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Posted 11/10/08 , edited 11/10/08
I can see it in front of me, this object...
It's beautiful, but it makes no sound... cannot be touched or held
It feels so lonely, and yet I have trouble telling if it feels as all
Its glow is golden yet pale; it always stays by me, watching...
It feels like it tries to talk to me, and yet I cannot hear a word.
I wonder if it can even hear me when I talk to it...
Where did this thing come from, what is it?
I look to it, and it looks back at me, just the two of us in this world.

And yet, is it that this thing is real, or is it an illusion.
I've been so alone for so long I can't decide.
I can't even recall why I am alone, just that it is all I can recall
and yet here it is with me, making me feel just a little better...

I can make out that is has a face, and yet its face is shapeless.
I can see it smile when I do, I can see it frown when I cry.

I can't determine whether it feels for me, whether it is imitating me...
or if I am just going mad.

All I know, is how alone I feel...
Posted 11/12/08 , edited 11/13/08
Makes me feel alone as well....

Nice and simple to understand the hidden meaning...
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