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Night Class President
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27 / F / hakusenkan..cross...
Posted 12/2/08 , edited 12/2/08

Sakura-suzuki wrote:

Hi!Pls fill this application if u want to be a prefect!^^We need only 10 prefects.You may choose u want day class or night class...

What can u do if u become a prefect?

Sorry!Night class prefects already full....

i wanna ask..

in my (night class) forum there is someone that become Head Prefect..

i know that night class prefect is full already..

so, is it alright?

are u agree about that? if not i'll change her position...

pls rply me soon..
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Posted 1/14/09 , edited 1/14/09
I'm not sure if you are still accepting prefects but if you are I would like to apply too please...
Username: Sandiieex3

What can u do if u become a prefect?: I f I became a prefect I would make sure that the students in the Academy have fun and feel happy... But of course it is a school so I will make sure the students follow the rules so everything in the Academy can run smoothly... I will also trry and get suggestions from the students to see what they would like to make the school more exciting... I will try to be as active as possible too and do the job as a prefect to it's fullest... I'll try and help out where need but if I can do a very good job, I'll still try... After alll trying is better than not doing anything at all... Oh and lastly I will protect the students from anything they are having trouble with... they can talk to be if anything is wrong... As a prefect I think it is a duty to always help the students and think about them before ourselves and keep order within the school...

Class: Any class would be fine if they are still available...

So I hope this suits your needs to become a prefect because I would be really happy to be one...
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