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A~, mou~!
You promised not to tell!!

Secret♪ Secret♪ Best Friends' Talk
They move together, eat together, etc. Yuto & Yama-chan always do things together. These two best friends did a free talk on the rooftop in good weather... Filled with energy, did they scatter it with each other's secrets!?

Yamada Hey hey. This month, we can freely talk about whatever we like. What will we do?
Yuto What shall we do? Anything is fine.
Yamada Like a story about the time when I teased Yuto-kun?
Yuto Eeh! You don't tease me!! It's the other way around, I tease you.
Yamada Really? (laugh) Rather, we play and tease each other. Right?
Yuto N~~? (←seems like he didn't understand a little) Me, I use oil paper on the pores on my nose a lot. It worries me. (gets told by the staff, 「Doesn't everyone do that?」) Eh, really?
Yamada I don't get pimples?
Yuto Yeah, you don't! That's why I admire Yama-chan's skin. But, when it's Yama-chan's time, I'll make fun of your pores ne. I'll say things like 「Nose pimples-♪」
Yamada Fuhahahahahaha.
Yuto That's not all. One day, I will casually say 「hanamogera~」, it looks like I'll be waiting for Yama-chan's turn. For now, I'm 「hanamogera」...
(hanamogera = From hana wo mogeru,which literally translates to, "nose falls off". I wish someone could explain this better than I can. ._.)
Yamada You shouldn't say that for Duet-. (laugh)
Yuto Whatever it is, I'm absolutely a 「hanamogera」…。
Yamada Waaait a minute! If you're only going to say that, you'll make me look completely bad!!
Yuto No, I'll say it. I get back at you on purpose so that you would care... For example, when I call you 「Odebu-chan」.
(debu = chubby, fat)
Yamada More than that, whenever I eat pork you say 「That's cannibalism, ne」
Yuto Eh! Wait, wait!! About 「cannibalism」, I said that only once that time! I'm sure of it.
Yamada Oi oi. Just now you said 「"about" cannibalism」 right? So you admit that you said other things besides that too!?
(Yuto says 「共食い“は”」 instead of 「共食い“が”」, and that is what Yamada points out. This website can explain it better than I can.)
Yuto Eh......? (bitter smile)
Yamada For revenge, I'll attack you with 「hanamogera」 (laugh)
Yuto I see- (laugh) But we absolutely don't get into fistfights ne. We probably won't do that from now on either.
Yamada Yuto-kun, you're weak. (laugh)
Yuto Un. Recently everyone tells me, 「It's all about the muscles」 but I knew my muscles were "見せ筋"
Yamada When Yuto-kun and I have a shoulder punch contest, because I feel that he isn't that strong and that he won't give in even when I punch him lighty, Yuto seriously punches me while saying 「Ufa-!」 with a weird voice. (laugh)
Yuto If Yama-chan was serious[ly punching me], I'd die.
Yamada You won't die, you won't die. (laugh)
Yuto Me, I'm good at janken, but when I win, there are times when I punch Yamada on the shoulder too...
Yamada Those punches don't work at all. (laugh) Ah, what, do you want to have an arm wrestling contest now?
Yuto I'll absolutely lose to you at arm wrestling too. But maa, let's try it just this once?
(※They have a match at once. The winner is Yama-chan!)
Yuto You see. But I don't regret it! That's why I want to grow taller first. It's better to work on my muscles later. If I work out too much, I won't grow.
Yamada I worked on my muscles, so I won't grow...? (bitter smile) But yeah! Tell that to me here! Everyone thinks I'm fat! This isn't fat. These are muscles!
