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Posted 11/11/08 , edited 11/11/08
Yunho, Leader of the ever popular TVXQ described his death defying escapades on a television show recently. He revealed that he has bested the grim reaper at least 100 times. Because of this, one of his nicknames is Yunhorus (derivative of virus for you slower ones) because of his ability to ridiculously fend off any harm. He also describes himself as the VIP of hospitals. He claims to go to the Hospital 30-40 times a year. Some of his life threatening moments include:

1) Falling off a rooftop and landing on a jar (dwen jang holding kind) resulted in cheek scar.
2) Trying to pull a book off a shelf and having the entire shelf land on himself which resulted in a scarred chin.
3) Surgery for some sort of hormone imbalance. This one sounds weird…moob reduction?
4) Anti fans and their terrorizing. Many of you will remember the poison in the drink incident.
5) Inflammatory attack on neck and face right before a concert, which he decided to perform with anyways. He fainted and was hospitalized for two weeks.

But throughout all this, Yunho remains surprisingly optimistic. He stated that he was thankful that they weren’t serious and that he learned something through each ordeal, being more careful; like don’t drink something unless you open it and make sure it’s not tampered with.
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