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roleplaying is basically creating the story, which in this case is 'nightmare high' you are the authors, you guide your characters <which you create ' create a RP character' hense the name CREATE CHARACTER.

when typing an entry, you can talk/type 3 ways;

- first person <you act as our character>
-third person <you tell the story, as is>

breaking it down;
my sentence: <say person> walked into room,
first person;i walked into the room,
third person;<insert character name> walked into room,

That is the basic way to RP,
now to add a little more to your story,
add details;
"i walked into the dark room, not a clue how or what was gonna be there,"

see the difference?! ^^

the other issue is; when your like the last to sign up, you get scared because you don't know what the stories about, and you to lazy to read or you do read it but you don't know how to start off;
1. this is only a game, you can mess up <no like your gonna die>
2. if you don't know where we are in the story, message me; i'll tell you exactly where we are ^^ <hopefully>
3. if you don't know how to start then just take it slow, introduce yourself, in the story

again this is a game,
this was made up by my imagination; almost anything goes ^^
have some fun,

got problems message me creator: Sakura-chi ! ^^
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LOL I understand now!
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kukukuku! great~desu,
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i seee ;___________________________;
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OMFG TIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *heaad blows up from excitement*
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Can I suggest no godmodding? I seem to see quite a bit of it ^^;;;
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