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Our Song

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F / In the middle of...
Posted 11/11/08 , edited 11/25/08
Title:Our Song
Genre:Romance,Mystery,(some) Action,supernatural
Summary:Anna Grace also known as angel is a 14 year old girl,who is just beging her secret carrier as a singer.But what happens when her identity as Angel Belle is a threat and her secret is discovered that she is actually a normal,sweet,innocent,naive,girl with no idea what love is?What will happen when one day after church she gets a sudden sence of bad luck?
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F / In the middle of...
Posted 11/13/08 , edited 11/21/08
Chapter 1-Bad Dreams

I walked through the long currodor of rooms,and leaned my body against a dark gray brick wall

Feeling my way through the darkness

It was cold

And I couldn't find any signs of light

My heart pounded as my fingers curled into a fist and I closed my eyes to find the same darkness

'Its just a dream,Just a dream'Thoughts rushed convincinly to my head

But I had,had this dream MANY times and I know were i was leading

I didn't want to see it again

It hurt too much...

It was SO scary no matter how many times I'd seen it and it wasn't for the reason that many would think it would be

It was for that boy,a boy with silkey looking red hair,and cold eyes.

Not for the monsters and the person that lumpinated around him.No.

I finally reached the end of the wall and opened my eyes to see a light

A very dim light,and the sounds of screaching,and people talking.Or things talking,in another language.

I followed the noise,no longer needing the wall for support and opened the door a creak to make out a few words from someone with midnight sky black hair and eyes,above the beutiful boy who lay on the floor.

He stood above him looking extra scary with his peircing black eyes,and the sword that he clutched in the palm of his hand,ready to take the final blow to the boy that stood under him

"Do you understand the choice you have made!?"The man roured

The boy didn't shudder like I did from his words

He mearly stared,eyes looking empty,at the man who looked down at him pitifully,and in rage.

"I do"He said emotionlessly

"Asshoiating with the one you are supposed to hunt and kill"Someone spat out,only to be killed instantly by a gun held by a man who stood near the boy and man.

The man continued "Then you may die.No one may never live for such a crime"He hissed acidly

The boys eyes stayed emotionless,and empty as to people...things,picked him up by the arms and pulled him towards a metal bar that seemed to suddenly apeer their

The things...gaurds,tied him to the pole/bar with metal chains.Tying his arms,and legs

It was horrifying,and when I saw the man with the swords step forward something snapped in me and made my mouth move

"No!"I screamed

Heads spun in my direction as my body began to move on its own,only to be stopped by the chained boys peircing stare.

I stepped a foot back,finally relizing I had controll over my body once again,but not my emotions

Tears welled up in my eyes unwillingly as I saw the man smiled darkly and snap his fingers as he stepped backwords too and watched as the things/gaurds moved towards the boy

"Torchure him,till he' dies!"Someone shouted

"Send de' dragons,to eat ye' own flesh"Another screamed out willingly,not scare that he was going to far and was going to get shot in the head too.

I stared in horror as the things raised their wips and thrashed it at the boys flesh

I heard his painful gasp of air,and the hushed scream that he tried to hold

It hurt to much to see this

Tears rolled down my cheeks as the boy body began to reddin,and soon bleed.

"NO!"I screamed again as I launched myself at the creatures unwillingly.


I saw the lights flicker on and heard the rummiging of my mothers footsteps as she picked me up and craddled me in her arms.

Hushing me,and trying to calm my down

"Its okay hunny"She whispered,her breath smelling of mint

"It was just a dream"She continued

Tears fell from my cheeks and onto her clothes,making them damp

"No"I continued to whisper as minutes past I tried to calm down for my mothers sake

She couldn't deal with the stress at the momment

She was pregnant,she had to stay calm for her,and the babys health

So I wanted to be calm and say "I'm okay"And smile happily at her without a care in the world making m looking as though it were true and wasn't as big a lie as it was

But I couldn't trust my voice

It would sound desperate,or I would somehow sob.

I knew this 'cause this happened often.

