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Posted 11/14/08 , edited 11/15/08
ok guys! starting now i will using POV..u'll understand what i mean...

Chapter 4

[Lisa's P.O.V.]
"Were you guys talking about me?" the voice comes from my back I didn't regconized the voice but I can see Kangin and Yesung's face shocked and pale. Aliah looked very suprised.

I turn back and I see a woman with a mini skirt and blue blouse...she looks really beautiful... WAIT! WAIT! Isn't she the one who i saw with Heechul? it cannot be! wait! I'm gonna ask her first...

"uhm...who are you?" hard to start a heart beating so fast when i asked her... She pulled a chair and sit beside me.

"I'm Yoon Eun Hye... so whats going on here? i heard my name just now." She asked as she look at everyone. ITS REALLY HER! i'm afraid how our conversation will be since she knew that I'm with Heechul.

"hmm..uh...nothing! I think you are mistaken from Joon Hye to Eun Hye." Kangin tries to cover things up but he is unlucky this time.
"Don't you lie to me.. I heard my name just now."
"Yah! its true! Don't be so big headed! Why would we all gather just to talk about you..such a waste of time.." Yesung tries to cover Kangin yet he makes Eun Hye pissed off.
"Don't you always make me pissed off? why? Is there anything that i've done wrong to you?!" She yelled at Yesung. From what I know from Aliah when Kangin and Yesung explains to me...Yesung really hates Eun Hye so much that he couldn't stop himself from making Eun Hye pissed off.
"Ok guys! stop! We are here to enjoy not fighting with each other." I tried to calm things down. Well, they stopped but Eun Hye stands up and she said something..well kinda warning i guess...

"Better be careful Lisa..or you'll get hurt." She go to the entrance door and leave us. What does she mean by careful? and get hurt? what the hell is that for?

"She is dumb and big headed girl! Lisa....did you know what she mean by being careful so you will not get hurt? She always says like that when someone get nears to Heechul." Yesung explained. huh? what? i never get near Heechul..well after I saw her and Heechul hugging and she kissed him on the cheek. She knows how to make me pissed off! Its not like its her Heechul..He's mine! ok2..i know we both kinda fighting but i still love him. Why should i be careful? I don't have to... cause I'm strong..haha!*smirks*
but i think i wanna meet Heechul as soon as possible...and now I know the truth I shouldn't be hiding right? I'm gonna apologise to him and be with him again!

"Okay Lisa..we have to go now...we have dance practise.. see you again!"Kangin and Yesung leave and wave their hand.

[Eun Hye's P.O.V.]

what are they thinking? I knew they talked about me. Still wanna cover things up... I'm not stupid ok! uurrgghh! and whats with Yesung? making pissed off all the time! Just wait will be suffer if you get any closer to Heechul. He's mine! *evil smiles*
I think I should head back to my house...must set up a plan...I'll be using HIM to mess up with her and Heechul...muahahahahaa!

[Lisa's P.O.V]

I'm gonna call Hankyung...I want to meet all of suju members and I really wanna to apologise to Heechul..
aisshh..why didn't I tell to Kangin and Yesung just now! stupid me..

"yah! hankyung! how are you? its me..Lisa! I've already came back home!"
"oh....LISA??? you've come back? when? finished your master already?" wow..I didn't expect he asked too much question.haha..missed me huh? yeah! you better be!
"yup! its me! well about yesterday? hehe... i've finished already..i'm gonna start my work about next month."
"really? you call me because you want all suju members to gather at a place right? I'll set up for you! We are free tonight!" awww... he knows me too well. I always call him when i want to meet all suju members... well he is the one that i trusted the most...
"you know me too well! thanks! bye!"

[Third person's P.O.V.]

"yah! you guys! Tonight I want all to gather at the place tonight!" Hankyung tells them.
Everyone looked suprise except Kangin and Yesung.

"What? she've came back?"Eunhyuk asked.
"What? she've came back?"Siwon asked.
"What? she've came back?"Shindong asked.
"What? she've came back?"Leeteuk asked.
"What? she've came back?"Donghae asked.
"Why are you guys asking the same question?yes! she's here already!"
"Why did she want to meet everyone?"Donghae asked again.
"Especially when she-" Eunhyuk was cut off by hankyung.
"sshhh...She missed you guys! thats why she wanna meet you guys!"Hankyung cover things up because he afraid Heechul will get hurt.
Heechul go to his room and check his wardrobe and find a suitable cloth to wear. He smiles as he pick a pink t-shirt and blue jeans. At last! I get to meet her!

