Sung Si Kyung
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Facts about him:

Sung Si Kyung (성시경) (born April 17, 1979) is a K-pop ballad singer. Most famous for his soothing vocals, Sung Si Kyung became a singer through an internet audition. His first hit single was "내게 오는 길 (The Road to me)" in November of 2000, followed by his debut album, "처음처럼 (Like the Beginning)" in April of 2001. He currently has seven full albums - five are traditional ballad/pop albums, a "remake" album and a "special" album called Try to Remember. He also released a "best of" album in Japan which includes his first Japanese title. His first career digital single "한번 더 이별 (Farewell Once Again)" was eventually distributed as a single album CD in response to public interest. His sixth and final pre-army personal album will be released in 2008.

Sung Si Kyung is under Jellyfish Entertainment, and has been educated at SaeHwa High School and Korea University (sociology major). He also attended the Graduate School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Korea University. Between October 2005 and May 2008, Sung hosted a nightly radio program on MBC FM4U called "푸른밤, 그리고 성시경입니다 (Blue Night with Sung Si Kyung)".

if u guys know Spring Waltz korean drama, he sang one of the OST Like the season returns...
here is the link

he's currently at the army we wont hear anything from him yet but his songs are still popular...
try watching him in all variety shows like love letter and xman...he's kinda funny especially that kiss me dance...haha
here's the clip of SSK doing the KISS ME DANCE in XMAN...kkkk

also,he filmed some banjun dramas...really dorky and funny...i think messy hair really suits him haha
try listening to his songs....really great...he's indeed the prince of ballad of korea!
most recommended songs of SSK:
잘 지내나요 jal ji nae na yo (take care)
한번 더 이별 hanbon do ibyeol (Farewell Once Again)
lately (originally stevie wonder)
i have downloaded some of his songs..
so if u cant find them,just PM me..ill give u the link...

sung si kyung!!!fighting!!!
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he has such an amazing voice. i love him in star golden bell, x-man
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Sung Si Kyung

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