Slowly minutes past and I began to calm down

My deep breathing seasing,and my eyes starting to hurt and my face feeling really warm

"I'm okay"I finally said as I pushed her lightly away from me

Making sure she knew I wasn't upset with her

"Did you have the same dream sweety?"She asked,ignoring my lie

I nodded,rubbing my eyes

"You have to get some better sleep hunny.Maybe this working is the problem--"

"It isn't mama,I know it isn't"I whispered.And it was the truth

"If it was the cause,the dreams would be happy"I continued

She nodded absently.Trying to think

I began to stare at her

Relizing her hair was messy and she was wearing a purple fuzzy rob with one slipper on her left foot and the other one missing,sitting bythe doorway.


She must have been worried.

'I don't like worrying her,and I probly woke her up too...'My thoughts wandered as I began to spoke

"Sorry mama,I woke you up again.You can go back to sleep"I whispered lightly.Trying to make a good fake smile

I really didn't want to be alone right now

My heart was still beating a mile a minute and my hands were still shaking,and I had a strong feeling of nausia coming over me.

But it wasn't right to be selfish and be a burden over someone.


"I'm okay mama."I continued

She stared at me curiously for a few minutes but finally stood up and walked towards the door

"If you have any more bad dreams toonight come and sleep with me in my bed,okay Anna?"She said,sounding concerned

I smiled weakly at her,and nodded.

I really wnted to do that right now.

I shook my head absently at the thought when she left and lied back down on my bed

My head barly touching the pillow.

"Too Tired"I whispered as I placed a arm over my eyes.

Ignoring the sudden uneasyness from the darkness that overlapped the room.

Anna Grace,14 years old.Daughter of Laura Grace,and Lance Grace.

My father is now desseased and at the momment I am taking care of my pregnant mother.

Also...I have a secret that no one,but mama knows

I am a secret popular singer for "Heavenly Wings" corrpuration.Named Angel Belle.

Its kind of hard to keep my real life from the world,and my friends but its probly fo the best.

My celebraity friends probly wouldn't like me anymore,and my normal friends would probly think of me as a snob,or too good for them or something stupid like that.

And if they DID know and opsepted it then my celebraiy friends and normale friends might hate each other.

So at the momment I feel like Hannah Montannah in a strange way...

But at the momment its hard not sleeping when I get the time to actually sleep,and not be able to because of these dreams.

But all I knew was I had to get some sleep,and not worry my friends and mother.

After long quiet minutes in the darkness my body began to feel light.

And soon I fell asleep.

Not nowing what my future would be like tomorrow....
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F / In the middle of...
Posted 11/13/08 , edited 11/14/08
sry isn't THAT great,but I'm gonna try! TY FOR READING!!
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F / Northern California
Posted 11/16/08 , edited 11/16/08
ya! nice job! cant wait till next time
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F / In the middle of...
Posted 11/16/08 , edited 11/16/08
lol ty but I'm gonna re-do it! When I wrote this I forgot the whole way I was gonna start it off XP and then I rememembered it in class (actually I yelled it out and many laughed lol) so ya redoin it now..
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Posted 11/16/08 , edited 11/16/08
kk I re-did so plz re-read!! XD
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F / Northern California
Posted 11/16/08 , edited 11/16/08
Okay ^^ I like it better this way
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Posted 11/16/08 , edited 11/16/08

kyahikaru wrote:

Okay ^^ I like it better this way

hehe ty!I do too.When I finished it the first time I felt really bad.I felt I didn't try my hardest or hve fun with it so yeah I re-did it! hehe I'm glad u liked!!
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Chapter 2-Bad Luck

I woke up in the morning with the smell of eggs and pancakes in my room,and a headack the size of turkey

I felt so sleepy and groggy

The dreams weren't as bad after the first dream before.I find that they aren't as bad when I've already had it that day.

I rubbed my eyes sleepily,not ready for the day.Let alone rushing to church and back home to get ready for a photoshoot.

But I didn't want to worry mama,and waste her breakfast that she made,so I took a deap breath of the pancake,and egg filled and tryed not to gag

I really did feel unwell.

I stood up,walking in the direction of my small closet and pulled the doors open and looked for a dress,or a skirt or something exseptiple at church.

And make my pale face compliment my outfit and make it look like this as natural,and I wasn't having some sort of hangover.

