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FANFIC[MC]~~Watashi wa… Akuma desu

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yeah!!!!!!!!!!... I accept ...
"""""Watashi wa akuma des.."""""
GO!!!!! GO!!! GOOOOOO!!!!!!!
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Posted 11/28/08 , edited 11/28/08's so good!! more onegaishimasu!!
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Chapter 05: Megumi

“I want to thank you guys for helping me out.” Yamaguchi said and offered them a basket of fruits as a form of gratitude.
“Sensei.” Takaki said as he eyed at her coldly and snickered, “We don’t accept fruits… we accept girls.”
That was when Hikaru entered the clubhouse… he noticed the presence of Yamaguchi Sensei and looked at her, “Ah. Tamaguchi.”
Yamaguchi’s lips twitched and her face darkened when she heard her name being made fun of, “Ta-Ta-Tamaguchi…?” she muttered, “THAT’S NOT FUNNY AT ALL!!!!!”
Then, fired up, she hurled her shoe at Hikaru… which was meant to hit his face. Hikaru gasped and ducked immediately, covering his head, “ITAI!!” he heard someone yelp.
“Ah… that sounds familiar.” Hikaru muttered to himself and when he looked up, he exclaimed, “AH. Taro-Kun~!!!! Ohayo~!!!”
Yamaguchi’s shoe dropped off his face as he greeted Hikaru pathetically, “O-Ohayo… Hikaru-Kun….”
Taro wiped his face as he went over to his Sensei to return her shoe, unknowingly smearing the dirty imprint of the shoe all over his face, “Sensei… please aim properly next time…” he requested as Yamaguchi smiled at him awkwardly and apologized for her recklessness.
“Oh… I came here to tell you that a student is looking for you.” Taro said, scratching the back of his head in a sleepy manner.
“Oh…. Arigato!” Yamaguchi replied hastily as she hopped out of the room with one foot, trying to put on her shoe as she did so.

“Akuma…” Erika muttered, “I’ll get back at you one day, Arioka Daiki…”
*Note: she’s the girl that Daiki dumped in the first chapter.*
“Erika-Sama… what should we do?” another girl asked in a soft whisper.
“We’re the anti-akuma group… what do you think we should do??? Torture them of course!!!” she exclaimed, then narrowing her eyes at their poster, she muttered mischievously, “Let the fun begin…”

“URGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Daiki exclaimed as he lifted his foot out from his shoe, “Who did this!?”
His socks were completely covered with sauce!!!! He was changing shoes at the entrance but when he dipped his foot into his shoe… it felt gooey… and URGH!!!! It was covered with this disgusting sauce!!! Changing into a pair of sandals, he dumped his socks into the bin and went into the club house, “Ano… Dai-Chan… why… are you in sandals????” Takaki asked, curiously, eyeing at Daiki’s sandals.
Daiki looked up and was about to answer him when he burst into a fit of laughter! “Ta… Takaki-Kun… sorry to ask… but why is your hair all white!?!?!?”
Takaki rolled his eyes and sighed, “I have no idea which jerk had dared to place a duster on the top of the door… but I’ll make his life miserable once I find out the culprit.”
Daiki then replied with a soft sigh, “Someone put sauce into my shoes and I got them all over my sock… it’s disgusting.”

Inoo was about to enter his classroom when he saw a scary head of a puppet with only one eye, dangling from the door frame. ‘Was this meant to scare me??? ’ he thought to himself, smiling at the puppet awkwardly.
Then, calmly taking out a pair of scissors from his pencil case, he cut the string that was tied to the puppet and threw it into the bin. “Inoo-Chan… can you let me copy your homework???” Hikaru said as he entered the classroom, then, finishing under his desk for his workbook, his hand came upon something… it feels… rough and rather small. Taking it out, he let out a scream of distress, “AHHH~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Concerned, Inoo walked over and stared at what Hikaru had in his extended hand… it was only a plastic cockroach. “Plastic.” Inoo said calmly as he stared at Hikaru, whose eyes were still shut and screaming.
Hikaru stopped screaming almost immediately and looked at Inoo, confused for a moment, “plastic???” he asked.
Then, he brought the cockroach nearer to examine it carefully, then after a few seconds, as if he’s discovered something new, he exclaimed, “Oh~!!!!!!!!!! It’s plastic!!!!!!!”
Inoo smiled at his friend awkwardly as he took out his remote controlled toy car to play with. “But who would want to scare me with this?” Hikaru muttered, then, tapping on Inoo’s shoulders frantically, he asked, “Ne!!! Ne!!! Is it April’s Fool today????”
Inoo shook his head calmly as he set his toy car onto the floor and watch it go round in circles, “then is it Halloween????” Hikaru asked again, trying to make sense of the situation but was disappointed when Inoo shook his head once more, “Then… what could it be????” he muttered, racking his brain for an answer.

