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Chapter 03: Inoo… Akuma?

“Hikaru Yaotome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
“URGH~ who dares to wake me up!?!?” Hikaru moaned, banging his hand onto his table, still half-asleep.
“WATASHI.” He heard a familiar voice say and slowly, he lifted his head… coming face to face with Yamaguchi Sensei.
“Sensei… you look extremely beautiful today~ ” Hikaru complimented insincerely and gave her an awkward smile.
“Arigato.” Yamaguchi replied, still staring at him, “but… you’ll still have to write me a summary of the entire chapter. Class dismissed.”
Just as she finished the sentence, the bell rang right on the dot for dismissal and Hikaru’s head banged onto the table once more as he moaned, “Eh~ SENSEI~~~ how can you do this to me!?!?!?
Inoo patted on his back, trying to comfort his new friend as the class hurried out of the classroom within the split second, leaving only the two of them. “Ahh~ there’s the new guy!!! Inoo Kei-San!!!” Hikaru heard some girls squeal as they emptied their bags of presents onto the table… some even covering Hikaru’s head as if he was non-existent.
“Inoo-Kun!!! Please accept our gifts!!” Hikaru heard a girl exclaim.

Annoyed by the throng of girls who came over and disturbed his special moment with Inoo, he banged a fist on the table, “Inoo-Chan is mine!!!! MINE!!!!!! No one goes near him!!!!!” he hollered agitatedly as he stood up.
The girls exited almost immediately, terrified at the sudden outburst of the akuma. Just at that moment, the others came in and Arioka sat on Inoo’s table and remarked, “Eh~ looks like we have competition, Takaki-Kun.”
“But even so…” Yabu started, trying to make sense out of the situation, “now that Inoo is with us… it makes him an akuma too… it’s not really considered as competition now that you think of it.”
‘I don’t date girls. ’ Inoo wrote on his notebook and showed it to the guys, smiling at them awkwardly.
“BANZAI!!!!! ” Hikaru exclaimed, hugging Inoo like a koala on a tree, wrapping his legs around Inoo.
“Hika-Chan…” the others muttered as their mouth twitched in unison, embarrassed at the attitude of their fellow akuma.
“Nani~?” Hikaru replied gaily, still refusing to let go of Inoo who was just standing there like a log.
“Get off him.” They continued.

Takaki was whistling a merry tune on his way home as he sat down to admire the setting sun. Laying back to rest on the grass, his head hit a rather large pebble. “OW!” he screamed, “What the hell was that…”
Picking up the pebble, he noticed a note hidden underneath it and placed the pebble aside. As he picked it up and carefully unfolded the slip of paper, a paper heart slipped out from the folded note. “What is this…?” he muttered to himself as he picked it up to examine it, “Yamapi.” He read as he found writings on the paper heart, “suki des.”
Pouring some soda into his mouth, he read the note rather half heartedly.

Yamapi was my boyfriend. I was his girlfriend. I still can’t believe that he would dump me for another girl. I’m so depressed right now that I can’t even talk to any of my friends. It was so embarrassing… and heartless of him to dump me in front of my friends! How could he do this to me!? I feel like dying now that my friends know about this matter… it’s just so embarrassing to have staged an ‘entertaining’ show at the school gates and be seen by my friends.

Takaki raised his eyebrow upon finishing the letter, ‘so… this girl got dumped by another guy?’
He can’t imagine anyone else being heartless besides them. He thought for a moment before he took out a black pen to pen down a reply, “If you are pushed down, then get up again and show him who the winner is.” He muttered as he wrote.
Putting back the note to its original position, he hesitated, “am I even in the position to give her advice…?” then, after a short pause, he continued, “Oh well… never mind. I guess an akuma has a kind heart too.”

Yabu settled the banquet of roses into an antique vase as he observed the clusters of students on the field. Takaki and Daiki lay sprawled on the table, taking his well deserved afternoon nap. The serenity of the room was well maintained… until… “AHHHH~~~~!!!!!”
“URGH~ Hika-Chan!!!!!” Arioka growled, annoyed at his friend’s sudden scream which woke him up.
“SAVE ME!!!!” Hikaru continued to scream as he tried to shut the door.
The others then slowly turned their heads to Hikaru and Takaki stared at him in bewilderment, “Whoa!!!!! I didn’t know you have so many fans!!!”
“URUSAI!!!! Just help me!!!!” Hikaru cried desperately as the fan girls continued to hold the door open while Hikaru was trying to shut it… but in vain.
“Chotto Matte!” Yabu hollered over the screams and squeals of the excited girls as he squeezed out of the room, “Hikaru-Kun needs to rest now… if you girls continue to stand here… then… he’ll get mad.”
Just like that, within a split second, the girls seemed to have vanished into thin air and far away from Hikaru. “That was close…” Hikaru sighed, relieved as he wiped of beads of sweat from his forehead, “they looked as if they were wolves!!!!! Trying to EAT ME!!!!” :tears:

Then, turning his head around, he saw Inoo’s face inches away from him… staring at him without batting an eyelid, “AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Hikaru screamed, “Inoo!!! You just scared the daylights out of me~”
‘Gomen.’ Inoo wrote on his notebook, ‘Yamaguchi Sensei is looking for you guys.
“Is she looking for Hika-Chan???” Takaki asked, “Hika!!! Will you stop sleeping during lessons!?!?”
Arioka then looked at Inoo suspiciously as he spoke, “Inoo-Chan… why would Yamaguchi Sensei look for us? We aren’t her students.”
Inoo just shrugged his shoulders in reply and they left for the staff room without another word.

As the other’s left the room, Inoo noticed a shadow behind the wall and walked over to it. It was Megumi. She was hesitating whether to look for the group of akumas or not. “But… I think I still like Yamapi… should I go to the guys? ” Megumi muttered under her breath, “They’ll help me to achieve my goal for revenge… but… Yamapi will be hurt…”
That was when Inoo tapped on her shoulder gently, which caused her the shock of her life as she ran away, screaming in horror. “Ah.” Inoo whispered, “Paper heart.”
“Inoo-Chan!” Takaki called out for him after noticing that he wasn’t with them, “Are you coming?”
“What is this?” Takaki asked as Inoo passed the paper heart carefully to Takaki.
After examining it carefully, Takaki suddenly remembered and took out the paper heart that he had gotten from yesterday. There was also the same handwriting at the back of the paper heart! “Could it be… someone from our school?” he muttered to himself suspiciously, “but… who?”
‘I think that the girl was looking for us. I found her hiding at the corner when we got out.’ Inoo typed hurriedly on his cell phone and passed it over for Takaki to read it.

“A girl? Did you get her name?” Takaki probed further, wanting to know who it was.
Inoo’s answer disappointed Takaki when he shook his head. Takaki, who was deeply puzzled by the mysterious girl, frowned as he continued to stare at the paper heart…

END~ (^-.-^)
“If you are pushed down, then get up again and show him who the winner is.”
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Posted 11/17/08 , edited 11/18/08
it's Megumi's turn to get a revenge on YamaPi~ *harhar!*

So, Akumas must have some kind heart too just like Takaki huh...
Next Chapter PLZ!
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Posted 11/17/08 , edited 11/18/08
oooooh~ Megumi:D!!
lol, devils....can be nice?
luv Kei&&Hikaru in this XD
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Posted 11/18/08 , edited 11/19/08
waaaa it's good...ahah love's pretty funny!! megumi..gomen ne!! i feel so sorry for you!! yamapi!! stupid!!! heheh more plesae
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Posted 11/19/08 , edited 11/19/08
waah! another fic that i caught up on reading!!!yatta!
i want more tenshi chan! should i call you that now?..since tenshi in nippon means angel!

i can't forget the 2nd yabu got hurt...oopz..i said "my"..
waiting for the nxt one! ganbatte kudasai!
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Posted 11/20/08 , edited 11/20/08
hax~ yes Geh-San~ you can call me tenshi chan~ :lol:
i'm so glad that you guys have enjoyed the fic~
Posted 11/21/08 , edited 11/22/08
Angel-chan! SUGOOOOOOOOOI!!!1, I can't wait for the other chapters to be uploaded!
you're a fantastic fanfic writer!! <3
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Posted 11/22/08 , edited 11/23/08
this is great!!
im luvin the flow of it!!
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Posted 11/23/08 , edited 11/23/08
aw~!!! sugoiii... uwa... i like the next chapter to be post soon.
lol.. gomen. ahaha.. (just too excited)

gosh~! i like the flow with it. haha.. inoo's personality crack me up.
uwa~! daichan is soo mean here. lol. i love it. really really. weee...
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Posted 11/23/08 , edited 11/23/08
Chapter 04: So a sensei can have her own troubles too~

