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shieLdembLem wrote:

I think Yabu's gonna fall with that Ayame~ *wootz*

I think the akumas' effort really had gone to waste...
it's just that, they didn't help her too much with Yamapi, that's all~

haha~i think i like Ayame's character~

oops~ i think she's real cute~
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27 / F / JE box | YG hotel...
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kyaa! love the new part!
my yabuu is liking someone in here!
can't wait for the next parT!
megumi shouldn't return back to her old self
i bet she's pretty!
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Chapter 08: Erika vs. Akumas

Yabu-Chan… someone’s looking for you.” Takaki said as he stood at the open doors of the classroom.
School has ended and they were cleaning up the classroom when a girl came to look for Yabu Kota. Looking at the open doors of the classroom, he could see no one and he asked, “Who?”
Clearing his throat, he pulled Yabu out and pointed to a wall, “can you see that shadow? That someone’s behind the wall… she hid over there when she noticed me.” Takaki explained and patted Yabu’s shoulder.
“Oh… I see… you go ahead and lock up the class… I’ll be back soon.” Yabu said as he made his way to the shadow.
Clutching the paw of her bunny tightly, she dragged it behind her as she walked up the stairs, “Oi! Sakurai Ayame!” she heard someone called and turned around, “I thought that it was you…” Yabu said, pleased with himself, “So… you were looking for me?”
Ayame nodded shyly as their eyes met and muttered, “arigato.”
It took Yabu a few seconds to realize that she was actually thanking him for saving her from the girls and he laughed awkwardly as he explained, “Well… I just don’t like bullies… so it was nothing.”
Ayame nodded and waved an awkward good bye before she proceeded up the flight of stairs and that was when Takaki pounced onto Yabu, shocking him. “Who were you talking to?” Takaki interrogated, “Why are you smiling like that!?”
Yabu tried to hide his smile as he explained, “Sakurai Ayame… she came to thank me for helping her.”
“Souka.” Takaki said as he tucked his hands into his pockets, “Well… I just hope you know what you’re doing.”

They were approaching the clubhouse when they heard some noises from the outside and when they’ve reached the door; they noticed that the lock was broken! They exchanged glances and upon opening the door, they found Erika and some guys in there!!! Not only that… their clubhouse was turned upside down!!!! Just then, the rest of the Akumas arrived and Hikaru remarked upon seeing the mess, “Whoa… what happened??? Did a tornado hit our clubhouse???”
“Get out of here.” Takaki warned, “Before we blow our tops.”
A fellow schoolmate walked up to them and poked Takaki on his shoulder as he said, “We’re not leaving until you’ve learnt your lesson of dumping girls!”
Yabu then stared at the three guys with a smirk on his face, “You might want to reconsider that…” he said, “considering the fact that we have the ability to expel you… and… it’s three verses five even if we were to fight.”
Another guy then laughed as he flattened Daiki’s hair, “Ha! Ha! Whatever! I want to see how short guys like him fight me!”
Pissed off that he was mocked about his height, Daiki grabbed the guy by the wrist and twisted his hand to his back, then kicking the guy on the back and causing him to hit the wall. “Who’s the one laughing now?” Daiki said with a frown on his face.
“Are you leaving whilst you can still walk… or do you want us to hurl you out?” Hikaru asked as he stared coldly at Erika.
“I just want an explanation!” Erika yelled as she went up to Daiki, “Why did you treat me like that!?”
Arioka turned away from her menacing glare and replied heartlessly, “As I’ve said before… you shouldn’t believe the words of an Akuma…”
“Just you wait!!!! I’ll make you regret for dumping me!” Erika cried and stormed off.
Hikaru flipped his phone open and dialed a number, “send someone to come clean up the clubhouse… NOW.”
“What’s this doing in our clubhouse!?” Hikaru picked up a baseball and passed it from one hand to another before tossing it over his shoulder… unknowingly hitting Taro.