I decided apon a dress that mama had said looked good with me

It was an all white nee-high dress with a pair of matching shoes,and long white cotton socks.

I walked downstairs with my usual run;trying to make myself look natural; and sat myself down at my seat were mama had already left soom eggs on the plate in front of me.

"Hi hun.Are you hungry?"She asked,flipping some eggs at the same time.Not looking at my drowsy eyes.

I nodded absently "Yep!"I smiled

I then began to dig into the plate full of food,to my despair she had added some seconds.

I continued to eat quickly,trying not to look up at her as she sat herself down,and not get egg on my dress.

"You look cute hunny"She said smiling,as she placed her head in between the palms of her head.Keeping her head up.


We had somehow made it to church in record time without a stain on my dress or anything

Mama had decided to wear a black skirt,and a white long sleeved shirt which complemented her pale skin tone.

It had now been about 20 minutes and as far as I could say their were 40 more minutes till church was over.

Not that I minded it,they were just talking about this apple that was evil and turned Adam and Eve evil.

And it seems all so sad

It makes tears come to my eyes

It just didn't seem right in my opinion

I don't know why it affected me so much

But I guess this is were "greed" came from...

Soon the minutes turned into an hour,and it was time to leave

As usual I helped Mrs Clark to put some extra chairs away,and helped her collect some money deposits for the church.

My mama left a few minutes ago to go to an ultra song

I wonder if she's upset with me for not coming with her...

"Anna-dear your such a kind child"Mrs Clark gushed as she sat down in a wood stool.Breathing deeply.

"I wish all children would help out as much as you"She smiled,as I flushed and sat the chairs down in the storage room

"Thats not true..."I murmured,my eyes on the floor "Many people have kind hearts"I chidded as I placed a hand over my heart

"They just don't know how to use it yet"I said turning to her,and smiling brightly

She stared for a few seconds,looking shocked but soon came out of it and smiled back

My words had to be true right?

My friend Emily and Raine weren't bad people

They helped out alout at community centers and such,and read to the eldearly

They were good people

They ust weren't absolutly sure of themselves yet..

Soon the minutes passed and I finished helping and said my goodbyes and turned towards the door to leave

And soon I found myself late

"I won't be late if I make it to bush 3"I whispered encouraging words to myself as I ran breathlessly

But stopped in my tracks when I relized something

"WHERES MY CELL PHONE!!"I gasped,spinning around franticly;looking.

"Maybe...I left it at the church"I whispered,thinking

I HAD to have my cell phone.It was my only way of communication that my mother new the number too.

If I didn't have it she'd worry

But I'd shurruly be scolded if I missed the photo shoot

I soon found myself running back towards the church,looking under chairs and in the seat were I had been sitting that day and not finding anything.

I looked around constantly until I knew I was too late

I had missed the photo shoot and my manager would be hurt.

Not only had I lost my cell phone,but I had let so many down

Tears began to fall from my eyes as I rubbed at them,wishing they'd disapear.

I knew crying wasn't going to help

I ran towards the entrance and looked around helplessly once again

Why was I looking outside?

Why would it EVER be out here?

But as I turned back to the entrance I saw somthing flash from the corner of my eye.

I turned,wishing it was what I had wanted it to be

A small peice of pink plastic reflected off the sun and into my eyes

It WAS my cell phone!

I gasped as I began to speed walk towards it only to be stopped by a sudden awarness

How had it gotten outside?

Had someone brought it out here?

I didn't care when I thought about it again

All I knew was I needed to go to the photoshoot


I somehow made it to the photoshoot,though I'm a hour late

They were upset but Koi-san (manager) straightened things out,though she scolded me.

But they quickly got to work and before I knew it,I had down 5 pictures

"Thats right Angel,Hunny give meh more!"The photographer chimmed

My fake black hair swung in my face,blocking my sight

But at the momment I didn't care

When I worked it was like I was playing,it was alout of fun!

