdom, the Kingdom of Laughter; can transform into different animals, can also control animals


Alissandra ~ The Sixth Dark Knight; the Knight of Deception

Mia ~ The Dark Knight of Pure Moonlight

Ruben ~ The First Dark Knight; the Knight of Haste

Zane(/Aleph) ~ The Dark Knight of Death


Byaku ~ An Esperian who leads the Royal Keions, a group of Esperians that are enemies to the Dark Knights and Guardians alike.

Kaila ~ A soldier who fights under Byaku.

Keiko ~ A buff-looking female that fights for Byaku.

Renken ~ A boy with a connection to both Mia and Aria.

Shu ~ Mia's greatest foe.

Jinx ~ An Ex-Dark Knight turned Keion; faced off against Aliss, but lost and was handed over to the other Keions; current whereabouts unknown


Sith ~ Alissandra's personal Knighted servant

Admir ~ One of Alissandra's many minor Knighted servants; can transform at will

Levi ~ Mia's personal Knighted servant

Kalorn ~ Ruben's personal Knighted servant

Zell ~ Zane's personal Knighted servant

Lucius ~ Raven's personal Knighted servant


Jasmine ~ Orphaned and abandoned as a child, she moved to the Kingdom of Love in order to be of service to its Guardian; eventually became one of Shana's servant

Natsume Shadowrebel ~ Double agent that works for both the Guardians and Dark Knights; known as an outlaw; has no allegiance to his home land, the Kingdom of Laughing

Mist Frost ~ Natsume's "sister"; also a double agent and partner of Natsume; has no allegiance to her home land, the Kingdom of Laughing

Yuji ~ Shana's close personal friend, as well as, one of her servants

Raven ~ She holds an unknown relationship to Aliss, the one she loathes with all her might; her main goal in life is to destroy Aliss

Lucia ~ Daughter of Lucifer, she currently resides over all of Esperan; is supposedly more powerful than Aliss, according to Sith

Waya Delvnegv ~ Leader of the Shadow Wolf Pack in the far Kingdom of Night; is a mix of both wolf and dark angel

Feel free to make your own character! If you do, he/she will be added to the Character List!!

If you wish to take part in the battle between the Seven Guardians and the Dark Knights, please fill out the form below.

Name (your character's name, not your username):
Age (can be any age):
Creature (can be a Guardian, Dark Knight, a Knighted, etc.):
Knighted Servant (this is a Dark Knight's personal Knighted servant):

[Please post a pic of your Knighted servant here, under his/her name. Only a Dark Knight may have a Knighted Servant.]

Kingdom (only fill out if you are a Guardian or from a Kingdom):
Picture 1 (Disguise mode, for when you wish to appear as a human)**:
Picture 2 (Real form, what you really look like)**:

**If you only have one form, which is your Real form but also the form you use for everything else, then you only have to post one (1) pic.

I'll start.

Name: Ayu
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Creature: Guardian--Angel of Light
Kingdom: Morning
Personality: Ayu is caring and never blames anyone for anything, even if it was originally their fault. She is pretty and popular for her kindness in the Angelic World.

Background: Ayu has both parents but they are both busy and was never home because they were on guard on another planet, leaving Ayu and younger sister Aya, left alone.

Picture 1 (Disguise mode):

Picture 2 (Real form):

Posted 11/9/08 , edited 4/23/10
Name: Shana
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Creature: The Princess of Love who protects the Kingdom of Life
Kingdom: Kingdom of Life
Personality: shes very kindhearted but is als very detirmined. when it comes to changing her mind shes very stubborn. shes a nice girl all around though and shes easy to get along with.
Background: was the first and only born of the king and queen of the kingdom of life. her parents are busy with running the kingdom so she doesnt see them much.

Picture 1 (Disguise mode):

Picture 2 (Real form):

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Posted 11/10/08 , edited 11/19/08
Name: Akira
Age: 15
Gender: female
Creature: cat-girl
Kingdom: Kingdom of riches
Personality: She is curious, hyper, loud, laid back, and lazy, but over all she is a good person to get along with. She is always seen with a peice of food in her mouth. she doesn't often show this until she opens up to people.
Background: Her parents are often out guarding other places so she rarely sees them. Because of this she is rarely in the house, exploring the kingdom.

