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i dont really know what is it but it's interesting...try it
i got it from live journal..

JUMP's No. 1 advocate of secrets is Dai-chan!
Yamada: Jaa, first of all, please tell me Yuto-kun's secrets-!
Nakajima: Actually, I talk to my medaka... I take care of it along with loaches and various kinds of fish, so I go 「You guys aren't fighting, are you?」 Uwaa, it's embarrassing-!
(medaka = a kind of fish)
Yamada :Speaking of which, my younger sister often talks to our pet dog. I'm fine by my own, so I don't talk to it at all.
Nakajima: Eh? So you're saying that I don't like being alone!?
Yamada: 'Cause people who talk to animals look lonely, don't they? I think that Yuto-kun is actually lonely. During work, you always have this image of being with any of the members.
Nakajima: It's true, when I'm at home, I'm mostly with family. I shut myself in my room when I play the drums.
Yamada: Obviously -- you don't talk when you play the drums. (laugh)
Nakajima: Ja, this time it's Yama-chan's turn! But I can't think of any of Yama-chan's secrets at all. It's like you're always open the door of your heart!! or something.
(idk okay, I can't make Yuto's Engrish fit.)
Yamada :My secret is that I wear the tour T-shirt with "Hey! Say! JUMP" written on it at home. Because it's comfortable, it's perfect for wearing at home.
Nakajima: I wear that for lessons. The other members often make it a habit during lessons, so there are days when most of the members wear it by chance.
Yamada :The lesson location's like the location for a minor concert. (laugh) But I can't think of any other surprising secrets. That's because I've been with Yuto-kun for three years and it's a relationship in which we can talk about anything ♪
Nakajima; Yeah! But there are considerably a lot of people in JUMP who keep secrets. Especially...
Nakajima: & Yamada Dai-chan!
Nakajima :Dai-chan is a person whose mysteries increase the longer you are with him. Yesterday too, when I went home with him, Dai-chan was talking on the phone, his replies were 「Hai, hai...」 like he was clearly paying attention. Hmm, I wonder who that call was from...
Yamada :After he hung up, you didn't ask him 「Who were you talking to?」?
Nakajima; That's 'cause even if I ask, it'll look like he's lying. (laugh)
Yamada :That's true! It's like he'll say 「My mother」 even if no one will believe him. (laugh)
Making Yamada's secret hideout too good was his biggest mistake!?
Yamada: Hey- hey-, when you were a child, did you make a secret hideout?
Nakajima: I made a lot!! Our house was surrounded by forest, so I made a huge one. I tied up two branches for the entrance, and lined up on the right, it was like there were really people who lived there. I also had a wooden bow and arrow.
Yamada :Heeh~ My secret hideout was more basic, I put a little money in it, too. I bought wire from a 100 yen shop, then I made the hideout's frame with that, and on top, a vinyl sheet...
Nakajima: That's great! I put a vinyl sheet on mine too!
Yamada: I know right? So that will be alright even when it rains, I used that as a roof. It's pretty sturdy, it wouldn't break even when a typhoon came, you know? So I'd pass by everyday and played there. Then one day...
Nakajima: What happened?
Yamada: I thought of passing by to play as usual and I went to the hideout, then on the entrance, there was a paper stuck to it. It said, "This is from the residents of the city. Please evacuate this location immediately." ...
Nakajima: Eh, how come!?
Yamada: The level we made the hideout on was too high, the people from the neighborhood mistook it as a house that someone was really living in!
Nakajima: Gyahahaha! Seriously!? I can see why, though!!
Yamada: I built it with one of my childhood friends, but that guy was tall and had power too, so with his help, I was able to make a very splendid hideout. Once, there was "secret hideout" written in child's handwriting inside the hideout, but it looks like adults can't see it...
Nakajima: I see-. Making it too good is a problem. (laugh)

This month's THEME PHOTO
A person who discovers secrets
A person who has secrets

Inakakkusu challenge
Q The pictures below are Yamada's and Yuto's favorite things. Each will give a hint on their own favorite things. Which of these pictures is of whose favorite thing? Please answer.
A 「The iPod case I bought from a clothing store has a lawn design. There are around 800 songs in my iPod regardless of genre, and of course I listen to JUMP songs ♪」
B 「Now, it's my cherished bag! It was expensive, but I bought it at a sale without a care. You can put a lot of things in it, so I bring it with me at drama locations.」
The answer will be in next month's publication!
Answers for November
A: Takaki, B: Yabu

here's the link:p

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woah!! so cute!!! i like reading their conversations xD
mhm as expected from dai-chan :] secret bearer xD
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