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On November 17, 2004, in the Tomio section of Nara, Kobayashi kidnapped Kaede Ariyama, a student at Tomio North Elementary School, while she traveled from her school to her home. The kidnapping occurred in close proximity to Nara Prefecture's west-side police station. Using the girl's cellular phone, he sent Kaede's photograph with the message: "I've got your daughter" to her mother.[3]

Kobayashi murdered Kaede and dumped her body in the town of Heguri in the Ikoma District of Nara Prefecture. Her body was found that night. The autopsy revealed the cause of death to be drowning. The water collected in Kaede's lungs was not dirty, so it was assumed that the kidnapper had drowned her in a sink or bathtub. Also, it seems that the kidnapper had undressed the victim before murdering her, and that she was re-dressed after she was murdered.

There were also abrasions present on the hands and feet of Kaede, and several of her teeth were missing. It was assumed that the abrasions had been made post-mortem by the suspect. The removal of the teeth was also performed post-mortem.[4]

Several strands of hair were present on Kaede's clothes. Two types of hair were found: one type was judged to belong to a person with B blood type, the other type belonged to a person with AB blood type.

On December 14, 2004, Kobayashi sent an e-mail from Kaede's cellular phone to Kaede's mothers' cellular phones, saying "I'll take her baby sister next."[5] An image of Kaede was included in the e-mail.

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poor child i feel sorry for her family
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