Kota Yabu was about to enter the classroom when a sensei halted him in the midst of the hallway, “Kota Yabu!!” she hollered.
“Can you please ask your fans to stop this!?!?! I’m not a delivery girl!!!” the sensei complained as she passed the many presents to Yabu.
“Sensei… if you’re done talking… I need to be the first one back in class… before the rest comes back so that I can get some precious sleep.” He replied coldly.
“You always do that huh?” his sensei muttered as Yabu walked pass her.
Kota Yabu then glared at his sensei when he saw his friends entering the classroom, ‘there goes my precious sleeping time.’ He thought, mad at his sensei.
Then… just at that moment, “AHHHH~!!!!” Yabu heard one of his classmates screaming.

Turning around, he walked over to his friend and made a face when he saw his friend being covered with green paint. “What is this!?!?!?” his friend moaned, wiping the paint off his blazer, “My uniform is all ruined!!! Who’s the culprit!?!?”
Yabu then spotted someone hiding in a corner and started running, suspecting that the particular person whom was eyeing on them is the culprit. “I’ve lost her!” He panted as he came to a stop, swallowing hardly as he tried to catch his breath.

“So… you’re saying that the ones who are actually playing all these pranks on us… are girls???” Arioka asked once more just to confirm, “Eh~ aren’t they afraid?”
Takaki then rested his chin on the back of his hand as he muttered, “Then we’ll play along with them… it’s going to be really interesting.”
Hikaru then added, with an evil grin on his face, “Things are starting to get interesting in this school…”
‘So… what are we suppose to do?’ Inoo wrote on his notebook, staring back at the guys.
“Well… about that…” Hikaru started, “maybe we should just think about it tomorrow!” and ended his sentence abruptly, making everyone roll their eyes.
“Well… I’m going home now.” Yabu announced as he got up and switched off the lights.

They turned around after locking up the room and crashed against the wall the moment they turned around!!! “W-W-WHAT ARE YOU!?!?!?!?” Hikaru stammered, looking at the freaky girl that stood in front of him.
“Human?” Arioka replied as all of them stared at Hikaru with weird expressions on their faces.
“Okay…” Hikaru started again as he made an attempt to change his sentence, “WHO ARE YOU!!?!?!”
“Meg….Meg… Megumi des.” She stammered as she stared at her shoes, shifting from one foot to another unconsciously.
Arioka then bent over and muttered, “Ano… are you looking for us?”
“EEEK!!!!” Megumi shrieked almost immediately when she saw Daiki’s face only inches away from hers, retreating anxiously and knocking her head against the wall as she did so, “Itai!” she cried.
Arioka then rolled his eyes, irritated by her reaction as he straightened himself, “she’s definitely not on my list of favorite things.” He muttered, looking away from her.
Examining her thick glasses, long skirt and old-fashioned plaits, Takaki remarked, “Sorry… but we won’t accept any dates from you.”

"It’s not about that… I… I… need your help!!!! Onegai!!!” she pleaded, “I need to get my revenge on my boyfriend!”
“Uh… if you need to get your revenge then shouldn’t it be… EX-boyfriend???” Hikaru commented.
“Correction… EX-boyfriend.” Megumi muttered timidly.
“Look…” Arioka said, “We’re not a charity organization here, alright? If you need to get your revenge… then go somewhere else. We’re bad people… and for your information… bad guys don’t do good things.”
“JA NE.” Takaki teased with a smirk on his face, pulling at the ends of her plaits, “Country girl.”
As Takaki walked off, he was suddenly reminded of the letters… and he snapped his fingers as he stopped in his tracks. Then, turning around, he looked at Megumi from the corner of his eyes and muttered, “So… she’s PAPER-GIRL… Megumi…”
“Is something the matter?” Yabu asked, curious at why Takaki was staring at the girl all of a sudden.
“It doesn’t look like she’s going to give up anytime soon.” Hikaru remarked, rubbing his chin as he stared at the girl who was still standing in front of their clubhouse.
“We’ll see about that.” Arioka said as he walked away.
“What’s he so mad about?” Yabu questioned, surprised at Arioka’s sudden mood swing.
“He’s probably mad about the way Megumi-San reacted towards him. He doesn’t like it when girls say ‘EEK!’ to him.” Takaki explained.