“Sensei… were you looking for us?” Takaki asked, “If it has got something to do with Hikaru… then we’re leaving.”
Hikaru narrowed his eyes at Takaki and growled, “Don’t make me sound so bad!!!! I pay attention in class okay!!!”
“Yeah, right… in your dreams!” Arioka remarked sarcastically as he patted Hikaru’s shoulder.
“Urusai.” Yabu said, annoyed at their teasing, then, looking at Yamaguchi Sensei, he asked in a serious tone, “What exactly did you call us here for, Sensei?”
They watched in an awkward silence as they saw Yamaguchi’s face darkened, “I need your help.”
They exchanged glances and wondered what was sensei planning as Yamaguchi gave them a card. “High school reunion party!?” they exclaimed in unison, surprised that Yamaguchi had given them the card, “what are we suppose to do with this!?”
Yamaguchi then slapped her forehead, speechless. “YOU’RE suppose to help ME!!!!” she exclaimed.
Yabu then rolled his eyes as he said, “SENSEI! We know that we’re suppose to help you but if you haven’t noticed… WE HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE GETTING AT!”
“Oh ya .” Yamaguchi then muttered with an awkward smile plastered across her face, “gomen! Heh… heh…

“Okay…” Arioka repeated to confirm Sensei’s plans, “So… you want us to help you to get your revenge on this man.”
Yamaguchi slammed her desk as she stood up agitatedly, looking really cross, “NOT revenge!!!! Just to show him that I can do fine without him!!!! IT’S TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM REVENGE, YOU HEAR ME!?!?!”
“Sensei. Everyone’s looking.” Hikaru muttered as he stared coldly at his homeroom teacher.
Yamaguchi then opened her eyes slowly and scanned the room… all eyes were on her, frightened at her sudden outburst. “Gomenasai! Gomenasai!” Yamaguchi apologized and bowed at her fellow colleagues awkwardly.
“Whatever. It’s still counted as a form of revenge no matter how you’re going to put it, Sensei… besides… we, akumas, don’t do good things.” Takaki said solemnly as he eyed at Yamaguchi who sunk into her seat, depressed at the current situation.
“Fine… fine… fine… you can take it as a form of revenge or whatever way that you want.” She moaned, giving up on trying to explain to the akumas.

Apparently, Yamaguchi recently got… dumped. She got dumped because her boyfriend said that he has found someone better than her. The Akumas could tell that she was feeling really down over the matter but she was still bent on showing her ex-boyfriend that she’s carrying on her life… happily. “Okay then…” Yabu sighed as he stood up, Takaki thought that Yabu was going to volunteer himself when… “Takaki-Kun will go!”
Takaki nearly fell off his chair as he pushed himself up in the midst of horror and shock, “EH!?!?!?!?!” he exclaimed, “Why ME!? Why can’t YOU go, Yabu!?”

“What’s wrong with going with me!?” Yamaguchi exclaimed as she narrowed her eyes at Takaki Yuya, “am I a laughing stock!?”
Hikaru then stood up and explained on behalf of Yabu, “Takaki-Chan… you know that neither of us mixes with older ladies…. Moreover, you can’t deny that you have an affinity with them.”
“Yup.” Arioka chimed in playfully, “out of all the girlfriends that you have dumped… I would say… half of them are working ladies?”
“Gambatte.” Inoo cheered monotonously as all of them stared at Takaki.
“I guess….” Takaki started, “I’ll do it.” He sighed as Yamaguchi exchanged high-fives with the Akumas gaily.
“Demo, Yamaguchi Sensei…” Takaki warned, “Don’t fall for me.”
Yamaguchi smacked Takaki hardly on the back of his head as she reprimanded, “Don’t talk to me like that! I’m still your SENSEI!”

Takaki approached the pebble to check if the girl has replied. To his surprise, the girl wrote about the Akumas! Picking up the paper heart that had unknowingly slipped out of the paper, he read the letter calmly.

I never thought that anyone would be reading my letter. Anyway, thanks for giving me advice… I really appreciate it. I went to look for the Akumas today in hopes of getting to know them. They are well-known for being horrible to girls yet they’re still liked by many.

Takaki was kind of puzzled by her reply, ‘she was looking for us? Why would she want to do that?’ after thinking about what was he going to write, he penned down his thoughts once more.

Why would you want to look for them even after knowing that they are bad guys? Even if they are really bad guys, I’m sure that they have their reasons for doing so.