“Hika…. ITAI!” Taro winced as he covered his forehead with both of his hand in agony.
“Ah!!! TARO-CHAN!!!” Hikaru exclaimed and wanted to go over to greet him when Taro backed off, badly frightened by Hikaru’s ability to always injure him one way or another.
“Hikaru-Kun! Hikaru-Kun!!!” Taro yelled, terrified, “Stay put! Don’t come near me!!! DON’T!!!!!”
“Aww… Inoo-Chan… Taro hates me!!!!” Hikaru whined as Inoo smiled awkwardly and patted Hikaru’s head in consolation.
“Since you’re here… then help out with the cleaning.” Arioka said as he pointed towards the other end of the sofa, “Carry that end.”
Taro nodded foolishly as he helped to lift the chair up along with Daiki to turn it the right way up, “Chotto matte!!! Why am I doing this!?” Taro exclaimed and suddenly lifted his hands away from the chair and causing Daiki to fall over.
“Itai!” Daiki cried, “Oi! Don’t just put down without warning!”
“Onegai!!!!” Taro said as he bowed deeply in front of the Akumas, “I need your help!!! You have to help me no matter what!!!”
“Well if you help us clean up this mess.” Takaki said coldly as he pointed at the disheveled room.
As everyone went back to doing their part to tidy the room, no one was bothering Taro as he desperately tried to explain himself, “My twin sister!!! She’s got a boyfriend who’s cheating on her but…”
“But…?” Hikaru asked as they stopped doing whatever they were doing, “But… you didn’t want to tell her?”
“Hai…” Taro said, looking solemn, “it’s because… I don’t want her to get hurt… but… I was thinking… since you guys are the Akumas…”
“No.” Takaki interrupted him as he returned to doing his chores, “I’m sorry Taro-Kun but we’re not going to do good things such as helping your sister…”
“NO!” Taro said as he went up to Takaki, who had his back facing Taro, “I want you guys… to teach her boyfriend a lesson! Onegai!!!”
“Well~” Yabu said with a smirk on his face, “If that’s the case… then it’s different ne~”
“I think we’re going to enjoy this…” Hikaru chimed in, exchanging glances with the rest of the Akumas.
“But you do know that you still have to help us clean up this mess, don’t you?” Arioka asked as-a-matter-of-factly.

“PAPER-GIRL~~~” Takaki said in a sing-song voice as he sat on the grass and does his usual routine to replying to PAPER-GIRL… Megumi.
“What will you say today~?” Takaki muttered to himself as he took out the paper heart that can always be found in the folded slip of paper.

Yu? Are you a girl???? Well… at least you are much braver than them. They are horrible people!!! They think that they’re so cool, changing girlfriends every now and then… but I think that they are just cowards. They’re unable to face up to their true feelings and fears that’s why they’re like that. They changed my way of dressing and they said that I’m an irritating person!!!!!

‘Megumi actually thinks that I’m a girl!?!?!?!?’ Takaki thought, “She’s pathetic.” He remarked as he took out his pen to reply her message.

I’m a guy. I’ve known the Akumas for a long time and they’re not as horrible as you think that they are. If they advise you to change something… then you had better do as you are told if you really wish to get your revenge on Yamapi. Maybe if you look at them from a different light… they won’t seem that evil anymore.

“I really wonder if I should be doing this…” Takaki muttered as he folded the letter and placed it gently under the pebble again, “PAPER-GIRL obviously doesn’t wish to change herself so why should we even help her!?”
He stood up to leave when he saw a familiar figure walking towards him… it was one of those irritating girls who dumped him in the past. Rolling his eyes, he started to walk away at high speed and halted when he heard someone scream, “Oh, look! Isn’t that TAKAKI-KUN!?”
Turning around, seriously irritated at the playgirl, he threw his bag over his shoulder and with one hand tucked in the pocket of his trousers, he asked coldly, “what do you want?”
The girl then giggled and hooked her arms around her current boyfriend, “Oh, nothing… I thought I saw you and wanted to say hello to you… with my NEW boyfriend. So… I heard that you’ve become what they call… an AKUMA… it hope it wasn’t because of me!” she mocked with a honey-coated voice.
Letting out a deep breath and trying to maintain his coolness, Takaki tugged at the tie of the man and replied, “He’s wearing a tie… must be working huh? Gosh… Yui-Chan… I bet that he’s in his… thirties??? Heh… but I guess you’ll always prefer OLDER guys ne… I’m sorry but I’ve got to go for a DATE now… BYE-BYE.”
Infuriated by his sarcasm, Yui yelled as Takaki turned around to walk away, “So it’s true then!? You became an AKUMA just because I broke up with you! HA! How pitiful!”
Angered by Yui, Takaki towered over her and glared at her menacingly, “what are you trying to do?” her boyfriend asked just at that moment and shielded Yui.
Takaki flashed a wicked smile at Yui’s over-aged boyfriend and grabbed her boyfriend by the end, muttering, “Let’s have a little talk…”
Curious, Yui’s boyfriend went along with him as Takaki guided him to beside the lake and whispered, “Listen… she’s a playgirl… you have no idea how many guys she has dated previously! I pity you, man! She’s going to…”
Yui cautiously tiptoed nearer to the guys and wondered what they were talking about when all of a sudden, her boyfriend marched towards her and started yelling at her!! “Ichijou Yui! It’s over between us!” he hollered and pulled his ring off his finger, throwing it into the lake in disgust.

Takaki went over to Yui and gently caressed her face as he said, “As for you… just you wait and see… I’ll get my revenge… and you won’t like it. Not one bit.”

END~ (^-.-^)
“As for you… just you wait and see… I’ll get my revenge… and you won’t like it. Not one bit.”
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GO TAKAKI!!! *woohoo!*

I feel so good that Takaki would have a revenge against his ex-gf

“As for you… just you wait and see… I’ll get my revenge… and you won’t like it. Not one bit.”

I'm loving every second of it~!
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24 / F / Yuto's BED!!!(:
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sugoii(: love it(:
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Chapter 09: Taro-Kun…. And his troubles????

“THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Hikaru screamed as he burst into the clubhouse, wildly waving the piece of paper in his hand.
“OUCH!!!!!!!!!” Taro gave a yelp as the door shut right onto his face!!!!
“Seriously Inoo-Chan!” Takaki moaned as he took of his ear piece and pointed at Hikaru, “Don’t you find it embarrassing to enter the school with this weird Akuma who does nothing but scream!?”
“Don’t try to sow discord between me and Inoo-Chan!!!!!!” Hikaru growled as Inoo just shook his head in reply to Takaki’s question, smiling sweetly.
“Forget about that, Hika-Chan…” Arioka said drowsily as he rubbed his eyes and sat up on the sofa, “what is awesome???”
“Oh ya…” Hikaru muttered before he flashed the news in front of them, “We are going to have a PROM NIGHT!!!! TADA!!!!!!” he exclaimed as the Akumas gathered in front of him.
“Wait a minute… I think Taro is outside.” Yabu said, “I thought I heard something when you shut the door, Hika.”
“Really???” Hikaru asked as he went to open the door… only to find Taro rubbing his red nose whilst he lay on the floor, “OH!!!! Taro-Chan!!! OHAYO!!!!!” he exclaimed and waved to Taro excitedly.
“Chotto!!!” Taro warned as he stood up and backed away from Hikaru, “Stay away from me!!!!!!”
“Why are you here again?” Takaki asked as he leaned against the door frame, looking at Taro who was standing outside.
“Well… do you have any plans on how to help my sister?” Taro asked timidly, blinking at them.
Rolling his eyes, Yabu replied, “Uhuh… Taro-Chan… we don’t PLAN. We just handle whatever that comes our way… so… in other words… you’ll have to pray that something good happens.”
“Oh… okay then…” Taro muttered as Hikaru waved goodbye to Taro sweetly using Inoo’s hand.

“Oh… so that girl is your twin????” Hikaru asked as they leaned against a wall outside the classroom of Taro’s twin sister… Reina.
“Yes….” Taro nodded his head and then asked, “What!?” when he noticed the Akumas’ staring at him in disbelief.
Hikaru rubbed his chin and shook his head in disappointment as he sighed, “Why can’t you inherit a quarter of your sister’s beauty?”
“You look totally different from her… really.” Yabu added coldly as he continued to stare at Reina.
“Oh! Onii-Chan!!!!!” Reina spotted her brother and started running towards them cheerfully with her friends.
“Ah!!!!!! It’s…” Reina stammered, “It’s the Akumas!!! KYA~!!!!!” she screamed in unison with her friends, “Oh! Onii-Chan! How’d you know them!?!?!?”
Scratching the back of his head, he replied awkwardly, “well… Hikaru-Kun and I are in the same class…”
“Yo… Takaki Yuya des…” Takaki said coolly as his fringe fell beautifully to cover his right eye, making the girls go weak in their knees instantly.
“Hey!!! Don’t do that to my sister!!!” Taro exclaimed, squeezing in front of them and trying to block the girls’ view of the guys.
Pushing her brother away, Reina remarked, “Onii-Chan! Can’t you just learn from Hikaru-San!? You’re so… UN-cool!!!!”
Pointing to himself and gaping at his twin he wanted to say something but ended up opening and shutting his mouth like a goldfish instead, “Gomen ne… Taro-Chan… I guess your sister likes me.” Hikaru said with a smile on his face, making Taro envy him for the immediate attention that he can never get from his twin.

“Reina-San…” Arioka started in a solemn manner, “do you know that your boyfriend is cheating on you?” he asked as he stared coldly at her with his hands tucked in his pockets.
School had just ended not long ago and they were gathered in Hikaru’s classroom as they tried to tell Reina what her brother had discovered about her boyfriend. Reina then eyed at Taro suspiciously and asked, “Onii-Chan… were you the one who told them?”
Taro was about to say something when Reina cut him off, “Onii-Chan! How many times do I have to tell you that Benny-San really loves me!?” she snapped as she glared at Taro.
Seeing that his friend is in distress, Hikaru went up to her and said, “Okay… since you claimed that ‘BANNY-or-whatever-his-name-is’, really loves you… why not call him now?”
“He’s working right now and he doesn’t like people to disturb him when he’s working!” Reina explained, refusing to listen to them, “If you Akumas are here to make me break up with Benny-San, then I’m leaving!”
Stepping forward to block the open door that Reina was walking to, Takaki asked, “Do you really wish to not bother him whilst he’s working… or do you just want to continue to delude yourself?”
“I don’t know what you are talking about.” Reina said as she pushed Takaki away forcefully and ran down the stairs but fell down when she bumped into Sakurai Ayame who was walking in the opposite direction.
“Reina!” Taro called out worriedly as Reina lay sprawled on the floor and glared at Ayame as Ayame tried to stand up.
“Ah! Sakurai!” Yabu called out as he went to help Ayame up, “are you alright?” he asked with concern as Ayame just nodded apologetically at Reina.
“Gomenasai.” She stammered whilst looking timidly at her own two feet with her precious bunny clutched tightly in her hands.
“Watch where you’re going!” Reina growled and turned around to leave with Taro chasing after her.
“Not…” Inoo started as he patted Sakurai’s head gently, “Not your fault.”
Ayame stared at him and blinked a few times as if she couldn’t believe her eyes “Don’t look at Inoo-Chan like that!!!!” Hikaru exclaimed all of a sudden and went to cover Inoo’s eyes with both of his hands as Ayame ran off, badly frightened by scary looking Hikaru.
“Hika-Chan… you just scared her away!” Arioka said as he smacked Hikaru’s head in annoyance.
“That’s because she was trying to steal Inoo-Chan with those cunning eyes of hers!!!!” Hikaru explained anxiously, “I can sense it!!!!! INOO-CHAN is MINE!!!!! NE????”
Inoo nodded and smiled at Hikaru as the others shook their heads in agony, “he’s incurable….” They muttered in unison.