[Lisa's P.O.V.]

aiigooo...which one is the best? pink or purple? these dresses are so gorgeous and I haven't wear them yet in front of Heechul... I think I pick pink which is his favourite colour.

umm....nice..really nice.. I hope Heechul likes my dress.. I take the keys and off I go!

I still remember this place..suju members and I always gathering here especially when its someones i missed this place... I get into the entrance door.....

"BOOO!" it was Eunhyuk and Donghae.
"yah! you guys almost make my heart pump out of my body!" really! i felt really shocked okay! I almost hit Donghae and Eunhyuk with my handbag.
"I missed you! haha! I'm so happy to see you!"Eunhyuk and Donghae said the same thing at same time.
"I missed you too! By the way, where is Heechul? I can't see him anywhere." I asked them and I try to look for him. sign of him.
"He will be coming soon. Don't worry. Why did you asked us to gather here?" Kyuhyun appears from nowhere.
"Actually I wanna apologise to him because i misunderstood him before." I replied but after that I hear a voice saying...
"Its that true?" It was coming from my back.
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Posted 11/14/08 , edited 11/15/08
yes he never betrayed me.
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Posted 11/16/08 , edited 11/16/08
Yoon Eun Hye? hmmmmmmm what's up with that? do you hate her? kekekkekee..

*just an innocent question *


well, your Fanfic is going well.^^

Keep it up...^^

I wonder who will SHE be using..

i hope it's not Hangeng..T-T

He's mine *coz Lisa got Heenim* kekekekekkekee...

oki.. that's all^^
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Posted 11/17/08 , edited 11/17/08

mariarose wrote:

i hope it's not Hangeng..T-T

He's mine *coz Lisa got Heenim* kekekekekkekee...

oki.. that's all^^

i got heenim ?!! i love that sentence bwahahahahaha !! if only its true. ohhh~
is that mean you give him to meee ? oh thank you so much mariarose. hahahahahaha.
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Posted 11/17/08 , edited 11/17/08
oh,wadah^_^your fanfic is really good.the more i read the more i like.^_^.
i wonder what will heechul oppa do?^_^
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Posted 11/17/08 , edited 11/18/08

sleeqyLisa wrote:

yes he never betrayed me.

bwhahaha..yeah right!

mariarose wrote:

Yoon Eun Hye? hmmmmmmm what's up with that? do you hate her? kekekkekee..

*just an innocent question *


well, your Fanfic is going well.^^

Keep it up...^^

I wonder who will SHE be using..

i hope it's not Hangeng..T-T

He's mine *coz Lisa got Heenim* kekekekekkekee...

oki.. that's all^^

nonono.. I like her.. Its just I love making her evil..hehe..
u will no who is she gonna use..^^

sleeqyLisa wrote:

mariarose wrote:

i hope it's not Hangeng..T-T

He's mine *coz Lisa got Heenim* kekekekekkekee...

oki.. that's all^^

i got heenim ?!! i love that sentence bwahahahahaha !! if only its true. ohhh~
is that mean you give him to meee ? oh thank you so much mariarose. hahahahahaha.

hahaha! What are you gonna do if its true? bwhahaha!

springhorse wrote:

oh,wadah^_^your fanfic is really good.the more i read the more i like.^_^.
i wonder what will heechul oppa do?^_^

Thanks! continue reading my fanfic! hehe ^_^
well...just wait!
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Posted 11/18/08 , edited 11/18/08

sleeqyLisa wrote:

mariarose wrote:

i hope it's not Hangeng..T-T

He's mine *coz Lisa got Heenim* kekekekekkekee...

oki.. that's all^^

i got heenim ?!! i love that sentence bwahahahahaha !! if only its true. ohhh~
is that mean you give him to meee ? oh thank you so much mariarose. hahahahahaha.

Kekekekeke.. oki.. i take back what I just said..^^ I want Heenim back!^^ kekekekeke...

LOL... oki, i dont gonna share Heenim Love..^^

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Chapter 5

[Lisa's P.O.V.]