Folding the slip of paper and putting it back under he pebble again, he sighed, “why do people always think that we’re bad guys?”
Then staring at the slip of paper, he yelled, “Hey, PAPER-GIRL! You should be grateful that I’m even writing back to you!”
Feeling really dumb that he’s talking to a piece of paper, he got up and walked away.

“Remember… act like a 20 year old man!!! Not a high school student!!!!” Yamaguchi reminded the guys once more before they went into the hall.
“Wakata, Sensei!!! Stop nagging already!!!” Takaki moaned, annoyed at his Sensei… who’s been nagging at them non-stop for the past half an hour on their way to the reunion party.
‘Why am I even here? ’ Inoo typed feverishly on his cell phone.
“Because you’re one of us!!!” the akumas exclaimed in unison, “we play together… have fun together… and DO CRAZY STUFF TOGETHER!!!!!”
Yamaguchi’s lips twitched as her face darkened, “I must be crazy enough to have requested help from you CRAZY students.”
Then, staring at the door that they are about to go through, Yamaguchi started to panic and muttered continuously as she took deep breaths to calm herself, “inhale…! Exhale…! Inhale…”

“Yamaguchi…” Yabu said, as composed as ever, “From now onwards… we’re not your students and you’re not our sensei...” then, giving her a rose, he continued, “you’re a beautiful lady who’s about to enjoy this wonderful reunion.”
“Why is it that I actually have a bad feeling about this????” Yamaguchi whined, staring at the guys who were well-dressed for the occasion and even forcing her to put on make up and wearing a silky and elegant red evening dress that she absolutely dislikes.

“Target at 3 o clock.” Arioka muttered to Takaki as they sauntered into the hall, immediately catching the attention of every lady in the ballroom.
“Oh… Ogata-San???” Takaki replied in a soft whisper as he stared at Ogata for a short while from the corner of his eye, “Not really handsome.” He remarked.
“Yamaguchi-San… sorry to say this… but you were dumped by such an ugly creature!?” Hikaru chimed in, unknowingly adding fuel to the existing fury burning within her heart.
“Hikaru-San… URUSAI.” Yamaghuchi muttered, faking a smile at her friends as she made a bee-line to the corner of the room, with everyone still staring at her.
“Long time no see!!!”
The familiar squeals of her former classmates echoed in her ear as she smiled awkwardly at them.That was when they asked in unison, “So… WHERE DID YOU FIND SUCH CUTE GUYS???????”

“Let’s go grab something to eat…” Yabu said as he wandered off, eyeing at the spread of delicacies on the table.
“…and maybe hook up some beautiful girls.” Arioka added, winking at a gorgeous lady who had been staring at him for quite some time now.
“OI!!! They’re leaving!!!! ” Yamaguchi whispered fiercely to Takaki as she tugged desperately at his sleeve, begging him to do something about it.
“Yamaguchi-San… stay calm…” Hikaru tried to calm her anxious heart as Inoo stared at the good looking man in tuxedo… approaching them coolly.
“Coming. ” Inoo said and the others turned to look at the man who was walking towards them with a slender lady beside him.
Takaki smiled wickedly as she sent him a flying kiss, deeply mesmerized by the Akuma. “O-O-OI~!!! What did she just do to you!?!?!? ” Yamaguchi stammered when she noticed what the lady did, “High school students shouldn’t be doing that!!!!!” she whispered fiercely at Takaki.
“URUSAI.” Takaki muttered as he continued to charm the approaching lady with his electrifying eyes that could send shivers down one’s spine.
“Ah~ Yamaguchi-San… I see that you’ve hooked up some younger guys?” he teased with a smirk on his face as he meant to disgrace her.
“Ogata-San… I see that you’ve hooked up a younger lady as well?” Yamaguchi retaliated, staring at him with her dagger-like eyes.

“Looks like we’re going to have a heated conversation here.” Hikaru whispered into Inoo’s ears as he nodded in reply.
Ogata narrowed his eyes at Yamaguchi as Takaki smiled and licked his lips, “Yo, Honey~ you can come over here now.”
“HONEY!?!?!?” Everyone around them exclaimed as they stared at Takaki in bewilderment.
“Gomenasai, Ogata-San… but… I’ve known her longer than you do. I’m afraid she’s mine.” Takaki apologized as he pushed his hair backwards gracefully and started to walk out of the room.