“Jenny-San… is that guy there?” Takaki spoke to someone over the cell phone… it was one of his many ex-girlfriends who happen to be the owner of a pub that Benny goes often.
After a short pause, Takaki had a sneaky smile on his face as Taro looked at him anxiously, “Yosh… our target is there.”
“Onii-Chan!!!!” they heard someone scream, “Sorry that I’m late!!!!!”
Then, turning around, they noticed it was Reina who was approaching them, “Akumas…? What are you guys doing here?” she muttered as she slowed to a stop, then staring at her brother, she demanded for an explanation, “Onii-Chan….! Did you call them here again!? Why?”
Seeing that Taro isn’t answering her question, she turned around to leave but Arioka held her by her elbow and said, “Taro-Kun cares about you… if you really believe that Benny-San truly loves you then prove Taro-Kun wrong.”
“This is the pub that he often visits, right?” Yabu asked and pointed to the pub in front of them, “Let’s go in to see if he’s in there.”
“Are you nuts!?” Reina exclaimed, “We can’t go in there!”
“Not if I have a way to get us in…” Takaki interrupted her before she could say anything else.
“Hi, Jenny…” Takaki greeted a voluptuous lady and she led them to outside a room where you could view the customers in there through a television as there is a camera in each room.
“The man that you asked for is in Karaoke Room 03…” she whispered into Takaki’s ear before she left, “See ya later…”
Smiling, Takaki pointed to one of the screen and said, “There… is your beloved Benny-San…”
Reina gaped at the screen as she couldn’t believe that her beloved Benny was actually hugging another woman in that room! She stared on in disbelief as tears trickled uncontrollably down her cheeks, “No… you must be lying! That’s not him! You guys are liars!” she screamed at the Akumas who were looking at her.

Hikaru laughed and replied, “EXCUSE ME? We’re liars!? Thank you very much for the insult but we can’t be bothered to help if it wasn’t for Taro-Kun!”
“Then stay out of my crappy life if you don’t wish to help because you’re not helping anyway!” she screamed, fuming as she fumbled with her cell phone, trying to call Benny.
Taro could not bear it anymore and wanted his sister to face to truth bravely as he pulled her back to the front of the screen and hollered, “REINA! Look at this man! He’s not worth it! He flirts with other woman!!! He’s a bad guy! Don’t be fooled by his looks! Wake up, will you!?”
Reina broke down completely upon hearing those heartbreaking words and covered her face with her hands as she sobbed hardly, “Then what am I going to do!? It will be so embarrassing!!!! To have a first love like him!!!!”
The Akumas sighed as they watched her break down and Inoo sniffed as he typed something on his cell phone, ‘Can’t we do something to help her? Didn’t we say that we want to teach that trash a lesson?’
“Aha~!” Hikaru snapped as if he was suddenly enlightened by Inoo’s sentences, “Inoo-Chan! I’ve got an idea… let’s go meet Benny-San and show him what Akumas are made of!”

“Are you going in to break up with him now or shall I knock down the door?” Hikaru asked as he pointed to the door… the only thing that is obstructing them from Benny.
“I…” Reina stammered, “I can’t do this! This is too harsh!” she cried, shaking her head in denial to the plan.
Everyone sighed in annoyance at Reina’s indecisive personality as Hikaru tried to knock some sense into her, “Reina… if you go in now, you win this game… but if he were to be the one to initiate the break up… then things will be different. You decide on how you want the outcome to be…you can either prove to the other girls in there that he’s a jerk or you can just wither away in the corner of your room.”
Reina stopped to think of the situation and then muttered, “But I can’t do this alone…”
“Reina…” Yabu called out to her, “We’re all behind you. If anything happens… you can always count on us.”
Reina nodded and gripped the metal knob tightly in her hand, then, inhaling deeply, she twisted the knob and pushed the door open to unmask Benny’s lies. There was screams coming from the ladies for a moment as Benny tried to make sense of the situation and pushed them away forcefully, “What are you doing here!?” Benny hollered Reina.
The Akumas waited patiently as Reina’s hand tightened into a fist as the lump formed in her throat. “I…” She stuttered at first but then after looking at ladies, she yelled, “I WANT A BREAK UP!”
“Huh…” Benny said with a smile, “I’m afraid you’re in no position to do that, Reina-Chan… because you see…. I’M always the one dumping girls. Not the other way round.”
“Then this is going to be the first time!” Hikaru growled and delivered a punch straight towards his face and sending him sprawled on the sofa, “You jerk!”
“Why you…!” Benny muttered with gritted teeth before he pushed away the tables and charged at Hikaru, gripping him by the collar, “Young boys like you shouldn’t butt your noses into matters like these!”
“Well we’ll see about that!” Hikaru yelled as he kicked Benny right in the stomach, causing him to roll on the floor in agony.
Tidying his clothes and making sure that he still looks neat and presentable, Hikaru added, “If you want to have multiple girlfriends then do it in a more discreet manner and not act as if it’s something to be proud of!”
“Damn!” Benny winced, “Who are you to say that to me!?” he managed to ask despite the pain from the kick that was delivered, trying to save one bit of his dignity.

