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Okay One more! xD

Wha is your favourite ... god, u can read teh Title of this topic xD
Nah, but yeah, what is your favourite?
From any site!
-Slideshows? (Me: for real..., noo~ no, u put anything u want!)
-Funny clips
-Anything for This Pairing xD

Plz, i know u have millions of favs, but, just put max. 8 links for post, k xD ^^

my personal favs ^^ - Oh My God.. xD [By:SatoKiba] - OMGOMGOM!!! Just too Funny! Watch this, Naruto "kissed a Girl" [Made By: animekittywolf] - DMV/AMV Made By me (dunno how many of u can see it... cause tehre was some problems with the uploading)

nyaaah couldn't find one flash...

Nyaah c'mon people, you must have even one fav viiid >______________<
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hmmmm.... My favorite is Sasunaru- What Hurts the Most in youtube....

Try watching it guys!!!!!!

You'll totally love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I always listen to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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