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Information Center. . .

so far, in my opinion the reason for this group is for every one to get to know each other better, become good friends and go on a chat room only we know about . . . so this can be the information center were you learn about all the other members. You write down your age, hobby, ect just like this~

Name ~ Zoe
Age ~ 12
Location ~ New York
Hobby ~ Reading, watching anime, going on chat rooms, & singing
Like ~ books, randomness, cats, & music
Dislike ~ peanut butter & squirrels
Random message ~ . . . huh?
Favorite quote ~ in life there is only 2 things to worry about
If you're sick or you're healthy
If you're healthy then there is nothing to worry about
But If you're sick then there is 2 things to worry about
If you get better or if you die
If you get better then there is nothing to worry about
But if you die then there are 2 things to worry about
If you go up or down
If you go up then there is nothing to worry about
but if you go down you will be so busy shaking hands with old friends you wont have time to worry.

Of course its all optional but I think every one would appreciate it if u did
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ok here

Hobby: Reading (manga mostly), anime, drawing(if im any good)
Likes:Random stuff, joking, sad things (they make me feel happy), food, bears, music
Dislike: Annoying people, people who go too far with a joke, people that ask questions they came up with(if its stupid) and bother me with it
Random Comment: MONKEY MUAY THAI

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Posted 11/22/08 , edited 11/23/08
Name: Emily
Hobby: reading(mangas and vampire novels),anime,drawing,chatting,RP
Likes:randomness,cats,rats,vampires,and any 1 that's kind 2 me
Dislikes: fighting, ppl being jerks, and my little brother
Random Comment: I love u adream....
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name: daisy
age: 14
location: florida
hobby: swimming, reading, singing, playing piano
likes: vampires, wolves, parties, and FUN
dislikes: nothin
random comment: evil bunny in the soda machine who thinks he's god!
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31 / M / step into my world
Posted 8/17/10 , edited 8/18/10
my name is octopuss ggrrrr!!! no im joking i'll come back here layyyytter XPP
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