“Watashi…?” Hikaru sneered, “Watashi wa… Akuma des.”

“I still can’t believe that I just did that…” Reina whispered once they are out of the pub.
Taro then put an arm around her and consoled her, “Don’t worry, Reina… I’m sure that the next guy will be better than this one.”
Turning towards the Akumas, Reina bowed deeply and thanked them from the bottom of her heart, “thank for helping me out… and the things that you’ve said to snap me out of my world of fantasy.”
The Akumas then sniffed as Arioka said, “you know… you shouldn’t believe a word that an Akuma says…”
“Huh?” Reina stared at them in confusion, “what do you mean by that?”
Laughing, Yabu pated Reina’s head and explained, “What Arioka meant was… you shouldn’t believe a word that we’ve said earlier on to encourage you.”
“Ja Ne.” they said one by one and they ruffled Taro’s hair playfully as they left.
As the two watched them leave, their cell phones rang at that moment, “Stay strong and you’ll find love. Inoo Kei.”

END~ (^-.-^)
“Stay strong and you’ll find love. Inoo Kei.”
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yay~!!! my imouto posted it already~! yosh... yipee... banzai!!!
hahaha.. i greatly loves it nee..~!! chuuuuuu... mwaaa
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Chapter 10: Target… set.

“Let’s go dancing together, Inoo-Chan!!!!!!” Hikaru exclaimed when he met Inoo at the school gate, “it’ll be great!!!”
Inoo smiled and nodded in reply as they walked into the school… it was only after a few seconds when they reached the hallway when he was spotted by a throng of geeks, “Matte!!!!” they the leader screamed, “Hikaru-Sama is there!!! Minna!!! Get him!!!!”
Not knowing what was going on, Hikaru’s first reaction was to run away from the crowd with posters of him in their hands, terrified by the number of people looking for him.
“Hikaru-Sama!!!!! We love you!!! Don’t run!!!!!!!” Hikaru heard them scream and was more horrified than ever!!!
“Are they gays!?!?!?!?!?!” he screamed whilst he ran, “stop coming after me!!! I’M NOT GAY~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Stopping, he suddenly muttered to himself, trying to make some sense out of the situation, “Chotto Matte… why am I even running!?”
Inoo, who had been running with him all along, slowed to a stop beside him as the crowd approached them. “STOP RIGHT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Hikaru hid behind Inoo and screamed at the crowd, frightened by the amount of attention that he was getting.
“Hikaru-Sama~!!!!” the leader spoke, his thick spectacles sliding down the bridge of his nose as he wiped the sweat from his head, “your charm is overwhelming! The aura that you give out is just… ah! Indescribable!” he said dramatically as the others nodded their heads in excitement.
“Inoo-Chan!!!” Hikaru whispered desperately into Inoo’s ears as the leader continues to sing praises of Hikaru, “save me!!! Think of SOMETHING!!! ANYTHING!!!!”
Realizing that their beloved idol is whispering to Inoo so ‘tenderly’, the crowd got mad and asked, “Who is HE, Hikaru-Sama????” they asked in unison.
That was when Hikaru had a brilliant idea and he yelled, “INOO-CHAN!!! SUKI DES!!!!!”
Everyone inhaled sharply as Inoo smiled sheepishly at them and did a ‘peace’ sign with his fingers as he said, “PEACE~”
“EH~!?!??!??!?!?!?!?!?” the crowd exclaimed as they stumbled over in disappointment, “Hakaru-Sama is taken!?!?!?!?!?!?”

