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In the new drama 「Scrap Teacher」, the ones who will be playing those junior high school students are these four people of Hey!Say!JUMP.
Nakajima ● These four people have been costars since this year's sprind special drama, 「Sensei wa Erai!」 (NTV)
Arioka ● This time it's a drama series!
Yamada ● I didn't think I'd be doing a drama series with the other members, so I'm really looking forward to it.
Arioka ● The story is about us "mysterious super junior high school students" reforming teachers and pointing out their faults, but in reality, we're good at pointing out faults?
Chinen ● When I say something to people, they tell me 「Harsh!」 (laugh)
Yamada ● There wasn't any malice in it, right?
Chinen ● Yeah. I didn't mean it at all...
Nakajima ● You haven't been doing that lately so it's okay. But I think it's good to bluntly caution others about their bad points!
Chinen ● Thanks for covering me. Well, he came here at once, but even though he was running late, walking was impossible, you know?
Nakajima ● As expected, when he was late, he didn't run. It's common sense, isn't it?
Arioka ● ......y-yeah.
Yamada ● Also, don't selfishly eat other people's things.
Arioka ● ......
Yamada ● You know, in the dressing room, even though I covered and placed my wrap there, when I came back after the performance, it was gone! That wasn't good. Ne, Dai-chan? (laugh)
Arioka ● U-um, I was probably hungry, wasn't I... I'm sorry for all the trouble! (laugh)
Nakajima ● Each of our characters seem to have talents. I have a role that has a talent for soccer, so I have to practice and work hard. I played soccer when I was little, but it didn't become my forte... (laugh)
Yamada ● My character has kendo, but I have a friend who knows kendo so maybe I can make him teach me.
Chinen ● Yama-chan is always the cool character in dramas, and this time he's cool again, too.
Yamada ● Yeah. But being cool all the time is boring, right? So I think I have to look for a new kind of cool.
Arioka ● My specialty is gathering information, but I've liked "useless knowledge" from the start, so I guess that's alright.
Yamada ● What's useless. (laugh)
Arioka ● I meant "true" knowledge!
(Earlier he said "muda" when in fact he had meant "mame" Oh Daiki.)
Yamada ● So you like investigating.
Chinen ● My character, when he is determined about something, he ties his hair up in a topknot. (laugh)
Arioka ● There's this part where you see Chinen's topknot. I enjoyed it.
Nakajima ● You'll get popular because of that topknot.
Chinen ● Is it because my forehead looks wonderful? (laugh)
Nakajima ● No, I think those sort of things suit Chinen.
Yamada ● Chinen's so cute. We're the same age, though. (laugh)
Chinen ● But Yama-chan's cool roles seem popular.
Yamada ● By our roles, everyone seems popular.
Nakajima ● That's because we're "super junior high school students"!

Yuri Chinen
Favorite TV Show 「Arashi no Shukudai-kun」
I love Ohno Satoshi-kun of Arashi, so I never fail to watch it. What I like about Ohno-kun is the gap between when he dances and when he talks normally. The program has trivial games in it too, (laugh) it's very funny.

Yuto Nakajima
Favorite TV Show 「Bakushou Red Carpet」
I like it because it has a lot of very funny content every time I watch it. Because laughing is important, Laughing out loud lets out my stress. NONSTYLE-san and Audrey-san are a must-see.

Ryosuke Yamada
Favorite TV Show Variety Programs
I don't watch television that much, I never fail to watch those programs, even when the the person I like, who is a comedian, isn't there. But I just watched him do a variety show.

Daiki Arioka
I like Western music and movies so I check it every week. Since it receives information about America in advance, when it gets to Japan many months later, being able to say 「I already knew that」 with an air of supremacy is great. (laugh)

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Posted 11/13/08 , edited 11/13/08
Leave it to these super junior high school students!
「Scrap Teacher ~Kyoushi Saisei~」, in which four people of Hey! Say! JUMP star in, is a new school drama about four junior high school students that reform a bad teacher. This extremely close group of four that give it their all in their work told us about their enthusiasm!