"Its that true?" It was coming from my back.
I turned back and I saw Siwon.. I felt a bit dissapointed...I know he cares a lot about me... I was about to answer but wait! Siwon moved aside a bit and I saw Heechul at the back. I'm really suprised and at the same time felt really happy... I don't know what to do and I just hug him tightly...

"Its true..." He keep hugging me and pushed my shoulders..but still grab my shoulders..
"I'm sorry oppa..I kno-" Heechul stick his finger on my lips tell me to shut up.
"Its ok..Lets forget the past and enjoy!" He grabed my hand and take me to into the room that Hankyung booked. I felt happier when he accept my apology..or should i say like nothing happens? suddenly the face of Eun Hye appears on my mind. Why am I not feeling good..its like something gonna happens to me. Oh no! My sixth sense has come back! When I'm at Malaysia.. I always felt something was no good if Heechul came.. and say what.. I saw Heechul with Eun Hye.. hah! I really do have a sixth sense! I'm gifted! hahaha! *smirks* I will make sure Eun Hye didn't mess up with this party or I will kill her immediately! Come on! Heechul is mine! You will never get him! muahahaha!!!* evil smiles*

"Why are you smiling? Is there anything happen?" Heechul stares at me.
"huh?..uhm..nothing.. I'm just waiting for you to give a compliment to me..hehe."Phew! that was close.
"You look very beautiful! aha! PINK! We are the same! I know that you are mine!" LOLs..saying like that will make me blushing Heechul!

[Heechul's P.O.V.]

aaahh! She's blushing! ahahaha! Am I lucky or what? She apologised to me just now.. I'm the one who should but since I already said lets enjoy I better shut up.

Spend all night with her and my friends...I felt happy and my mood is better.. just like before.. I couldn't lose you anymore. I can't sleep at night, I don't feel wet when I showered...ok2..stop saying nonsense... ah!..its almost the end of the party...

She smiles...I've been waiting for her smiles....really make my world more beautiful. eh? Looks like the party has ended... Everyone are gonna go home.

"I'll see you again honey..." Lisa said and she goes to her car. I gotta stop her!
"Wait! Let me send you home!"
"How about my car..I can't just leave it here. What I'm gonna do if its stolen?"
"Oh come on! I have other 12 friends right here! One of them could send it home! Don't worry!"
"uhm..err..okay.. I'll leave it to Siwon then." yes! she accepted it.

"Yah! Siwon! Please take her car key and send it to her home.I'm sending her home."
"Okie dokie!" Siwon takes her car key and I grab her hand and opens the door for her.

what a silence between us.... my face was like ... Argghhh! don't know what to do! What should I say to her?!

Heechul's Imagination

"uhh...umm.. How did you knew the truth?" I started to ask...
"Truth about what?" Lisa's face was like
"about Eun Hye..." I asked with my body shivers.
"what?why? you like her? you guys coupling? aaarrrgghh! stop the car here! I hate you forever!" I stop the car and she get out and left me alone..what did I just do?


"uhm.. why is your face like ? Something wrong?" Lisa interrupt me from my imagination.. good thing its just my imagination.
"uhh..nothing really." what a lame answer....
"Stop! We are at my house now." Lisa said as she point her finger to her house...
"Thank you for a wonderful night, honey." She said as she kissed on my cheeks.. why didn't she kissed me on my lips.. its better..hahaha! I think I better pull her and kiss her

Puff! an angel appears on Heechul's right shoulder.

angel: Heechul...don't do that until she does it to you.

Puff! a devil appears on Heechul's left shoulder.

devil: Just do it Heechul! You are the man!
angel: Don't Heechul! You guys just met. Please wait longer.
devil: Don't hear what my wife just said..Just do it!
angel: Honey! Why did you say like that? How could you!

Puff! angel disappear.

devil:Oh no.. I better persuade her. Bye!

Puff! devil disappears.

Really.. what are these guys are trying to say to me? kiss her..don't kiss her... I think I better listen to angel.. angel always good.

[Lisa's P.O.V.]

Why is he staring like that? Is there something on me?absolutely nothing wrong here.