And everyone was really nice and complemented my alout

I made a kissie face and tapped my finger tips to my lips,making it look like I was blowing a kiss

Everyone seemed stunned but the photographer jsut kept on snapping the pictures

Soon the day ended

"Thank you very much"Koi-san,and I said bowing our heads

"No prob Angel.You somehow make work alout of fun.Keep up the good work"Oneof the camera men laughed,waving his arm in the air

I smiled at him lightly but soon turned to koi-san

"You should probly change Angel"She said,looking down at my outfit which would probly make mama say it was inapropreat

"Un"I nodded,smiling


I stepped out of the dressing room,with my black wig still on and my white dress from church on

I still hadn't told Koi-san about the whole thing,so she really did think I was named Angel Belle

It felt bad to lie to her...

I hated to lie...

"Angel!"Said a voice cutting into my thoughts

"Yes!"I gasped out breathlessly,turning to Koi-san franticly,her face was grave and pale as I heard a bunch of gasps and my deap breath when cold wanted drenced me

A bucket hit my head,putting me in darkness,and making the room echo

Their thoughts,and desperate words,and squbles echoed my ears and I shivered,and heard some clicks

I took the bucket off my head instantly,and looked up to see camera's surronding me,and taking a picture

"Angel"Koi-san gasped again as she ran in front of me.Finally making me relize what the paparazi were taking pictures of

When I looked down at myself I saw that my dress was now see through,and showed the world the small pink B cup bra

"Ah!"I gasped,covering my chest

Though I knew it was already too late...
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F / In the middle of...
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sry I know this chapie wasn't good.But just to ask is it goin a lil to fast?Or slow?Plz tell peoples~~!! lol
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Chapter 3-A SIMPLE case of bad luck?


"This is outragiouse!"The 'boss' of the companie yelled,as he slammed the paper with me on the cover of it on the table

"Angel,Do you KNOW what this will do to the companie!"He gasped out as he fumbled his pen inbeatween his fingers

"The adds,the questions!Little kids aren't going to be able to listen to your songs anymore because they thing your 'innaporopreat'!!" He sputtered as he sipped his coffee

"Gomen"I murmured looking at the floor

"And god knows were this will fit into!"He continued,slamming his coffee on the table

"Sir,if you pardon me.May I speak?"Koi-san inturupted

He thought or a second but nodded

Koi-san stood up from her seat and placd her hands over the table,to hold herself up and leaned down at him

"I am afraid interest raits have gone down a touch-"She paused as he cursed

"BUT, we can still pull through this Angel Belle will thrive,along with our Heavenly Wings"She said

I knew she just wanted me to stay around

At least I thought that

And it felt nice to know that someone cared about me here.

They director thought for a second.Scratching his chin at the same time

"Fine"He said,taking another sip from his coffee

"One more chance.And you better do damn well Belle"He said

"Yes sir"We said at once,bowing our heads and quickly leaving the office

"Arigato Koi-san"I said smiling,and breathing deeply

"I didn't do it for you Angel.I need a job,and I'm not gonna let my only student get fired"She said in a gruff voice

Oh..I guess I was just being selfesh

"Ah! Oh...I see"I said putting a fake smile on my face

Hoping it would look a little real

She didn't seem to be paying attention as she turned to walk down a hall,with me following her

"You have to talk to the paparazi at 2:00 and at 2:30 you have dance rehersals and then a 3:30 you have to practise for your new album"She mumbled as she read her organizer aloud

I nodded absently along with her

I had promised to go to a party for Emily

It was her birthday party

And I saw Raine bet Emily 5$ because I had been often busy with work so I guess they thought I wasn't going to make it...

But I want to go!

So I've gotta try my best!

Koi aventually stopped her scedual at 7:30 which left me with half an hour till the party

So it most LIKLY would work out

"Are you listening Angel?"Koi-san asked,breaking through my thoughts

"YES!"I gasped out by acsident

She glowered at me for a few seconds but soon turned back to walk down the hall

"See you tomorrow Angel.Yo get the rest of the day off"She said absently as she checked something off her scedual

I smiled brightly at that thought

I hadn't had a day off in so long

Even though it had only been about 3 or 4 months since I started work

It all seemed so long ago now...


When I reached home mama wasn't hoe yet so I guessed she was still at the hospital.

