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Posted 11/12/08 , edited 11/29/08
So, you want an logo of your own do you? Then follow the following instructions and we'll get to it as soon as possible :D

Only one request per week for logos are permitted. If there are more than one request by the same person in a week's time, only the first post will be done during that week.

1. State who you want to make the logo
2. State whether the logo is for personal CR account, group or other off site account (if for other than personal CR account provide name/title for which the avatar will be used)
3. State whether you want tall and thin, square, rectangle
4. State whether you want the image size larger, medium, or small
5. Provide a large (preferably extra large) picture you want for main part of the logo
6. State whether you want any extra brushes, special effects, different background, border and/or picture(s) (up to two [2] different ones to add to the main logo picture)
7. State whether or not you want any quotes, scripts or extra words on it besides account name

DO NOT put your your pictures in spoilers. That will be done after logo has been completed, so if you put them in spoilers, they may get skipped over.

Once things get going and if there are many many requests, this forum will be locked from Friday to Sunday each week so we can catch things up.

If you have been considering getting an logo done, but not sure what you want for a picture and what not, you can check out our stock photos.

Girls Stock
Guys Stock
Couples and Groups Stock
Holiday Stock Pictures for AGD
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