"Why are you staring like that?" heechul's face was like when I asked him. Is he daydreaming or something? He haven't change...
"Nothing really.." I was about to close the door and I saw a car. It looks like the driver was drunk. The car was not stable. It coming towards me..
"Hey! Watch out!!!!" I heard two guys screaming. wait..two guys? there is only 1 guy right here and its Heechul. My mind was blank when the car coming towards me. The car almost hit me and someone pulled me to the side of the road and hug me.... I was happy that I was saved except the guy that pulled me and hug was not Heechul. Its HIM???!!!
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Chapter 6

[LIsa's P.O.V.]

Its HIM???!!! AAAHHH! I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT HIM!!! I should have told him that i've came back.. aigooo... what a bad best friend I am.

"Its you? did you know i came back?"I ask as he releases me from his grip.
"Ah! I came to your house just now.. i asked your mother about how have you been but your mother said that you came back! I was suprised hearing that and I saw you on the road..."
"I'm sorry for not telling you... Totally forgot about it! will you forgive me?" Jeong Ji Hoon was about to say but Heechul interrupt us... oh yeah, I forgot he's here...
"Yah! who are you?" Heechul asked with angry expression.
" Don't you remem-" I couldn't finish my sentence...
"thank god you save my girlfriend's life!!! ahaha.. you are indeed a good best friend to her!" Heechul is kinda weird sometimes.. he gave a angry expression at first because you know when a girlfriend's life in danger the boyfriend should help her not someone else...then he was happy because Rain(Jeong Ji Hoon) helped me..Weird isn't it? haha! well that is my boyfriend!

"Its already late. You guys better head home."
"OK!"Heechul smiles and start his engines and drives home. Talking about driving...where is the car that almost bump me? Maybe its already gone far..whatever.
"You look gorgeous! Anyway, meet me tomorrow? At the park." aww! he made me blushing!
"Ok, Rain. I'll meet you tomorrow. Bye!" I said as i waved at him.

[Rain's P.O.V.]

I just met her. How stupid I could be? Asking her mother about how have she been lately. She's already came back. Why my heart racing like hell when I'm in front of her? I'm just her best friend! Maybe I always like this when I'm in front of a girl..well since we are best friend, we are close right so nothing matters if its just a racing heart.

*yawn* What time is it?..*sleepy* I look at a clock on my wall. oh, its 7.30. I'm gonna meet her at 9.00 oh I gotta cook something for her! *Rushing to the kitchen* wahahaha! so many ingredients! I can cook anything! hmm.. what should I cook for her...hmm*think deeply* kimbap?no...omelette? no...fried rice? absolutely no...hah! Got an idea! sandwich! haha! a simple one but nice.. She will love it. don't you think?*wink*

done! muehehehe... Swallow this and you will be......full! haha! ok..overeacted.. I'm so happy since my best friend have come back! OH!!! Its already 8.30! gotta go shower! I put a shirt on and a pair of jeans. hmm.. Nice! I'm handsome as always! haha!

*looking at the clock* WTH! Its already 8.55??? I take the sandwich and off I go!

Hmm..Its already 9.05.. She's not coming yet...where is she? I'm tired!heh..only 5 minutes waiting and you are tired already? come on Rain! be tough! oh! here she comes!

"Hey! I'm right here!" eh? why is she looking at me like ?


ah! wrong person! ah! how embarrassing! gagagaaga..*bite my nail*

"AAAAAA!!!!!" what? its her? she gave me a heart attack!
" was you.." I tried to smile..but it was obvious that I'm angry since my face look angry.
Lisa still laughing due to my reaction. You think its funny huh? well I'm doing something for you.
"Hey, I thought I want to give a little breakfast for you but since you make me shocked just now I think I'm gonna eat it by myself." hehe..I bet she will cry for this.
"Oh! whats in it? sandwich?"
"Yeah, It looks like I'm gonna eat it by myself." hehehe..*evil smile*
"I want it! emm..I'm sorry okay?" wow..that was easy. uh.but! I still need to do something..muehehehe..
"Here..let me feed you.. aaahh" *evil smile*
"aaaahhhh" the sandwich was about to get in her mouth but I eat it instead of feeding her...haha!
"What did you do that for?" Lisa stomp her foot on my foot. ouch!
"Hey! What did you do that for?" I ask her back.
"For not giving my sandwich!"
"You make me shocked just now!"
"I'm just joking with you. okay now. lets eat what you brought." Lisa changed the topic.
"I only brought sandwich."
"I know! Lets go sit over there" Lisa point her finger to a bench beside the lake. wow! she's good in finding places.