I walked up the stairs to my small room and walked to my dresser which had a mirror on it,and pulled off my black wig

Revealing my blond hair

It felt so much better with it off and the wind blowing through my sweaty hair

I jumped on my bed and soon pulled out a magazine that Koi-san gave me for 'study' material on the latest fasions and styles

Since I didn't seem to have any colour cordination.

I often left it to Koi-san or the photographers

Soon the room began to become darker as the sun went down,revealing the full moon

Mom had still not come home and I had moved onto studying my new song lyrics

They seemed very interesting

They always had real emotions at them

I loved my song writer

She was one of my friends,and a new-bee at the whole thing she was 16 years old and as far as I could see she lived on her own

She always wrote her songs with alout of emotions

I opened my mouth to sing to the song but was stopped by a sudden click from the door knob

Was it mom?

I sat up quickly,expecting to see a tall brunte with a wide stomack to apeer in the doorway but instead found a bunch of people with camera's in the palm of their hands

And flashes blinding my site

I gasped and hided my face

Who were these people?

The peoples camera flashing slowly began to stop and were overlapped with a huddle of voices

"This isn't Angel Belle"Someone said

"Where Angel Belle!"Another asked

"We were told she was here"Said another person

I continued to sheild my face as the camera's began to flash again,taking pictures of me

"Were you the one that sent this?"Another asked,flashing a small peice of lined paper at me

Why were the paparazi HERE!?

And why in MY house,while I was regualer old Anna Grace

I eyed the peice of paper and quickly sped towards them,grabbing the peice of paper from the man at the same time

"Sorry,can I look at this for a second please?"I said,flushing a light pink.I didn't like being so rude,aspecailly to my elders but I had to right now

I read the paper quickly,my eyes swooping over the page quickly,reading


I am having a talk with all paparazi.ET canada,Insider,and many more.
Please come to Maple street,at house 325

-Angel Belle


'W-Who could have...?!I was careful.And made sure no one was following me home...And they knew EXACTLY were I lived...'My thoughts wandered as I glanced unpword,towards the flashing camera's and paparazi crew

"I-I'm sorry...You must have the wrong place"I gasped

They all looked at one another,and started a loud roar of voices

"Angel Belle MUST be here!She sent us this"A woman hissed as she flashed the same notice at me

"Me too"Said another

"Yeah"A load roar of voices agreed

"She looks a little like Angel Belle too!"A voice echoed

'No No No No,this can't be happening'I gasped

"I'm not!"I gasped out,amazed by how true my words sounded.But they didn't seem to be paying attention anymore

And were now looking through my things

Preferably my dresser

Were my wig still was!

I ran quickly towards the dresser,avoiding the camera's and people and hid it behind my back

Hoping no one had seen it

"Get out!"I heard a voice silence the room

Their.By the door,was my mother

She wore a long trench coat that I had guessed she hadn't gotten the chance to take off,and a pair of designer boats

The room stared in shock and horror at my mother but soon camera's began to flash and bling not only me,but my mother once again.

But my mother stood her ground "I can get every one of ya' arrested for breaking and entering my home,and for distressin a pregnant woman"She growled,motioning to her stomack

The room silenced automaticly,and the flashing seased

"I've got proff,every one of ya' took a picture of my house,and my daughter.So get out before I call the police"She comanded

Without another word the group of people left silently,looking back ocassionaly.

What was I going to do?

They still had though's pictures to make a story off of me...!
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Chapter 4-Strange Voice

"Anna Grace,why were their though's people in your room?"My mom said,an edge to her voice as she rubbed her stomack

"Mama,gomen,they just came all of a sudden.With this letter"I gasped as I pased the letter to her

She read it and within seconds she was looking back at my face

"I thought I told you to be careful when coming home!"She growled

I shock my head vigerously "mama no one was following me.I checked!"I gasped

She thought for a second

"Then you may have a stawker"

I had never had a stacker before.I didn't think I was popular enough for them to want to stawk me.

And I REALLY didn't see anyone following me...

But this might be dangerouse to mama and the baby!