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

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22 / F / Nowhere
Posted 11/11/08 , edited 3/23/09
Name: Alissandra a.k.a. Aliss
Age: 600 Esperan years, 17 human
Gender: Female
Creature: Dark Knight -- Knight of Deception
Knighted Servant: Sith

Personality: Has a dark humor, enjoys hunting (anybody and anything), and enjoys playing harmful (and sometimes deadly) pranks on others; she can also be absentminded, but she's never ignorant of a situation

Background: Alissandra does not know her parents, like many other Esperanians. At a young age, she proved to have an unimaginable power, along with an unmatched genius. However, though she is powerful and super smart, Alissandra loves to have fun...Well, her version of 'fun'. To others, Alissandra's 'fun' is 'terrible', 'horrendous', 'disgusting', and even 'childish', according to some. She is a dark spirit disguised as light. With this disguise she has caused the death of hundreds of thousands of humans, angels, fairies, etc.

Picture (Disguise Mode & Real Form):


Name: Ruben
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Creature: Dark Knight -- Knight of Haste
Knighted Servant: Kalorn

Personality: Gets angry quickly, but knows exactly whats he wants and will do anything to get it, so his anger never gets in his way. Hates Aliss and any of her Knighted Servants fervently.

Background: Unknown

Picture (Real Fom):

Posted 11/15/08 , edited 11/16/08
Name: Yume
Age: 14
Gender: female
Creature: The Singer of Harmony
Kingdom:the Kingdom of Song
Personality: naive but cute, inncoent, kind and hyper! lol o yea forgot she is also shy around people she doesn't know
Background: She lost her mother and has never seen her before so thats why she gets along with her dad really well even tho she gets along with him, her dad is busy most of the time. so she is lonely but she trys to put on these fake smile to cheer people up!
Picture 1 (Disguise mode, for when you wish to appear as a human)**:

Picture 2 (Real form, what you really look like)**:

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21 / F / at my house lazin...
Posted 11/18/08 , edited 11/19/08
I looked over at my kingdom and worried for its safety. I saw the people of my kingdom smile and laugh, and having fun. I had yet to tell them that the Dark Knights were coming. Esperan had always hated Earth, and Makiri, my home planet, the planet which holds all of the Magical Creatures. My people were Makirians that had come to live on Earth, or their ancestors had come ot live on Earth. The population of my kingdom was high, and I didn't want my people to freak out and go back to Makiri. Makiri was even more in danger than Earth, well at least it was, which was why people moved to Earth. But now, I was almost positive, that once the Dark Knights finished off Earth, or gave up on it, than Makiri would be their next target. And my people could not come back. I flew in the bright blue sky and looked down. I wonder, how all the other guardians were doing? I hadn't contacted with them yet, and I was still to young to know what to do next. My apprentice, Kira, slowly walked up to me.
"Ayu, have you told them yet?"
"No, I haven't. But I have no intention of doing so. I am going to protect this Kingdom no matter what, so I won't make them worry."
"Ayu, are you sure that-"
"I'm positive, Kira."
But inside, I wasn't.
Posted 11/18/08 , edited 11/19/08
i yawned and woke up in my bed in the castle of the Kingdom of Life i quickly stretched and was met by the bright morning sun. i was still half asleep but i got up, still in my pajamas and walked over to the window that let me look at out my kingdom. i knew that my peple has gone to earth little by litte because of the thret the black nights posed against us. i scanned my kingdom and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. i got dressed in my normal cloths and walked downstairs. i was met by one of my friends Yuij, he had been one of my closest friends since i was really young, he was the one who played with me and kept me from being bored. i hugged yuji and he hugged back. then we let go and he asked me "hows it goin with being one of the guardians of the kingdoms? everythings good so far i hope?" i shook my head "im still worried aboiut those dark knights. if afraid of what will happen if they attack our planet or even planet earth, some of our peopel are there too" i sighed. "its okay, u and the others will figure out something, i know you will" yuji said and smiled reassuringly. i smiled back but my smile was more of a nervous one.
Posted 11/18/08 , edited 11/19/08
I walked out into the sunlight
Such a peaceful day I said with a sigh
The sun light was beautiful as a sun flower and everybody was have a great time like always
I frowned
I hope the dark nights wont interfere with us
those dark nights are damned I said as I clenched my fist
I looked up into the sky and wonder how was the other kindoms doing
I flew around the kingdom to see if any thing or anyone needed help