"*burp* I'm full!!!!"Lisa scream.
"heh..Just ate a couple sandwiches and you are already full? What a small stomach."
"Hey! I already ate breakfast at home." Lisa defends herself
"Oh yeah, whatever."

and so I talked to her... so many things to share. Oh! I forgot to tell you guys how I met her. Its before she met Heechul. I was looking for a watch at a watch shop. I found this girl trying on a watch and suddenly it fell and the watch cracked. The manager said she had to pay for it. She look like she don't have enough money so I went there.


"uhm...whats wrong here? Can I help?" I ask the girl but the manager is the one who answer it.
"She cracked a watch. She should pay for it." The girl still remain silence.
"I'll pay for it." I said as I took out my wallet but the girl stop me from taking my cash.
"Its ok... I think I'll pay for it." She took out her purse but she didn't have enough money in it.
"You can't pay for it. Let me pay for you. Here." I said as I hand the cash to the manager.
"Thanks, you can go now."

"uhm..thanks for helping just now. I'll pay back soon." The girl said but her head still facing down.
"Its ok.. You don't have to. By the way, are you a high school girl? If you don't have enough money why did you go to that shop?" I asked just to let my curiosity gone.
"yeah I am. Third year. I just want to try some since my friend had it. They all said I should have one."
"You have to wait till you have money. What is your name?"
"oh...I'm Jeong Ji Hoon. People call me Rain." The girl's face was like
"Why people call you Rain? Are you suffering from raining?" that girl just tease me. Isn't it?
"People call me that because I'm an artist for simple."

and so we talked about our lifes and we get closer day by day. After that day, I always meet her and play with her, buy things for her and I bought her the watch that she like. I get to know her parents too. They are all kind. She always share things with me and always talk about Heechul until she went study at Malaysia.

End of flashback

She still wear the watch that i gave her. Its time to go home!

"Lisa, I think we should head home."
"Oh...See ya later then...byee~!" and so we go to our home...

I walk happily to my home. I saw a girl standing in front of my gate house. Its Eun Hye?

[Lisa's P.O.V.]

wow! What a morning! Got to meet with my best friend...huh...I'm so happy. Everything was back to normal. Eh? Is that Heechul in front of my house? I get closer and closer and its not Heechul. That guy just look at me. I mistook him with Heechul..
"Are you alright miss?" that guy asked as he stare at me.. that was scary. OMG! he's handsome and cute!
"I'm fine.. Why are you standing in front of my house?"
"I came here to meet your dad. I'm Hongki, your dad assistant."
"I'm Lisa, come in." Come think about it again his face is different from Heechul. How can I mistook him with Heechul? Must have something wrong with my eyes.

[Eun Hye's P.O.V.]

"Hi there, Rain."
"What do you want?" Thats kinda rough..Rain..
"Don't be so rough"
"What do you want?"
"I want to talk about Lisa..."

Chapter 7

[Eun Hye's P.O.V.]

"I want to talk about Lisa..."
"What about her?" Rain ask but his face didn't meet with Eun Hye's face.
"Aww... Don't be so dumb... you like her..don't you?" *smirks*
"No.. She is just my friend Why would I like her?"
"Friends?hahahahaha! Don't make me laugh Rain! How can you still not realize that... I can see it from your eyes when you with her."
"You spying on me? But I didn't have any feelings for her!"
"Well..kinda.. Don't you realize yet? You love her so much. Ok.. I want you to answer a few questions to prove about it."
"You don't have to prove it. I said I don't love her. Now.. Its getting late. I wanna cook for lunch."
"No no can't go anywhere before I ask you."
"Just hurry up and ask."
"1. When you with her did you felt your heart racing?"

[Rain's P.O.V.]