“EXCUSE ME!!!” Hikaru screamed over the squeals of the excited girls as he squeezed through them, “COMING THROUGH!!! COMING THROUGH!!!!”
“What are they doing outside???” Hikaru panted when he finally managed to get past the crowd that was blocking the entrance of the clubhouse.
Annoyed by the amount of noise that the girls were making, Arioka had stuffed his earpiece into his ears, trying to catch some precious sleep time as he answered, “Because we’re too handsome to be true.”
“Why are the curtains drawn???” Hikaru asked curiously.
“Because Akumas are sensitive to light.” Arioka replied monotonously.
“Heh?” Hikaru narrowed his eyes at Daiki as he ran towards the sofa and sat on Daiki’s stomach, making him jerk, “Stop making lame jokes, Dai-Chan!!! I’m very serious here!!!!!”
“WA-KA-TA!!! WA-KA-TA!!!!!” Daiki screamed in protest, “Get off me this instant!!!! You’re heavy!!!”
He stood up and pulled Hikaru over to the window where normally, they would enjoy observing the clusters of schoolmates hanging out or playing soccer… but today was different. As soon as Daiki opened a gap to allow Hikaru to see what was going on, Hikaru could hear the ear piercing screams of their fans and hid behind the curtain immediately!!!!!!! “Oh, Inoo-Chan!!! What should we do!?!?!?!???!” Hikaru panicked and hugged Inoo adorably, “we’re being haunted!!!! These girls are like wolves!!! They want to eat me!!!!! Save me!!!!”
Inoo patted Hikaru gently on the shoulder to comfort him as Takaki went over to smack Hikaru’s head in disgust, “Oi! Oi! Oi! Inoo-Chan has got to decide who he’s going with to the prom and that partner definitely isn’t going to be you!!!”
“I know that~” Hikaru whimpered as he went up to Yabu, who was reading a book, and asked, “Yabu-Chan~ have you found a partner yet???”
Yabu thought for a moment and he exchanged glance with Takaki, who wasn’t sure what was on Yabu’s mind… but could somehow guess it. ‘He isn’t thinking of inviting that Sakurai Ayame… is he?’ Takaki thought as he took out his ear piece to listen to his favorite songs.
“Nope.” Yabu replied, much to the relief of Takaki, who had been worried about Yabu inviting Sakurai.

“I want to touch those tender lips of yours…” Takaki muttered as he crushed the photo of Yui and her beloved sister.
Licking his lips in a seductive manner, he’s already decided his next target… and it would be none other than Yui’s sister… Yuko, who just happens to be in their school. “Lucky her…” he whispered to himself as he aimed the photo at the bin and watched it bounce against the wall lightly before hitting the brim of the bin and dropping in, “target… set.” He continued with a sneaky smile.
“Have you picked your prom night partner yet, Inoo-Chan?” Arioka asked Inoo out of concern as Inoo shook his head in reply.
“This can’t do…” Yabu said, “I know… we’ll have a match-making session for Inoo-Chan!!!”
“NANI!?!?!?!?!?” Hikaru’s ear piercing scream echoed in the room as he hugged Inoo tightly, “THERE’S NO WAY I’M GOING TO SHARE INOO-CHAN WITH ANYBODY!!! NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
“Hika-Chan… if you’re not letting Inoo-Chan have a match-making session then I’m going to call the GHOST.” Yabu threatened and Hikaru nodded in his utmost unwillingness.
This threat is quite efficient after all as Hikaru agreed to let Inoo go for a ‘match-making’ session. There was a gentle knock on the door and the Akumas eyed at Hikaru, saying, “Hika-Chan… get the door.”
“I’m not your servant~!!!!” Hikaru moaned but he went to open the door anyway, opening it slowly for fear that it’s going to be a throng of excited fan-girls as they always seem to have this weird habit of pouncing onto any Akuma that they see.
Shutting his eyes, he opened the door slowly… then upon hearing the weird silence that he was greeted with, he smelt something familiar… the scent that only one person would have…. “GHOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Hikaru screamed almost immediately after opening his eyes as he rushed over to Inoo’s side, “Country-Girl is back!!!!!! AHHH~!!!”
“What are you doing here?” Arioka questioned with a cold stare, uninterested at what she was about to say, “since you don’t wish to be changed, please get out. Our clubhouse doesn’t welcome unwanted and unsophisticated guests like you.”
“But…!” Country girl Megumi persisted, stomping her foot onto the floor agitatedly.
“OUT.” Arioka cut her off even before she could complete her sentence, “we tried negotiating once but apparently you think that we’re in the wrong… so… get out.”
Megumi opened her mouth to speak but was once more cut off by Arioka, “OUT.”
This time… he means it and the other Akumas stared at her coldly, trying to intimidate her and make her back off by herself. Unfortunately, when her stubbornness pairs up with her persistent personality, there is absolutely no way that she’s going to wriggle out of this situation. “Please listen to me!” Megumi said finally, ignoring the awkward atmosphere that is slowly arising in the room.
“You didn’t even listen to us the other time so why should we listen to you?” Arioka snapped, “frankly saying… it’s just a waste of out time and saliva talking to you right now, you country-girl.”
“I can’t be bothered… tell me when it’s over.” Takaki said and stuffed his ear piece into his ears as he pretended to be asleep.
The truth is… his MP4 wasn’t even switched on and there was no music coming out of the ear piece because he wanted to hear what Megumi has to say. “Say your stupid piece, be done with it and get out of here.” Yabu said coldly as he admired the banquet of rose that he had settled into the antique vase not long ago.
Megumi was about to start her sincere apology when Yabu Kota, who was totally uninterested in what she was about to say, left the room with a rose in his hands, the fragrance of his cologne lingered in the room even after he has left.
Exchanging glances with Arioka who was sitting up on the sofa upon seeing that Yabu left the room, Hikaru wondered if he should leave as well. He went to take his bag when Inoo grabbed him by the elbow and shook his head, ‘let’s wait for a while longer and see what she has to say.’ Inoo typed feverishly on his cell phone and showed it to Hikaru who nodded his head to Daiki, indicating that he’s staying on to listen to Megumi’s explanation.
Crossing his legs coolly as he sat on the armchair that seems to engulf him, Daiki asked, “Okay then… what story have you cooked up this time to make us help you?”
“I…” Megumi stammered as Takaki frowned… but with his back facing her, Megumi couldn’t see how Takaki was reacting towards her speech and THAT was certainly annoying her… especially if she doesn’t know if anyone at all is paying attention to her!
“I… came to…” she continued timidly, tugging at the sleeves of her shirt anxiously as she spoke, “I came to… apologize to all of you….”
Hikaru laughed and made a sarcastic remark, “I thought that you were always right…? Why are you apologizing to us? You haven’t done anything wrong!”
“I… want to apologize for…” she stuttered, looking at her own two feet and shifting uncomfortably from one foot to another, “for letting your precious efforts go down the drain…”
“I… I…” she stammered uncontrollably, “I really need your help… so… please help me!!!!”
Arioka approached Megumi as Megumi backed away from him until she came to a wall and could no longer take a step backwards. “Megumi-Chan….” Arioka said as he put a hand on the wall for support as he leaned closer to her… so close that their lips were almost touching, “how may we help you then…?”
“EEEEKKKKKKKK!!!!!” Megumi squealed as she pushed Daiki far away from her, “Please don’t do that!!!!” she screamed with her face burning red, “I’ll come back later!!!! Bye! Bye!” and with that, she ran away with her head facing her two feet the whole time and crashed onto a wall.
“Ow… that must’ve hurt.” Hikaru remarked as he slapped his face.