Yuto (with a serious face) Yes. That's true. But yesterday, the fact that Nishikido(Ryo)-kun told you 「Oh, shape up」 is true too. Right, Yama-chan? (laugh)
Yamada Fuhyahahahaha, but when my senpai tell me that, I'm happy. (laugh) Just talking to them makes me happy. Whatever they say, I'll live positively.
Yuto Oh~~~. Cool!
Yamada But can you stop looking at pictures of pigs whenever you call me? Even though that's proof of how close we are. (laugh)
Yuto Un. I noticed that I say that too much.
Yamada You're a good guy. (laugh)
Yuto We're best friends ne♪ Yes, Yama-chan. (And he gives him chocolate)
Yamada ...wait a minute, Yuto-kun. Isn't this going to make me fatter!? Because back then, when I got sweets, I'd eat them each time, but I don't want to eat anymore! (laugh)
Yuto Mo~, hear me out. When you eat sweets, you have to share with the people near you, right!? That's common sense.
Yamada Right, right. Yes, thank you. (And as expected, he eats once more) But Yuto-kun is really cute ne.
Yuto Eh, really? Why?
Yamada Un. Because look, like when everyone's in a car while it is moving. Yuto-kun, while you say 「Yama-chan!」, you bounce in the seat right next to me.
Yuto That's in a 「Come over here」 way.
Yamada I know. When I see you, I think 「So cute--」
Yuto Yama-chan, do you have any cute points? When we slept over for a handshake meeting in commemoration of the sale of 『Hey! Say!』...
Yamada Aaaaaah? You plan on telling that story!? I won't! I absolutely won't!!
Yuto No, I'll tell it. (laugh) Whenever we stay at a hotel for work, Yama-chan, Chii (Chinen Yuri) and I sleep together. But Chii and I always crawl into Yamada's bed...
Yamada That time was different ne... (laugh)
Yuto Chii wasn't there, so Yama-chan and I had the room. Yama-chan had already fallen asleep, so I went to my own bed to sleep. Then...
Yamada Eeeeeeh, are you seriously telling that story!?
Yuto I am! (laugh) Yama-chan said 「Hey, Yuto-kun, are you sleeping?」 When I answered 「Yeah」 a little while later he kept on asking me 「Can you fall asleep? Do you make yourself fall asleep?」 So I tried asking him 「Yama-chan, can you fall asleep?」 back, then he said 「No... I had a scary dream...」! Ne, Yama-chan♪(laugh)
Yamada I couldn't help it! I really had a scary dream, I couldn't close my eyes!!
Yuto Cute-, cute-♪ (laugh)
Yamada But, you guys (Yuto and Chinen) always say 「let's sleep together」 and go in my bed, ne? Because I'm always okay with it. (laugh)
Yuto But there are times when you aren't okay with it too.
Yamada I forget- (laugh)
Yuto Speaking of which, when we don't have to stay ata hotel, you say 「This time, I want everyone in Hey! Say! JUMP to go to an amusement park ne」
Yamada Yeah.
Yuto But, before that, Tottsu (Totsuka Shota) and I haven't fulfilled our promise yet. The promise was that we'd go to a theme park. So I want to invite Tottsu.
Yamada It's okay ne, I agree, I agree♪
Yuto In Hey! Say! JUMP, there's Takaki-kun as our older brother too, but... when we go to amusement parks, he seems eager to take the initiative so it looks like he won't be reliable. (laugh) He'll say 「Awesome, that looks really interesting!」 and he'll probably go off wherever on his own.
Yamada Un, he'll say that. (laugh) If Tottsu came, Yabu-kun and Inoo-kun would be there to talk to him, I'd be relieved.
Yuto Yeah, it's a promise!
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Scan from [info]boys_paper