"1.When you with her did you felt your heart racing?" OMG! I did felt that just now and before too.. but I think my heart racing because I'm with a girl... but with Eun Hye..why I don't feel that my heart racing?
"uhm..uh..mmm..-" I was cut off before i could say anything.
"See? You love her. ok..2. You saw someone and you thought that it was her but unfortunately its not her?"
Oh God! Its happens just now. No no no..its just normal to mistook people with someone. Isn't it? Eun Hye is just playing with my mind.
"ahah! I could tell that it happens, right? I'm not playing with your mind. Just accept the fact." She can read my mind? She is crazy! waaa! I cannot destroy my friend's life, MY BEST FRIEND'S LIFE! I will never destroy her life!
"What? You don't believe your OLD BEST FRIEND?" yeah, she is right. She is MY OLD BEST FRIEND.. She is not my best friend anymore because she tries to steal Heechul from Lisa.
"Uh..Whatever...I'm going now." I said as I headed to the door. I heard Eun Hye scream.
"OK! DON'T FORGET WHAT I SAID JUST NOW! YOU WILL REGRET IF YOU DON'T MAKE ANY MOVE YET!" after she screamed she go to somewhere else.

[Lisa's P.O.V.]

OMG! My dad's assistant? He's sooo cute! ahah! unfortunately he's younger than me... i went to the kitchen and cook something for him since my mom is not at home for a week. She has an appointment with her friends..well not an apointment exactly.. Just a gathering party.

hmm..smells good! Wanna know what I cook? I'm a pro you know. I cook Beaf Salad...haha! not exactly! I only cook fried rice! I can cook others but I'm in a lazy mode right now. I serve at the-so-cute-boy my fried rice.

"What? Fried rice only? Dad thinks that you can cook better..." My dad said and give it to Hongki.
"Hehe..This is all I can cook for now.. " Hong ki look at me and smiles.
"Its ok.. I love fried rice. When I'm not in a good mood, my mother always cook fried rice to me. You reminds me of my mother."
"Really?How is your mother right now?"
"She is happy at heaven right now."
"Oh..Sorry for asking that." I felt really bad! why? why? why? why I ask such a stupid question?!!!
"Its ok...Now I have no one to cook my mother's fried rice." Hongki eats my fried rice and his eyeballs kinda pop out. Is it bad? I have skills how can it be so bad?!
"Its...its..-" I cut him..
"Its bad isn't it? sorry.." I lower my face.
"NO! Its like my mother's fried rice!" Hongki said. It makes me shock and blush at the same time. My dad continue talking to Hongki and I left them. I headed to my bedroom.I lying on the bed and almost close my eyes but my phone vibrates. Rain? Why did he call me now?

"hi, sorry for calling you right now. Can we meet tomorrow?"
"Oh sure!"
"Thanks, bye.." is something wrong with him? He doesn't sound ok.
"Bye..." I hung up and I put my phone at my make up table. hehe.. I have 3 table. one for make up, one for study and one for my computer. A lot eh? My bedroom is sooo big thats why i put 3 tables in here..hehe..

[Heechul's P.O.V.]

I wonder what she's doing right now...hmm...I better call her.... I already call her 5 times and she didn't pick up...Is something happen? hmm.. maybe she is sleeping... I felt like going out now..

ahh..Its cold outside, somehow I felt really peace inside me. I saw Rain sitting on a bench at a playground. His face looks gloomy, not as usual. He oftens smiles and cheerful. Something must be happening. I went to greet him.

"Hey, Rain..Whats wrong? You look so gloomy."
"Nothing, Just thinking about what Eun Hye said to me." I kinda shocked to hear that. Eun Hye must be up to something.
"She said that I have feelings for Lisa..."

Chapter 8

[Heechul's P.O.V.]

"She said that I have feelings for Lisa..."
I'm shocked and I remained silence. Why is he telling me this?
"Really? Do you think what she said is true? Well you know that Eun Hye is a bad person."
"I don't know, I'm confused..What should I do?" He said as he cover his face with his hands. OMG! I really don't know what to say. I'm bad at talking. Eun Hye must be up to something!
"You don't have to do anything, just be yourself, act like before. Don't get affected by what she says." Did I just said something? I'm really bad at talking! I hope there is nothing wrong with what I said! I just felt that I am good to others...bwahahaha! who wouldn't be mad if they found out that someone loves your girlfriend right? but I'm not mad at all...*proud*
"Thanks, i thought you are gonna mad at me with what I just said.I think I overeacted a bit when she says that. You are very kind. Lisa is lucky to have you." Rain said as he smiles.
"Yeah, I'm lucky! Come! Lets eat! I don't wanna see your gloomy face anymore! Its freaking ugly!"
We both laugh

[Lisa's P.O.V.]