“Inoo Kei’s prom night date selection starts now.” Yabu announced as the patient girls sat according to the number tags that were allocated to them.
The queue had surprisingly gone all the way down to the first level!!!!! “NO!!!!” Hikaru screamed as Arioka tried to hold him back, “Nobody can be Inoo-Chan’s partner~!!!!!!!” Hikaru continued screaming tearfully, “INOO-CHAN!!! DON’T WORRY!!! I’M COMING TO SAVE YOU!!!!!”
“Don’t be an idiot, Hika…” Arioka muttered as he tugged at Hikaru’s pants, trying to keep him away from Inoo Kei who was too busy waving at the girls to pay any attention to Hikaru.

“Right… if you want us to change you, then you are obliged to abide by the rules.” Arioka said coldly as he arranged his poker cards neatly on the coffee table.
“First…” Takaki started as he stared at her, “No walking near us if you’re not going to talk to us.” He announced, “I don’t want to be caught talking to a country-girl like you.”
“Second.” Yabu said right after Takaki has finished his sentence, “don’t wear long skirts without our permission otherwise we’ll cut it for you!”
“Thirdly…” Hikaru joined in the fun, “if you’re going to tie THAT country pumpkin plait then we’ll just have to cut your hair!”
Hugging her long plaits tightly in her sanctuary, she then stared at Inoo and asked with trembling lips, “Then… Inoo-San…. What’s… your rule…?”
‘Mine is simple.’ Inoo wrote on the whiteboard in their clubhouse, ‘we’ll snap your glasses if you wear it.’
As Inoo smiled at her innocently, they watched Megumi sit on the floor, weak in her knees, “Inoo-San…” she muttered as she blinked in shock, “you’re even scarier than the other Akumas….”
“Oh ya… Takaki!” Yabu said as he threw a ball of paper towards Takaki who was sitting on the other creamy white sofa, “here’s the girl that you wanted!”
“Ah.” Takaki said as he caught the ball of crumpled paper, “Arigato.”
“The girl that you wanted!?” Megumi exclaimed as she stood up hurriedly, “Ne!! Ne!!! Are you going to toy with that girl!?”
“Oi, Dai-Chan… come with me.” Takaki said as he threw his bag over his shoulders, pushing Megumi away ruthlessly as she wanted to stop him.
“Takaki-San!” Megumi yelled, “Please stop hurting their feelings! I’ve been through that and it hurts a lot! Please stop toying with their feelings!”
“URUSAI!” Takaki hollered as he towered over her and glared at her with so much hatred in his eyes that it made her felt so small and terrified, “what do you know about us…? NOTHING! So, don’t tell me what to do!”
As Takaki stormed off, Arioka added, “Rule number 5. Don’t interfere with our matters.”