“What… What’s there to apologize about!?!?” Ogata exclaimed as he tried to regain his dignity, realizing that murmurs were starting to dissolve amongst the crowd, “I was just… playing with her! Yamaguchi… Yamaguchi is my REAL girlfriend!”
“Please… help me with this…” he muttered from the corner of his mouth, “I’ll get back with you if you help me…!”
Then, blinking hardly at Yamaguchi, he hoped that she’ll say something to save him from the embarrassment. Yamaguchi looked at him pitifully and by the looks of things, she was going to accept him again when… “Gomenasai… Yamaguchi-San is also my girlfriend!” Takaki yelled, turning back to look at Ogata.
He was really enjoying this, making a fool out of Ogata. “Ja Ne! ” Hikaru laughed, ruffling Ogata’s hair as he went over to join Takaki along with Yamaguchi.
“Why you… ” Ogata growled as he charged at Takaki.
Arioka intercepted his attack and stopped his fist one-handedly, then twisting his hand to his back, “Yamaguchi-San doesn’t like ferocious creatures like you, ne…” he muttered.

“Itai!!!!” He moaned as he attempted to throw Arioka onto the floor but Takaki attacked even before he could make another move, grabbing him by the collar and punching him in his stomach, sending him sliding across the floor in an ungraceful manner.
Doing victorious high-fives with his fellow akumas, he placed his arm around Yamaguchi and they started to walk off. “Ma… Matte!!! Who exactly are you guys!?!?” Ogata hollered, demanding for an explanation.
“Us…?” Takaki replied with a smirk on his face as they turned to look at him from the corner of their eyes, “watashi wa… Akuma des.”
“A… Akuma…?” Ogata muttered, terrified by the look of their glares.
“Ogata…” Yamaguchi started, “you are a nice man… but I hope that you can cherish the people around you.” She advised him out of pithiness before turning away beautifully and made her graceful exit with the guys.

After exiting the ballroom, Takaki’s ‘Honey’ planted a kiss on Takaki’s cheek and waved good bye, Yamaguchi was confused upon witnessing the sight, “Ta…Takaki Yuya… isn’t she your…?”
Takaki looked at her and explained, “oh, her? She just happens to be one of my many ex-girlfriends. I bribed her that I’ll have a date with her if she helps me with this.”
“Why??? ” Hikaru teased, “Yamaguchi-San, is it really hard to imagine Takaki-Kun with older ladies??”
“Mah~” Arioka joined in the teasing, “I guess it’s a waste of his beauty ne… but… who would’ve guessed that Ogata-San is actually dating your ex-girlfriend!?”
As everyone was talking about how they felt about the look of surprise on Ogata’s face before they left, no one realized that Yamaguchi was actually staring at Yabu. “Yabu-Kun… arigato…” Yamaguchi thanked, grateful for their help and seeing them in a different light now that they’ve helped her to kick the butt of Ogata, “…for saying that I’m beautiful.”
“That…?” Yabu asked in disbelief as everyone turned to look at him and Kei smiled, pleased with the sight of his Sensei actually softening up towards the guys.
His sensei had actually thought that he really meant it! He laughed and replied, “It was just to boost your confidence.”
“Na-Na-Nani!?” Yamaguchi exclaimed, horrified that their attitude changed almost immediately after they’ve gotten out of the room.

“Ja Ne, Sensei.” They said one by one as they walked past their teacher.
Kei stared at his Sensei pitifully and patted her shoulder as a form of comfort, then waving his good bye. Yamaguchi stared at them as they left, walking along the lonely street, “these guys… what exactly are they?” she muttered, amazed at how suave they looked even with their backs facing her.
Shaking her head hardly, she snapped out of her thoughts, “Really!!! They’re my students!!! I shouldn’t be thinking of dating them!!!” she exclaimed, but then as she continued to admire their beautiful back views, she continued, “Demo… the akumas…sugoii.”

“You are a nice man… but I hope that you can cherish the people around you.”
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once again,
Yankumi has another love problem XD
Great chappie<3
Posted 11/23/08 , edited 11/24/08
WaaaAaAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Angel-chan! SUGOIIIII!!!! ^-^!!! <3 This chapter was fantastic!!~~~~~~~
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More please >.<
Oh... wait, take ur time, good fics take time~!!
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Posted 11/27/08 , edited 11/27/08

so damn GOOD!
I want CHAPTER 5!!! *haha!*

you're really great angel-chan... I want more!!! *harhar!* LoLz~
Posted 11/27/08 , edited 11/27/08
yes~yes~!! I want moooooooore!!!!!moooooooorrrree!!
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