Yuto & Yamada's Friendship Tsukkomi BATTLE
This month, we'll clearly settle the "?" things in Yuto and Yama-chan's friendship in Q&A format. These series of very ultra surprising questions, please look forward to this bustling conversation!

She's very2 cute! So I should kiss her!?

Q In what way is Yama-chan cute? (Yuto)
Yamada Eh, what do you mean by 「cute」?
Yuto Yama-chan has a chinchilla he takes care of, right?
Yamada Un.
Yuto It's cute, right?
Yamada Un.
Yuto For Yama-chan, there are times when he is cute like that chinchilla.
Yamada Haa〰〰〰〰〰〰? (laugh)
Yuto You don't think that when you look in the mirror? Like, 「I'm cute」
Yamada I don't think that! (bursts out laughing) Rather, I don't like looking at the mirror that much. Especially when my tension is low or when I'm nervous, I absolutely don't want to see my face.
Yuto I understand, I understand! This strange power goes into you, and you get this gloomy face, ne.
Yamada Yeah. ...other that that, aren't there times when Yuto is told that he is 「cute」?
Yuto There are times when I'm told that. My classmates tell me 「Nakajima-kun is cute♪」 But the times when my classmates tell me that are few nee...
Yamada Yuto-kun, Yuto-kun. Aren't we classmates? (laugh)

Q Why is Yuto a walking dictionary? (Yamada)
Yuto Eh, me, a walking dictionary?
Yamada A walking dictionary. You know your words more than a scholarship student would, I feel that you're a person that uses difficult words.
Yuto Really? What do I always say?
Yamada What was it... rather than saying there are too much that I don't know, I remember that there are a lot of things that I don't know the meaning of. Me, I always listen and say 「Ah- Ah-」 but, honestly, there is a lot that I don't understand ne.
Yuto Eh-, really!?
Yamada But don't you listen closely to our conversation? I know the context of the difficult words you use, so I can guess the meaning. Because of that, conversation is amazing. With Yuto-kun and I, I mean.
Yuto Ne. I understand, ne♪

Q Does Yama-chan kiss his younger sister at home? (Yuto)
Yamada I don't!? I absolutely don't!?
Yuto Why? I do. To my younger brother. He's cute, so I kiss his cheeks.
Yamada It's okay if it's your younger brother! But she's my sister! I wouldn't do such a thing as a kiss, I absolutely wouldn't. (laugh)
Yuto Eh-, really-?
Yamada Yuto-kun's younger brother, how old is he?
Yuto My younger brother? My younger brother is 5 years old.
Yamada So you're around 7 years apart. My sister and I are only one year apart, so kissing is impossible. (laugh)
Yuto But, did you do it when you were little?
Yamada Eh-, I don't remember-. That was when my little sister was a baby, I was around 1 year old, ne. Yuto-kun's little brother, aren't there times when he doesn't like it when you kiss him?
Yuto Oca-ssionally he doesn't like it... At those times I just squish his cheeks.
Yamada I squish her cheeks too. (laugh)
Yuto Un, we still take baths together. Yama-chan doesn't, right?
Yamada With my sister!? I don't take baths with her!! But, one time before I took a shower, I brushed my teeth while I was naked. When I did that, all of a sudden my little sister came in!
Yuto Hyahaha! Did she see, did she see!?
Yamada Probably ne-. I took whatever I could (to cover myself) but she left silently. That was really a 「wow!」 moment. (bitter smile)

Q Is school fun? (Yamada)
Yuto Maa, it's fun.
Yamada The people at school, ne, they tell me 「Why doesn't Yuto come to school?」
Yuto Why? I live in a different district, don't I?
Yamada Right? But Yuto-kun and I appear on TV together a lot, so it looks like there's this image that we're always together. Everyone seems to think, 「Even though Yamada is here, why isn't Yuto-kun here-」
YutoThat's strange. (laugh)
Yamada Everyone wants to see you, for sure. You're popular at school, Yuto-kun.

Q Do you love someone right now? (Yuto)
Yamada Eeh〰〰〰!?
Yuto Do you? Yama-chan. (laugh)
Yamada Do you? Yuto-kun. (laugh)
Yuto No... not yet right now, I guess.
Yamada Me too. (laugh) But I want to love ne.
Yuto Ne! If you did, will you inform everyone?
Yamada Uwa, that's embarrassing! What will they do, I'm in love so I'll make them think about it!! (laugh)
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