"I think you should quit this Anna"She whispered,low enough to make me lean in and listen hard

"No!"I gasped out.I was shocked by how loud I was

You could see the obviouse shock on my mothers face too

I had NEVER said no to her unless it really mattered

She knew this

But she was a parent,a mother,she just wanted to protect me and our soon to be family of 2

I understood that

But I REALLY wanted this

I had never wanted somthing,a job,so much

I knew it was wrong though

I was greedy and selfish...

"Anna Grace!You will too!"She gasped,grabbing onto the table as she lifted herself up to yell

"Please mama!"I begged

"Anna!I am having a hard time right now!Supporting you,and soon to be your brother or sister!"She hissed

"Please mama"I continued to beg "I'll pay for myself!"I continued

She shock her head "No means no Anna Grace.I can't believe I raised you to be this way!"That did it,tears flodded my vision as I ran to my room,and landed on my stomack on my bed

I didn't like to hurt her,nor be selfish

But everyones a little selfish right?

"Gomen mama..."I whispered

For some reason..when I was alone and concentrating hard I could feel as though I were being watched

It was strange..

The room was silent but soon was filled with silent chuckling

I jumped up from my bed and leaned into the corner of my bed,and shut my eyes tight

'Just a dream,Just a dream'Was it really a dream?

It all seemed so really...

"Is it really a dream"A voice hissed,sounding mulisiouse.

It sounded as though someone were whispering in my ear

My hair brushed my face,as breath seemed to stretch down my face,and brish my cheek

"Such a pathetic thing..."The voice murmured darkly

And then I screamed...


"Dirty"A voice hissed

"To caring"The voice continued




Who's their...?

"Disapear!"The voice roared.Making my body jump



Tears poured down my cheeks as I curled into my mothers waiting arms,and she brushed my bangs away from my face

"Hunny are you alright?"She asked sounding concerned

I didn't answer

I was trying to come back to reality

To stop being scared

My mom continued to confort me as the words continued to whisper in my ears

Hate filled words,words that made me want to curl up in a ball and cry,words that made me crinj

Who's words did they belong too?

"Another bad dream?"Mama guessed

I nodded,my teeth chatering togeather

"sshh"Mama shushed me "Its okay"She hushed

"It was just a dream"She murmured

My eyes opened at that

"It felt so real mama"I whispered

I looked up at her with wet eyes "How long was I asleep for?"I asked,pulling lightly away from the hug

"Only a few minutes after you stormed upstairs"She whispered,as memorys ame back to me

"Mama I-"She tapped her pinky to my lips "I know hunny,I know"She whispered

"Only a few minutes after you went upstairs I heard a scream,and I ran upstairs,and saw you had collapsed.I stayed with you and you woke up minutes late screaming once again..."She murmured.Thinking

How could that be possible?

Screaming before I fell asleep

Could that voice in my ear...have been real?

I shuddered at the thought

Cold words ecoehing my ears,ringing in them

The voice's lips barly touching my ear and seeming almost gental but cold,and seeming to sound more cruel than how the voice made you misjudge him/her

'scary'I thought,whispering

"Anna"My mom said,inturupting my thoughts.I looked up at her,my eye sight hazy "I'm sorry,I know how big being a singer is to you."She whispered,pulling me into another hug

"I love you"She whispered

It took me a second to responed "I love you too"I said rapping my arms around her back


"Good work"Said my dance teacher

"Arigato sensei"I said smiling,and bowing with Koi

It had been one day since the little incident with the paparazi and so far none of them have been brave enough to post any pictures of me being Angel Belle

Though I dought they have any proff...

"Angel"Koi said,breaking through my thoughts as we walked towards a near by elavator to leave

"This came in from the photo's a few days ago"She paused as she pulled some pictures from an envalope

"The one's from Star Cresent"She said,answering my unspokin thoughts

I nodded absently as I took the photo's and looked at them

Their I stood,my pale white skin looking moist with some cream the makup artists had put on me

My fake red contacts in my eyes,making them stand out most of all

I wore an all black outfit

Black Short-shorts with neehigh stocking (also black) and a black strapless top which shopped my navel.