‘I’ll go after him first.’ Inoo typed on his cell phone, running after Arioka after he has showed the guys his text.
As the rest of the akumas stood in a corner, still examining ‘freaky Megumi’ from head to toe, Takaki thought, ‘Ah… that Yamapi must be blind to date a nerd like her… either that… or she’s a witch.’
“Her hair is terrible.” Hikaru said.
“Her specs are so… old.” Yabu added.
“Conclusion is…” Takaki started, then looking at the others, “even if we’re kind akumas…”
“We’ll never help her.” They ended in unison, turning around and walked away, leaving Megumi still standing in front of their club house.
“I… must… get them to help me…” Megumi muttered as she continued to stare at her own two feet.

END~ (^-.-^)
“We’re not a charity organization here, alright? If you need to get your revenge… then go somewhere else. We’re bad people… and for your information… bad guys don’t do good things.”
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ahahha it's too good..more please!!!!
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so mean of them to turn their cold backs on Megumi~
well, I just hope they'd use it on the girls who played tricks on them~ *harhar!* >=]!
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this ishh too good♥
luvs it :D :D!!
poor Megumi DX
Megumi Revolution w000t!
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more pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Posted 12/2/08 , edited 12/2/08
Daiki really interesting boy ne!! go angel go!!! this fanfic really super duper!! I want to more moreeeeee!!
Posted 12/8/08 , edited 12/8/08
Waaah! This chapter was great, I can't wait for more =D
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waah! ora! i've read it! yatta!
what a nice chappie!
can't wait for the next one!
poor megumi though...
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SuGOIII!!!!!I like Ur fanfic so MUCH!!!!And never get BORED!!haha...Keep writing ne~, Angel!!^_^Go Go!!
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Chapter 06: Megumi… GHOST!

“ONEGAI!!!!!” Megumi exclaimed, bowing in front of Arioka Daiki the moment he reaches school.
“What is this!?!?!?” Arioka screamed as he started to run away, seriously annoyed at her.
Barging into the clubhouse, he turned around immediately when he entered the room, “STOP RIGHT THERE!” he screamed, pointing at her as he tried to catch his breath.
“Please help me!!!” Megumi continued pleading, not wanting to give up so easily.
“Urusai.” Takaki moaned, “WHO IS MAKING SO MUCH NOISE!?!?!?!??!”
Glaring at the door, he saw Megumi and fell off his chair almost immediately! Slapping his face, he muttered, “Urgh… I’m having nightmares even when I’m awake…”
“You’re right… she’s a nightmare.” Arioka said, slamming the door right at her face.
“AHHHHHHHH~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” they heard a familiar scream coming from outside and turned towards the door once more as they watched Inoo coming in with Hikaru, who had his hand to his chest, panting hardly.
“THERE’S… there’s a ghost outside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Hikaru exclaimed, hugging Inoo really tightly, “A horrible looking ghost!!!!!!” he cried, his lips trembling, “I should get my parents here to donate some money to the school to evacuate everyone from this building!!!!”

“Baka!” Yabu smacked Hikaru’s head, “She’s the girl that we met yesterday remember…?”
“The girl…?” Hikaru muttered to himself adorably as Inoo smiled at him awkwardly and he tried to help his friend to recall.
‘Megumi-San.’ He typed on his phone and showed it to Hikaru.
“Oooh~ country girl!!!” he screamed in excitement.
“Hika-Chan! Urusai!” Arioka yelled as he stuffed his earpieces into his ear and shut his eyes.
“Ne! Ne! Is he still mad from yesterday???” Hikaru asked Inoo curiously.
‘Hmmm… I don’t know. Perhaps he still is? ^^’ Inoo replied with his cell phone.
Then, as Hikaru stared at Arioka, Inoo went over to his remote controlled car collection placed in the room and started playing with one of the remote controlled car. “Hika-Chan…” Arioka muttered with his eyes still shut.
“Nani???” Hikaru asked, still staring at Arioka as he wondered if Arioka was still mad about yesterday’s matter.
“Stop staring at me or I’ll send the ghost after you.” Arioka replied coldly, shielding his face with a book.

“AHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Hikaru screamed as he fell over with his hand on his rapidly rising and falling chest, “Hey, GHOST!!!!!! Don’t follow me around like that!!!!”
“Please help me!!!!” Megumi pleaded with her head still hanging low.
“I understand that you want us to help you but…” Hikaru started as he stood up, “THIS IS THE GENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” he screamed, blocking the entrance of the toilet.
“Maybe you should really reconsider who are you getting your help from???” Hikaru explained, “Look… we’re the akumas…. We don’t do good things like helping people, alright?”
“But… I really need your help!!! Please help me!! Just this once!!!” Megumi continued to plead in front of the gents.
“Hikaru-Kun… who is this?” Taro asked him as he walked to the entrance, “your new girlfriend?”
Inoo then stared at Megumi pitifully as Hikaru ran a hand through his hair in an irritated manner, “Taro-Kun!” Hikaru shouted as a brilliant idea came to his mind, “she says she likes you!!!! GO! GO!”
Pushing Taro to Megumi, Hikaru and Inoo escaped from the evil clutches of Megumi. “Ah… finally…” Hikaru panted, “Gotten away from the GHOST… she’s really freaky.”

‘Maybe you should help her instead? She looks really pitiful.’ Inoo typed on his cell phone.
“Inoo-Chan… we understand that she’s hurt… but… for one thing to start with…” Hikaru explained, “We don’t really enjoy doing good things.”
‘Why?’ Inoo typed on his cell phone once more, confused by Hikaru’s weird answer.
“Because we’re akumas… the reason to being an akuma is because we’ve been hurt… not once… not twice… but many times… you understand now?” Hikaru said solemnly.
Inoo stared at Hikaru’s serious face… it’s the first time that he’s seen his friend so upset about something and he nodded, ‘but… have you ever thought of something?’ Inoo asked by typing the question on his cell phone.
Hikaru then looked at Inoo, wondering what his friend was getting at, ‘maybe… if you were to help Megumi… then… maybe you won’t be in so much misery?’
Hikaru bit his lips and nodded his head sensibly, “I’ll get the others to think about that.” He said finally, giving in to Inoo.

“PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!! ONEGAISHIMASU!!!!” Megumi screamed as she stood outside the classroom of Takaki and Yabu.
“URUSAI!” Takaki yelled, irritated at Megumi.
Sure… she’s PAPER-GIRL and he pities her and all but he still can’t change his nature of being an akuma… which means that his policy is ‘never to do good things.’ “Are you quite done with this?” Yabu asked, standing in front of her, “One of the reasons to why your boyfriend left you is probably because you’re too irritating!” he scolded her bluntly.
“I’m not irritating!” Megumi insisted, whimpering.
Takaki raised his voice at her, “You’re not irritating!? You’ve been pestering us for the whole day and you dare to claim that you’re not irritating!?!?”
Arioka, Hikaru and Inoo went to meet up with Takaki and Yabu at that moment when they saw Megumi standing by the classroom door. “Will you just leave us alone?” Yabu said as he shouldered her, walking out of the classroom.
“Don’t follow us.” Takaki said, eyeing at her menacingly, “otherwise… I’ll expel you... one way or another.”
“CHOTTO MATTE, AKUMA!” Erika screamed… her ear-piercing scream echoed in the hallway, causing the akumas to cover their ears in annoyance.

“Who the hell are you…?” Takaki asked as she charged towards them.
Arioka said with a smirk on his face, “She’s my EX-girlfriend.”
Hikaru then chuckled, “Which one is it?”
Arioka then replied with an evil grin, mocking at her, “I’ve forgotten!”
“Inoo Kei-Kun! Maybe you should reconsider who you are hanging out with!” Erika advised, not wanting to admit defeat.
‘For your information…’ Inoo wrote on his notebook while staring at her coldly, ‘I don’t really like girls… although I sympathize with Megumi.’
Then, tearing that page off, he passed the piece of paper for Erika to read. Crumbling the piece of paper and stomping it flat with her feet, she cried, “Even though you’re akumas… you shouldn’t be bullying Megu-Chan like that!”
“URUSAI!” Yabu hollered, angered by her sentence, “What do you know about us?” he muttered and even before Erika could answer his question, he cut her off, “You know nothing! So… if you wish to make comments like that in the future… think twice.”
“Yeah.” Takaki chimed in, “she provoked us first.”
Annoyed by Erika, Arioka tore another page off Inoo’s notebook and stuffed it into Erika’s mouth to stop her blabbers, “Bye-Bye.” He waved good bye before walking away along with the other akumas.
Erika took the paper ball out of her mouth and hurled it angrily into the bin, glaring at the leaving Akumas with bloodshot eyes as she muttered with gritted teeth, “Baka Akumas… I’ll get you one day…”
“Thank you… for helping me.” Megumi thanked timidly.
“I’m only helping you because they’re treating you like that.” Erika explained before walking away, seriously angered by the clique of akumas.

Sitting by the steps and drinking his can of carbonated drink, he checked under the pebble curiously and he saw the slip of paper… as usual.