Whats with him? is he sick?bad mood?tension?aarrgghh! why do I think so much about it! I wanna sleep!

*yawn* damn clock. I shouldn't have buy you at the first place. huh? Its already 9.30. Its stil early!!!!Well...I'm gonna go back to sleep.
Who the hell knock my door at this kind of time? i open the door and it was my dad. Should have known. i only live with my dad since my mom has an appoinment with her friends for a week.

"What is it dad?"I ask as I rub my mess hair.
"Uhm..Hongki..He's..He's-"I cut him off.
"He's in love with me right? o0ps! What i mean is he's in love with my fried rice and want me to make more right? phew! covered! My father gave me the look
"Yeah, He wants it tonight. Good guess." He left. I'm gonna meet Rain at 11.00. Better prepare myself fast!

I waited him for half an hour. What took him so long? I hope nothing wrong happens. I'm tired!

[Rain's P.O.V.]

(half an hour before 11.00)
Ah! Its already 10.30! God damn! I'm late! I better prepare myself.

OMG! Its already 11.00!!!! I must go now! I took my wallet and my phone and I headed to the place. As i walk to the place I saw a female leaning her body at a car. Eun Hye? Why is she here? I walk pass her. I just ignored her but she stops me.

"Hey! not so fast! You are going to meet her right? Why? Wanna confess right away? Good Job!" What the heck?! I'm not going to confess you monkey!
"yeah I am and I'm not going to confess. i'm just meeting her and enjoy like best friends."
"Like best friends? haha! she will enjoy like best friend but you? You will treat her like you love her."
"Shut up monkey! I'm going now!" She stops me but I managed to get off from her. She is so annoying! Why is she my old best friend???!!!

Gawd! Its 11.30 already. She must be waiting for a long time.

"Sorry I'm late!"I ran up to her.
"Oh..Its ok! Come! Lets go!"

We go to many places....Lastly we eat at a fancy restaurant. Its still in the evening. She looks like she wanna go home fast. She never eats this fast before. She eats as slow as turtles! Now she eats fast like cheetah! Gawd!
"Why did you eat so fast?" I ask her just to let my curiosity gone.
"I have something to do tonight." oh, yeah..that explains why...

"I'm full! Lets go!" Lisa said as she streched her body a bit.
"I'm going to pay."
"I'll wait outside."Lisa said and she go outside.

after I pay for the dinner I saw Lisa is touching a little cat.

[Heechul's P.O.V.]

Oh God! Why do I feel so uncomfortable? why do I feel something bad gonna happens? hmm... whatever..I think too much i guess~..

[Lisa's P.O.V.]

aww! what a cute cat! OMG! I must cook for him fast! I pat the cat. Suddenly the cat run across the road. Unfortunately there is a car speeding. The car is really gonna hit me now.


I felt a guy hugs me tightly and after that I rolling out from his arms. I saw lots of blood on that guys face. Its Rain? I'm not sure whether its Rain or not. Slowly my suroundings become black. I faint.

Chapter 9

[Hongki's P.O.V.]

I can't wait for her fried rice. I'm with Minhwan. We talk and we see a fancy restaurant nearby. Minhwan tell me to follow him into the restaurant. He said that the restaurant's food are all nice. As I want to cross to the road I saw a figure at the other side of the road patting a cat. The cat suddenly runs and the figure trying to catch the cat.Wait! that figure is Lisa! OMG! there is a car speeding towards her! I want to scream at her but...


it was too late. but I saw a guy catch her and the guy was hit by the car. I saw lot of bloods at the guy's face. I realize something from that guy, he's hug Lisa so tight until he's unconscious. Lisa rolls out from his hug. I just remain standing like statue because I'm shocked. The car leaves them there. Stupid driver! I'll find you someday. that car is white and its BMW...

"Yah! Hongki! Why did you just stand there? Come help them!" Minhwan grab my hand and go at the scene.
"Hongki! call the ambulance. This guy is still alive! This girl need to be safe too!" Minhwan check their body while I'm calling the ambulance.

"Hello? We need an ambulance here.. Its at xxxxxxxxxxx.. ok thanks." I decided to call her father.