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21 / F / at my house lazin...
Posted 11/18/08 , edited 11/19/08
As soon as I had said that, dark clouds hovered the sky. Everyone was whispering and worried. No dark clouds had ever been in the Kingdom of Light before. Soon, I saw the Dark Knights.
"Kira! They're here!"
Kira gasped and she flew with her light pink feathered wings towards the enemy.
"Protection Gap!" A forcefield formed around the Kingdom so none of the people nor the kingdom would get destroyed.
I flew up with them and glared at the Dark Knights. There were two of them, both wearing a dark (kind of like aknight's mask-armor thingy) armor mask, all black. Their voices were hoarse and low.
"We have come for the Kingdom. We have no intention of figh-"
"Lighto Beam!" A large bright beam shot at them but it was deflected by their shield. I had forgotten. Makirian attacks weren't effective on Dark Knights. Only Unknown Ones. But those were only used by taking away his/her own kingdom's power. I cursed under my breath and looked at Kira.
"Kira, Emergency Charge."
Kira nodded and looked at the sky. Kira was from another planet, Planet Emeria. A green light was shining from the planet and onto us.
"Emeria Charge. Fire!" A green beam flew at the Knights and they disappeared. I knew I couldn't keep on sucking away Emeria's powers. I had to make a decision. But what was I to do? If I used all my Kingdom's power, that everything would die. But if I didn't, and I were to die, the Kingdom would eventually be destryoed by the Knights. What kind of choices were those? They were pratically the same.
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Posted 11/18/08 , edited 11/19/08
"Aiya. Well, that didn't work, now did it?" Alissandra remarks sarcastically to two Dark Knights behind her. "Bakas!"
"Ah," Alissandra, a.k.a. Aliss, jumps as her personal Knighted comes up behind her. "Oh, Sith-kun! It's you!" Quickly, Aliss turns and latches herself onto Sith.
"Did you hear? These two bakas tried to attack the Kingdom of Light! But, being bakas, they were repelled." Aliss smiles happily as she points at the two 'bakas', whose faces have turned dark with rage.
Seeing their expressions, Aliss's smile turns into a frown, then it slowly fades away.
*sighs* Ah. These two... *sighs again* These two...are really boring.

Noticing his mistresses smile fall from her face, Sith looks at the two 'bakas'...and smirks.

The next moment, they are up in flames. The two Knights' scream as fire consumes them, their voices growing louder with each second.
Meanwhile, Aliss turns to Sith again, a smile once more on her face.
"Neh, Sith-kun? I’m gonna go play. You stay here, 'k?” Pouting, she adds, “I can't have you scaring my Friends again."
"As you wish, Aliss-sama…”
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21 / F / at my house lazin...
Posted 11/18/08 , edited 11/19/08
I sighed and looked down at my Kingdom. I saw a small girl, an orphan as I recall, and she was trembling. Had she seen them?
"Kira, that girl."
"I got it, Ayu."
We both went down towards the girl and smiled at her.
"I'm Ayu, and who are you?"
"Did you see what happened just now?"
"Don't be afraid, Miki. This is all....ummm....normal."
"Normal? Then I should tell everyone-"
"NO! I mean, no, that's not necessary. Aghs, I might as well tell you. Those were Dark Knights trying to take over our Kingdom. No, it's not over. This is war. Now, Miki, there is nothing to be afraid of. Kira and I will protect this Kingdom." Miki nodded and walked away. I looked at the clearing sky and gasped. The color of the sky wasn't black anymore, but was now red. Blood Red.
Posted 11/19/08 , edited 11/19/08
i looked around at my kingdom once more. the sky had started to turn grey, not sky blue, grey. i knew that dark knights were comming and this time i had to be ready. i turned to yuji who realised what was happening. the kingdom already knew about the dark knights but they trusted me to protect them, and protect them i would. i put my hand on my hip. "stupid dark knights, ill show them not to mess with my planet!"
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Posted 11/19/08 , edited 11/19/08
"Ah, where should I go now? Hmmm...," this Aliss asks herself as she sits upon Big Ben in London, England. From there she can see the night life of the city, quiet houses lying amongst blinking lights in windows and along sidewalks.
"Hmmm…Let’s see," Squinting her eyes, Aliss peers out over the darkening English city. Suddenly, a loud noise reaches her ears. Turning towards the cause, Aliss barely catches site of a firework exploding in the air, it's beauty reflecting in the river below it.
Exclaiming, Aliss claps her hands excitedly. "Ah! Fireworks!"
Standing up, Aliss declares, "I wanna get closer!", and quickly jumps from Big Ben, but, instead of falling, she begins to glide effortlessly along the air currents.

Soaring along the currents, Aliss’s focus is only on the fireworks. She does not notice that below her, a small group of glowing creatures are following her flight.
Posted 11/19/08 , edited 11/19/08
*When I was going to go back to change I saw at the corner of my eyes the sky and was turning red*
Miyuko: Whats with the red color?
Raven! I called out to him
You gotta be this!
Raven(assistant): *bows*What is it madam?
Miyuko: Look * points to the sky*
why is it red its more like Blood red
Raven: I dont really know why its red
Miyuko: Whatever it is we must get back our blue sky
People will be frighten if the sky was red!
*Miyuko looked below her house and saw lots of people around her house*
*I yelled out at the top of my lungs*

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