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Posted 11/10/08 , edited 11/10/08
Royale dorm:

This space is blank at the moment. But once dorm presidents and vice leaders hav been chosen, they'll get to edit THIS forum page, n they can do whateva they want with it, welcoming people into their dorm, n decrating it according to their dorm member's wishes!!! You all get a say in what goes in your dorm forum!!! You can hold contests, games, n anything you like!!!

Things required to put in dis dorm forum:
*A list of all member's usernames (doesnt matter where).
*Plz respect other dorms n dont say yours is better than theirs.
*Use original ideas!
*This is also a roleplay area! So plz try n act like your charac!!!

To dorm pres/vice leader - You can delete THIS forum POST once u n your dorm members hav decided wat to put as a heading in your dorm forum!
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