I knew it was selfish also

But I thought I actually looked kind of pretty,maybe even beutfiul

I shock my head at the thought

I was probly wrong

"What do you think?"Koi asked

"I like them"I smiled "The photographers really good!"I chimmed

She nodded absently

"I like this one best"I said smiling,and pointing to the one that I made a kiss face on

She finally grinned and laughed,with me

"Good work Angel"She sighed

"This is going to be your first album since you debuted so you have to do your best.We'll use this picture for the cover"I flushed as she said this

I'd have that sort of picture on the album?

It was so embarresing!

I nodded,my face red

I hadn't started off being a celebrity,I had started off being a model

No one had ever heard my singing voice before

I hadn't either

I wasn't sure of myself

But I'd be all right...Right?

Everyone had high hopes for me,including mama,maybe even my little brother or sister when they were born..?

So I'd pull through!

I had too

"Is their a problem Angel?"She said,peering at my flustered face

I looked away,even more embarressed

"I-I'm fine Koi-san"I said,smiling at her finally

This was going to be my FIRST time in a recording studio

I had never actually thought I'd ever get this far

I was so happy

"This was Miss's"One of the producers said as he directed us through the studio

Half the time we were working I was mostly being showed around and told what everything was,and what it was used for,and who was who

It was alout of fun!

And then came the hard part..


"Good luck Angel"Whispered the man who had showed us around as he pushed me into a small white room with only one this in their a microcope set with headphones

What if I'm not ready for this?

I AM not ready for this

It was scary

With all eyes on you,and embarresing,and it began to bring back a feeling of stage fright

"Your on in 5,4,3"The time slowly ceased and the song soon began "2,1, your ON"

And then I sang...




"Stop,Stop,Stop!"The producer growled as he waved his arms in the air,cutting the music that rang in my head,from the headphones

I slowly took off the headphones and looked up at the producer who opened the door and walked in and walked towards me

"What was that?"He growled

My face turned red,and my eyes began to get wet,as my throught tightened

I swallowed

"I'm sorry Producer-san"I murmured

"I-I'll go"I whispered,my voice sounding dry

"Angel,you have a beutiful voice"The producer said,as he stopped me from walking

"I just think you have more talent winthin you"He murmured

"More sir?"I said dryly

"You don't understand the meaning in the song,feel what it meens,what the person in the story has,or is going through"

I stared

"Have you ever had a boyfriend?"He asked

I shock my head

"Someone you liked?"He continued

I shock my head

"Anyone you wanted but couldn't have?"

I continued to shack my head "No sir"I whispered

He sighed,looking down at the floor as he thought hard

"Well...take tomorrow off to think of this persons emotions"He said,as he walked out of the room,Koi-san standing next to me now

"A day off...Tomorrow?"I whispered

She nodded

"Angel,you must work hard to make it through this"She whispered as she walked towards the door and stopped

"I give you my permistion to take a day off"She said without looking back

"Use it wisely"She murmured as she walked out


How could I use it wisley?

I just had to try my best then...

Try my best...
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Chapter 5-Interesting Shopping Day

The day soon ended and it was soon time for the party

I had to wonder what I was going to buy Emily

I knew her taste well enough to know what kind of clothes she liked,but I wasn't sur that was special enough...

So I set out on a mission to go shopping at an outdoor street plaza

Though it was known for not being safe,with all the shdy charecters around,and I didn't want mama to worry so I had to sneek out

Gomen mama

I left a note saying I'd be back in about an hour without any other information.But I had a cell phone,I told her that and nothing else


Their were so many stors,I didn't know were to start!

It was so hard...

So after minutes and minutes of looking I came up with a good store that I could both afoard,and had cute iteams

As I looked through the small store I felt as though I were being watched once again,but shock it off as usual and got back to work.

I peared down at the small christmas decoration and remembered that it was only 1 month and a few months,till then

I wonder if we'll have enough money to buy a christmas tree this year...?

Someone tapped on my shoulder,breaking my thoughts,I looked over to find a boy about a year or 2 older than me standing their

His bangs almost covering his eyes

"Now whys a cute little girlie in a place like this?"He asked,having a strange look in his eyes

That almost seemed scary

"Um...Shopping...?"I said sounding strange

"hhhmm,well hows about you come shopin' with me"He said,rapping his arm around my shoulder

I moved away caustiously "Um,no thank you"I whispered,trying to sound as polite as possible

But when I looked over at the cashire I saw the tendant was gone

What if he was a bad person?