How did the filming begin?
Yamada I was happy because I was able to spend time with the four of us at the start of the filming.
Nakajima (with loneliness) But I was the only one who didn't have any time with you guys.
(Okay guys what is the adverb for lonely? D: Thanks [info]ssm_kiyumi! XD)
Yamada Yuto-kun was the only one who was a little late, but we went on the same day so it was fine!
Chinen I ate with three people that day, though. (laugh)
Arioka The filming for us three ended quickly, and although we received our lunches at noon, we went 「It'll be more delicious if I ate with us four」 and waited for a while until Yuto's filming ended.
Yamada Even though I told our leader 「Until Yuto-kun arrives, let's be patient」 I couldn't take it and was the first one to start eating. (laugh)
Nakajima I want everybody to care about me more~ (laugh)
Chinen For me, since the start of filming was very fun, last night I had a feeling as if I was just about to go on a field trip. That morning, my tension was brought up to the highest. But in the moving car, Dai-chan (Arioka) fell asleep right beside me. (laugh)
Arioka Chinen doesn't put me to sleep. (laugh) When I doze off, he talks to things, even though I'm energetic. About that morning, wait...... I want to rest when I have a break. (laugh)
Nakajima Dai-chan, that's because you're in your second year of high school. (laugh) For us junior high school students, we play when we have breaks.

This time, the four of you play the roles of four classmates; if the four of you were really in the same class, who would be the the number one honor student?
Four of them (simultaneously) There isn't any, right?
Chinen (points to Yuto) "Yuuto"sei!
(yuutosei = honor student)
Nakajima That's a pun, isn't it? I'm often told that. (laugh)
Then, who could be the person who seems to be a problem child?
Yamada It's Chinen, isn't it? (Nakajima, Chinen and Arioka all point at Yamada)!? It's not me~ (laugh)
Arioka You look like the type that spends time by himself in class.
Chinen You look like you bring in other people's lunches. (laugh)
Nakajima You look like you eat other people's lunches. Like you say 「That looks huge」 (laugh)
Arioka You make people laugh when they drink milk. (laugh)
Yamada Now that I think about it...... (laugh) Because I'm with everyone this time, it may feel like they're just joking around, but that's only during breaks. When I have breaks, isn't it better to have fun? I use that time well, so it's okay!
Nakajima That's because Yama-chan is our moodmaker.
Yamada Thanks for backup! (laugh)

Please tell us about your roles.
Nakajima The role I play, Kusaka, is a boy who seems to be the one who warns whoever is noisy during class. I myself used to warn other people who were noisy when I was in elementary school.
Yamada My character, Takasugi, is an expert at kendo. I made an old friend who did kendo teach me, but it was difficult. Also, Takasugi has the catchphrase 「Buzama da.」 I want the way I say it to have impact.
(「Buzama da.」 = 「It's unsightly.」)
Chinen My character, Yoshida, is always smiling, but the gap in his personality may appear later on.
Nakajima It's because Chinen is scary when you fight with him. But it is inevitable that he will become friends with you right away, and how he introduces himself is cute. (laugh)
Chinen Getting mad is impossible. Even when I do get angry, my limit is around one hour. (laugh)
Arioka My character, Irie, along with Takasugi and Yoshida, is a mysterious exchange student. You will enjoy whatever secrets he may have. If these exchange students really came over, school would be more interesting.
Chinen I want to make the people who see this drama to think 「I want to change our bad teacher」 like those four people.
Arioka I want it to be a school drama that will make people look forward to going on school on Monday when they watch it on Sunday nights.

Q. What kind of teacher is your ideal teacher?
Nakajima A teacher that says many different things when facing his students.
Yamada A teacher that is both strict and kind.
Chinen A teacher that makes going to school fun.
Arioka A teacher that thinks about giving a breather for students who worked hard as well.
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