“Takaki… why did you ask me to tag along?” Daiki asked curiously as he leaned comfortably on the hard wall, trying not to be bothered by the girls that were constantly giggling around them and taking photos of them.
“That girl… Yuko… she’s Yui’s younger sister.” Takaki whispered as he pointed to the girl who was busy giggling away with her bunch of foolish friends.
“So… what are you plotting?” Daiki asked as he narrowed his eyes at Yuko, “you want to eat her up?”
“Hey, quit joking.” Takaki laughed as he slapped Arioka lightly on the stomach, “she’s my next target.”
“Ah… I see.” Daiki replied in a soft whisper, “Well… it so happens that I’m looking for somebody as well.”
“Well… you do remember that in Junior High…when I had my first love?” Arioka questioned as he flipped open his cell phone and started playing the games in it as Takaki nodded his head, winking at Yuko every now and then to seduce her.
“I found her.”
“Honto?” Takaki asked, surprised that Arioka Daiki even bothered to look for that ruthless girl, “you’re not thinking of trying to get her back… are you?”
“Well… I was.” Daiki admitted guiltily, “But I remembered how she cheated my feelings and I guess… it should be rather fun… torturing her a bit.”
“You’re going to meet her?” Takaki asked as they walked over to Yuko… it’s time to make their first move.
“Ya.” Daiki replied in a soft whisper, “and I’m going to make her pay.”
“Yo…” Takaki greeted, “Takaki Yuya des… nice to meet you.” Takaki introduced himself fluently without any stumbles, “This is Arioka Daiki… I believe you know us?”
“Of course!!” the girls squealed in unison, excited that the Akumas were talking to them.
“Yuko-San…” Takaki asked coolly, “will you be my date for the prom night?”
“I would love to.” Yuko replied shyly, her face blushing.
‘Target achieved.’ Takaki thought as Arioka and him smiled in delight.

The Akumas accepted my request today… I was a bit overwhelmed by them, honestly speaking. Maybe you were right… that they do have their reasons for being bad. Today, Takaki Yuya screamed at me, saying that I know nothing about them. at that moment, I was thinking… maybe I should get to know them as they try to help me… maybe I could figure out something to help them. I suddenly realize that there’s so much sorrow and misery in their eyes that they can’t seem to express it using words… but how do I help them?

A tear trickled down Takaki’s face as he read the note. “She saw it.” Takaki muttered to himself as he bit his lower lip, “She saw our sadness.”
Her words suddenly rang in his mind… “Please stop hurting their feelings! I’ve been through that and it hurts a lot! Please stop toying with their feelings!” her shrill scream that echoed in his ears as the flashback played like a silent movie.
“Yuko…” he muttered as he was reminded of the girl that he had spoken to earlier on with Arioka Daiki.
For the first time, he was having second thoughts about hurting a girl. His decision was wavered by words that were made by the PAPER-GIRL. Feeling apologetic towards Yuko, he whispered, “Gomen ne, Yuko… but Yui forced me to do this.”

I would advise you to leave them alone. The Akumas may have accepted your request but that doesn’t mean that you’re their friend. They may not like your presence, so try to stay away from them.

‘That should do the trick.’ Takaki thought as he slipped the paper heart into his pocket and folded the slip of paper and placed it gently under the pebble, ‘otherwise she’ll just keep on pestering us like an irritating fly.’

END~ (^-.-^)
“What do you know about us…? NOTHING! So, don’t tell me what to do!”
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you finally updated~!

but damn, I was too late to talk with 'ya..
damn computer, it didn't wake me up when you were online~
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Yinnnn... cliffhanger... NOOOOOO
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I'll not be updating this anymore~ i'm sorry...
for people who still wish to continue reading this fic~ please go over to my friend's Livejournal page to read it~
it's here:
because i'm seldom at cr now~ i'll finish JUMPing to my heart asap....
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Angel_AverageGal wrote:

I'll not be updating this anymore~ i'm sorry...
for people who still wish to continue reading this fic~ please go over to my friend's Livejournal page to read it~
it's here:
because i'm seldom at cr now~ i'll finish JUMPing to my heart asap....

you're ~chu cruel~~

you ish gonna leave me?!
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hehe hikaru usually as everytime he is really sugoi!!
but thats true angel !!!! why you?
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shieLdembLem wrote:

Angel_AverageGal wrote:

I'll not be updating this anymore~ i'm sorry...
for people who still wish to continue reading this fic~ please go over to my friend's Livejournal page to read it~
it's here:
because i'm seldom at cr now~ i'll finish JUMPing to my heart asap....

you're ~chu cruel~~

you ish gonna leave me?!

Lol~ shie-chan, don't worry~^^
i'm not leaving cr ~<3
i'm just... seldom over here now~^^ but i do come back to check my mails and reply to notifications~^^
do drop me a message or send me a pm~^O^
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SEVgi wrote:

hehe hikaru usually as everytime he is really sugoi!!
but thats true angel !!!! why you?

LoL~ sevgi nee-chan~^^
don't worry~ haha~ i'll still be checking my mails so feel free to leave me a message~^^
or pm~^O^
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