He seemed nice enough

I smiled mentally at that thought

Of being okay

"Come on babe"He pouted as he drapped his arm around my shoulders once again,this time they seemed harder to move

"Hey"A voice inturupted my horror

"Let go"The voice growled,sounding familior

"Hey,Whats your problem buddy?"The boy laughed,not dropping his hands on me

I looked towards the voice from before

The boy had red hair,and seemed odly familior his eyes were a warm crimson cooler

The strange boy walked forward grabbing the boys who's hands were around me,off me

And moving swiftly that so his hands wer behind his back

Making it impossible to move his arms

"H-Hey!"The boy grunted as the red haired boy pushed the boys body forword making his body fall forward as well

The boy grunted as he banged his head against the counter,that was all I saw before the boy with th red hair pulled me away

We soon began to run and ended up in an ally,were i breathed deeply

though the boy didn't seem out of breath

Soon my breathing became a normal pace,and I started to stand out of my postion with my hands on my nee's

"T-Thank you for helping me"I said shyly,as I smiled

He was silent for a second and I thought he hadn't heard me so I began to say it again but he stopped me

"Honestly,so naive"He chuckled darkley to himself

"Um...Ano?"He began to turn to me,a dark smirk on his face,his eyes no longer a warm crimson but an ice cold red.Almost like frozen lava

"A little apperance changing,a little prince charming act is all you need to do to win over some naive angels"He laughed darkly

I began to step backwords as a reflex but before I could say another word I was flung to the wall,his body pressed against mine

His hands slowly reached around my neck and put my into a chock hold,with me gasping for air

"I'm doing both the Devil,and the Gods work..."He murmured to himself as I gasped for air

"2 birds with one stone"

Devil,God...?What was he talking about?

Soon I could feel myself slowly sliping away,but it was still just as painful though it felt like a dream

Maybe only more painful

"I don't think thats what he wants"A voice inturupted my desperate thoughts as I began to faint

"He wants her to comit a crime,a crime that will not allow god to let her become an angel,and then he wants you to kill her"The voice continued.It sounded like a girl

"Won't you enjoy her more then"The voice said darkly,sounding like she was surpressing a laugh

The boys grip on my throught didn't losen but you could tell that he was thinking,with the obviouse silence

His hand finally released my throught and I slumped against the wall until I found the ground under me,gasping for air.

In less than 5 seconds I felt something under my chin,a finger?lifting my head up to look at him

I could hear the desperate noices I was making from the lack of oxigion,but I heard a sharp gasp,and felt air get caught in my throught from his touch

It was ice cold,and within seconds I was shifting my body weekly,as far away I could get from him

His touch hurt

And it had shot a tremor of fear down me that I had never felt before.All the dreams that I had had all togeather wouldn't match up to it

It was terrifieing

He seemed almost pleased with himself and my obviouse reaction from him

My body was shacking all over as he turned to the girl that seemed hazy,she had short brown hair a red eyes that you could only describe as deadly.And she made it obviouse that she was beutiful.

They started talking but it seemed like some other language to me,maybe germin?

It was all so hard to figure out

All I knew was I was scared

And their was no one's arms to retreat to,no dream to think it had come from it was all TO real.

I missed mama right now,and it was thanks to that girl that seemed to have obviouse reasons that may have been worse than his,that I was alive at the momment

I was being a selfish human again

Having a human minute

Maybe a human hour

In what seems to be seconds the place darkened as the boy suddenly apeered in front of me once again with super human speed,and touched my face.

That was all I remembered...
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sorry i havent been commenting! my brother has been hogging the computer! ><
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F / In the middle of...
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kyahikaru wrote:

sorry i havent been commenting! my brother has been hogging the computer! ><

LOL its okay!!!I'm so glad I have no siblins,I couldn't stand it if my siblins hogged the computer.Though my parents are a bunch of kids and hog things in second thought lol! so do u like the story so far?Is it to slow,or too fast?
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