6. 00 Am. it says on my watch right now. Maybe it’s because I’m really looking forward to your reply that I’m writing this early. I’ve been rejected harshly by the akumas… well… I can’t really expect anything nice out of them but I’ll persevere on to get their attention and help! They have reasons for being bad guys!? That’s total rubbish… but it’ll be a rather bizarre thing if that is true. You’re the only true friend that I have now. What is your name anyway? My name is Megumi.

Takaki had the urge to crumple the letter but hesitated, ‘I’m her only true friend?’ he thought as he stared at the paper once more. Sighing, he took out a black pen and started to write his reply.

Just call me Yu. I’ve known the akumas for a long time and there is no way that they’re going to accept you but I guess I know how you feel… being dumped by your boyfriend like that. I’ve been dumped by several girls just because I’m not their ideal boyfriend.

“Maybe I should just stop here…” Takaki muttered, putting the cap onto his pen and placing the slip of paper underneath the pebble once more.
As he took a huge gulp from his can of drink, he admired the scene of some kids playing football. One little girl fell down all of a sudden and started sobbing hardly, rubbing her eyes with her hands as she sobbed. Takaki was about to go over to help her when he saw a little boy helping her up and holding her by her hand, leading her over to play with their friends once more after brushing the dirt off her dress for her. “Is that love…?” Takaki muttered foolishly to himself as a smile spread across his face.

“I’ve found some information about her.” Arioka said, “Megumi… she was dumped by this guy called Yamapi… who dumped her for a better girl.”
“Oh… so he’s was dating multiple girls too?” Yabu asked, sniffing at the rose on his hand.
“Well… nope.” Arioka replied, “His relationship with Megumi lasted for about 3 years before he switched to his current girlfriend. Yamapi, otherwise known as Yamashita Tomohisa... was well-known in his school but apparently… because of his friends’ jeering at Megumi’s personality and hideous looks, he dumped her.”
“Why am I not surprised…?” Takaki moaned, looking at the field through the open window.
‘Ah… there she is!’ he thought, looking at her writing something on the field with a bucket of red paint, ‘wait a minute… what is she writing!?’
Horrified, he exclaimed as he signaled for them to come over this instant, “Hey guys! Come over here for a minute!”
“What’s the matter?” Yabu asked curiously, looking out of the window as well.
“PLEASE… HELP… ME… AKUMAS… ONEGAI…” they muttered, “WHAT!?!?!?!?” they screamed in unison after realizing what they’ve just read and starting running out of the room in a hurry!
“At this rate… that GHOST will ruin our reputation!” Hikaru exclaimed, walking down the stairs two at a time.
“I’ll call all my gardeners here immediately!” Arioka said as he ran, taking out his cell phone and started pushing the buttons anxiously.
“URGH… I’m getting the urge to call my mom to expel that creep!!!” Yabu screamed as he ran down the stairs as fast as he could.

Reaching the first level, they made a dash for the field, running as fast as they could. Hooking their arms around Megumi, they started to drag her away as she gave a yelp of surprise, “Let me go!!!” she screamed, “Let me go!!!!!!”
“What do you want!?” she asked angrily after they’ve pulled her to a corner of the school, staring straight into their eyes.
“WE should be asking YOU that question, you horrid ghost!!!!!” Hikaru exclaimed slapping his face as Inoo glared at her angrily.
“Oh… right.” It suddenly dawned upon her and her eyes wavered, feeling guilty all of a sudden.
“Look… if we catch you doing this one more time… we’ll cut off your plaits!” Yabu threatened and Megumi gave a sharp yelp, hugging her long plaits as tight as she could.
Tears welled into Megumi’s eyes at that moment and she started wailing so loud that she was causing quite a commotion as pupils gathered to watch, “WE should be the ones who’re crying!!!!!!” Hikaru cried, vexed.
Suddenly hit with a brilliant idea, Takaki stuffed her plaits into her mouth to stop her from crying and they pulled her back to their clubhouse. “Okay… here’s the deal. We’ll help you to get your revenge and you’ll leave us alone FOREVER. OKAY?” Takaki asked as she looked at them with saucer-like eyes, nodding her head hardly with her plaits still stuffed in her mouth.

END~ (^-.-^)
“Is that love…?”
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Waaa....Sugoi!!!I love it so MUCH!!!!hahaha
Posted 12/20/08 , edited 12/20/08
That chapter was GREAT =D can't wait for chapter 7 GANBARE ANGEL-CHAN!
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this is so GOOD <3
can't wait for the next chapter.
when the next will be post?
: )
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