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31 / F / suna village [♥]
Posted 11/11/08 , edited 9/7/09

Rules to be follow:

1) Do not spam this forum with chainletters. Anyone caught doing so will be removed from this group and banned from re-joining again.

2) You must not use any language that may be considered by others to be offensive, distasteful, racist or obscene. This includes swearing, deliberately bypassing the language filter, spamming, posting entirely in capital letters and using innuendo.

3) You must not post about any subjects that may cause offence to your fellow crunchyroll members. This includes discussion of any activities which are illegal or which could cause harm to health or property.

4) Do not flame this forum. ( Flaming means arguing with someone else about their topic which you are either against it or don't like it. )

5) All photos uploaded must be appropriate and obey Crunchyroll's PG-13 rule. Photos will be remove should they don't follow crunchyroll PG-13 rule or seem/look inappropriate.

6) If you have any questions, recommendations, suggestions please post them onto our forum thread.

7) Do not encourage others to break any of the following rules.

8) Should you find anyone breaking any of the following rules above , please post a report about the offense/misconduct in this thread. We will look into the matter and dealt with it in any way we see fit.

9) Anyone caught breaking the rules multiple times will be expelled from this group and banned from re-joining.

10.ABOUT THE CONTRIBUTORS SECTiON: If you have cosplay pictures,or if you know some cosplayer artist that you wanted to share with us.
please let us know and we will add your name and contributions as soon as you remind us.

Please use the following format for all reports of misconduct.

Username : ( The person's username )
Rule no. : ( Which rule have they broken )
Thread Title : ( Include this if their offense is in a forum thread )
Page no. : ( Either thread page or Photo Album page )
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23 / F / R.I.P
Posted 1/19/10 , edited 1/20/10
I have understand the rules
Posted 2/9/10 , edited 2/9/10

Agreed.AWESOME group well worth the effort.
Posted 3/28/10 , edited 3/29/10
This group rocks!...I love the rules and I do agree..^_^
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31 / M / Chengdu Shi, Sich...
Posted 7/18/11 , edited 7/19/11
how can i been CONTRIBUTORS? any contact details?
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