"Hello boss! Its an emergency. Your daughter involved in an accident!"
"What? Where? OMG! my only daughter!" Her father is really worried about her.
"Calm down! We are waiting for the ambulance to come. You just have to wait at Seoul's Hospital."
"My daughter! I'll come in a minute!" He hung up.


The ambulance has come. They take that guy into the ambulance and Lisa too. Me and Minhwan follows them to the hospital. I don't want to lose Lisa! I don't want that! Only she can replace my mother!As we arrived, the nurses rush to teh operation room to save those two.

I saw her father sitting on a chair waiting for her daughter. He cried. Where is her mother?

"Hey Mr. Jonghun, she's in the operation room. Just calm down.She'll be fine. She is not as critical as the other guy."
"Other guy? Who is he? He involved too?"
"The reason why your daughter is not critical is because of him. That guy saved her. I don't know who is he."

[Mr. Jonghun's P.O.V.]

"The reason why your daughter is not critical is because of him. That guy saved her. I don't know who is he" Hongki explains everything to me. Who is that guy? Is it Heechul? If its him Hongki will recognized who he is. Perhaps Rain? yeah! Rain always disguised until people can't noticed its him. No! It can't be him!

I wait for hours until a doctor came out from the operation room. I rush to him and ask him about Lisa and the other guy.

"Doc, are they alright?"
"The girl is not so serious but the guy is critical. He's been sent to ICU ward...Perhaps the girl is your daughter right?"
"Yeah, she is my daughter. Where is she?"
"She's been sent to a ward..Luckily its not ICU..You can visit her there."
"Oh, Thanks doctor."

I want to go to Lisa's ward but I'm so curious who is the one that saved her. I go to the ICU ward like the doctor said while my heart beating really fast! I get into the ward and I'm suprised...Its Rain!!!! OMG! My jaws dropped! can't be... I saw him wearing the oxygen mask. His face were all covered with cotton.[a/n: I really don't know how to explain. Just imagine that his face were covered by white cotton.hehe]

I go to the my daughter's ward, Lisa. I open the door and saw her lying on the bed sleeping. I'm glad she is not serious like Rain. Rain currently in coma. I love him so much(I'm not gay ok!). He is such a nice person. Please god! Help him! My tears started to run on my cheek. I can't stand it. Two people that I loved is in the hospital. Speaking about people I love..I forgot about her mother! I've got to tell her. I dialed her number.

"Yoboseyo?" She sure pick up fast.
"Honey! Our lovely daughter is involved in an accident! Please come to the hospital fast!"
"OMG! I will..I will arrive as soon as possible!" and she sure hung up fast too...

*sigh* Lisa, I'm glad that you are alright. Be well soon my dear. I saw a scratch on her hand..Just a little scratch. Rain sure protects her very good.

After hours Lisa still in a deep sleep. She must be tired and shocked. I think I wanna go and see Rain. When I get into the room, my tears runs on my cheek. I can't stop my tears from falling. I already think Rain as my own son. Get well soon, son! I can't stand it so I went back to my daughter. When I push the door my wife is already there. She cried. I explained everything to her. She was shocked when I said about Rain. She ask so many question and I told her to visit him at the ICU ward.

When she saw Rain, she fell. She was really shocked to see Rain like that. She said that she could feel how much pain that Rain has. After awhile..we discuss about Lisa and Rain... After we all discuss we saw Lisa's eyes open. She just woke up.

"Mom?Dad? Where am I?" Lisa said with a low voice.
"Yes we are. You are at the hospital." My wife said.
"oh.. By the way, did you see Rain?"
"Yes, he's in the..the.. ICU ward.."I said.
"OMG! is he alright?! I wanna see him!" Lisa was trying to get up from her bed.
" Just stay there..You need some rest. He's currently in coma right now."
"What have I done? If its not because of me it wouldn't be like this."Lisa started crying.
"Its not your fault. Don't blame yourself for this incident. By the way, me and your mom has something to say to you."

[Lisa's P.O.V.]

"Its not your fault. Don't blame yourself for this incident. By the way, me and your mom has something to say to you." I felt really bad! What are mom and dad gonna say?
"Your dad and mom already discuss about this. You are marrying next year..When you are 25 years old." What???!!! That is unexpected!
"With who?" I asked..maybe its Heechul because he is my boyfriend.
"With Rain.."
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