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Get your weapons polished and sharpened cause its BATTLE TIME!!!!
Join one of yur Supported Groups. Special Clan Symbols are coming soon. JOIN NOW and protect your clan in the new PvP Beta

No clan leaders have been selected yet. Join Now and you could very well get a high ranking position in your clan O:

Join Team RED For utter destruction of Blues

Join Team BLUE For Utter Destruction of REDS

Join Team WHITE To save the World

Join Team BLACK to Bring Anarchy and Chaos To the World

*but wait you dont know how to use PvP yet? well here is a tut!!

*Tut on how to use PvP

~The chat in the PvP is similar to the Normal chat except they are completely different rooms like /join Crunchyroll wont bring u to the CR main room
~The Chat also tells you to stop spamming attacks, and about which NPC or avatar you are using/fighting

First button -Select Avatar

Second Button - Select Battle Types (PvP, rock/Paper/scissors, NPC)
(i call this the waiting stage, you wait for a challenger to challenge you)

Third Button - Challenger Mode
(You pick a user from a list and you fight him/her)

Fourth Button - Quit Fighting

(you still remain in the chatting area and so on, but you are no longer in waiting stage)

**Actual Battle

Battle is RT RPG, Real Time Roll Playing Game. It basically is like a clock it ticks back and forth between you and your Enemy. so if you idle away, you would die. But luckily this battle system has no effect on your avatar what so ever, its JUST FOR FUN. You also cannot use healing/speal/other items yet and their is a mini chat to talk to your enemy in word bubbles (the Send Box) The attack system lets you choose your attacks up to five turns in advance. This can be good and bad depending on how strong you are

*if you want to submit your clan into the Clan wars please PM the group. *also you are allowed to submit one clan item like a shield with your name on it, or what ever type of symbol you want.(multiple clan items for different families in the clan are allowed)

If anyone has a Question just PM me ^
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