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User: Amii3
Chara Name: Hana
Age: 15-16
Description: she was sucked in by anime at the age of 5. she loves to help people and anime people.
Likes: anime, guys, and food
Dislikes: animal cruelty, and not being able to watch or read manga/anime
Likes whom:

looks like:
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F / ◌◌◌
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User: Angel052894
Chara Name: Heaven Chan
Age: Unknown...
Blood Type: AB
Description: She is very nice and friendly....all she wants is not to be alone...anymore...but past seem to be unknown...
Likes: Chocolate Cake,Friends,Anime,guys,and all the colors mainly black and white
Dislikes: Meanies!offcourse being alone,no friends,not remebering her past,if chocolate cake didn;t exist or anime!crying....not being loved.....
Powers: unknown....
Likes whom:unknown for now......

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23 / F / Neko land hehehe
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chara name:midori-chan
description:wen she turned 13 she transformed into a neko girl but she doesnt kno how that happend though, she tries to hide her ears and tail but it didnt work soo she just lets it show= ^ . ^ = but once a month she turns back into a normal girl~
likes:nekos = ^ . ^ = ,chocolate, cookies,anime,guys,purple,green, blue, and making new friends
dislikes:shots,bugs,homework,mean ppl, and being superly bored = > . < =
powers:abilities that cats hav lyk sensitive hearing, seeing in the dark, jumping to high and far things, and etc.
likes whom:nobody right now= >___< =
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